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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    It Doesn't Change The Fact That We're Brothers.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    At the country club Clint admits to Matthew that Asa wanted him to one day run Buchanan Enterprises and says, "I think you're the only Buchanan left who has the stones to do this." Matthew wonders where David fits into the business. Clint doesn't feel he does and assures Matthew he'll find a way to pay David back for all of the hell he's caused him. Clint brings up Matthew's skill for payback and what he did to Nate. Matthew is shocked Clint knows the details and wonders if he's going to tell his dad. Clint promises not to since Bo didn't inherit the killer instinct like him and Matthew. Clint offers Matthew an apprentice job at B.E. Matthew worries his parents won't go for it. Clint vows to teach him more in a week than any school could in a year, especially how not to let a woman walk all over him!

    John enters Bo's office and reports that Eli's been detained in Tahiti. Bo's happy that Blair is safe. John isn't so sure she is and explains that he can't get any concrete answers from the Tahitian cops. Bo gives John the okay to head to Tahiti. After John leaves Nate arrives looking for his mom. Inez stepped out. Bo asks Nate to stay and asks, "How are you doing?" Nate vents about what Inez did but thanks Bo for hiring her. Matthew appears, hears Bo hired Inez and asks, "How could you hire his mother after what he did to me?" Nate leaves as Matthew lashes out at Bo who refuses to fire Inez. "Then you won't have a problem with me going to work for Uncle Clint," Matthew challenges.

    Tea Died Last Night.

    Monday, August 30 2010

    At the country club Destiny warns Matthew not to give Nate a hard time. She's afraid he's going to the dark side and will turn out like Clint or Asa. Over talk of how David ran out on Dorian Destiny admits she can't believe he hurt Dorian like that. After Destiny gets back to work Clint arrives and says, "Matthew, I think it's time you and I had a talk."

    How Could You Do This To Me?

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Near the ceremony site, Destiny tells Dani that Shaun will come around. Darren promises to ask his detective brother, Theo Price, for help. Destiny assures her that Todd always gets what he wants and will find Tea. Dani leaves to find Shaun. Matthew approaches them and admits he's been a huge jerk to Dani. Destiny encourages him to apologize to Dani.

    Dani corners Shaun and begs for him to help her find Tea! Dani pleads that Tea is cheating them of lost time together. Shaun sadly tells Dani he understands how she feels, but can't help her and leaves. As Dani cries, Matthew approaches. He tells her he is sorry about Tea. He apologizes for being such a jerk to her. Dani wonders if he would be sorry if Tea wasn't dying. Matthew believes he would be because he will always care for her and offers his friendship.

    I Hear You've Been A Bad Boy.

    Friday, August 20 2010

    At the country club Matthew throws a towel at Nate and demands he freshen up his drink. Nate stands up to Matthew who promises to make Nate's summer as painful as possible. By the pool Destiny rants at Shaun for not helping Dani find Tea. David interrupts with news they'll never guess! "You're marrying Dorian," Destiny says. "Oh no you didn't!" David replies. Darren and Matthew join them and pick on David who invites them all to the wedding. David suggests Matthew have Fawn join him in order to make Dani jealous. David continues his generosity and invites the pool boy. Matthew snaps at David for inviting Nate. David uninvites him and Matthew takes jabs at Nate about Dani. Nate brings Matthew down a few pegs by telling him about what Dani's dealing with, which causes everyone to turn on Matthew. "Leave it to Tea to upstage my wedding," David snaps. "Dorian's not going to like this." When Dani arrives she confronts Shaun about why he won't help Todd find her mom.

    He's Like Ross Rayburn In A Suit!

    Thursday, July 15 2010

    Rex approaches Destiny outside the cabana at the country club looking for his briefcase. Destiny hasn't seen it. Just then Gigi appears and asks, "Looking for this?" Rex hugs and kisses his briefcase. Gigi admits she took it and wants to spend the day enjoying the amenities at the club. Rex doesn't care what they do as long as he gets to spend the day with Gigi. However, Rex is distracted and fears Kelly is going to fire him because he hasn't produced any results. Gigi wants to help and they begin going over files. When they have no luck Gigi urges Rex to look in his briefcase. It's a photo of Shane pitching at baseball camp. Over talk of them growing up with the Tigers Rex says, "That's it! You're a genius!" Rex rushes off. Destiny approaches Matthew's table and shows him Bull's picture in the newspaper. Matthew tries to ignore her but Destiny demands to know why she saw him talking to the criminal. Matthew finally admits he ratted Nate out and is dealing with it through David's manuscript. Destiny picks up the papers and reads, "Dealing With The Guilt." She's shocked that David wrote a book. Destiny gets Matthew to open up by threatening to tell Bo and Nora. Matthew feels awful and is thankful nothing happened to Nate and Dani. Destiny is glad to see he's human. Destiny makes Matthew promise to be nice to Nate and Dani or else she will tell his parents about his involvement. Though she urges Matthew to burn David's manuscript Matthew continues reading it once she's gone.

    Please Don't Leave Me!

    Friday, July 09 2010

    David comes slamming into the house asking Matthew where Pa is. He notices that Matthew is upset. Matthew blurts that he got Nate and Dani killed! David says he'll call to make sure Dani is okay, while Matthew moans, "How am I going to make this right." David is able to find out that Nate and Dani are safe. Matthew is about to phone Bo and tell him, but David snatches the phone away. He says he did the right thing, and only feels bad because he's a nice guy. Matthew protests he put people in danger! David continues to talk him out of tattling on himself, saying he can make it up to Nate and Dani by doing good deeds for them. David asks if they have a deal.

    They Got Laid In Hawaii!

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Matthew gets a call from Nora to announce that she and Bo are at the airport. Matthew looks around the messy loft. Bo gets on the phone and asks Matthew if David is on his way. Matthew claims David had car trouble so Bo and Nora will have to take a cab. After he hangs up Matthew wakes up David who's passed out on the couch with his hooker friend! Matthew leads Wendy, who's sick, to the bathroom then worries how they'll get the loft clean before Bo and Nora get home! Lightening fast David and Matthew hustle to clean! Nora and Bo arrive soon after. "Awe, look Matthew," David says pointing out Bo and Nora's Hawaiian leis. "They got laid in Hawaii." Nora and Bo can't believe how neat the place is. David blurts out that Dani dumped Matthew. Matthew doesn't want to talk about it. Nora leads Matthew into the other room while Bo thanks David for keeping things under control. Later after David and Matthew leave Bo and Nora are stunned to see Wendy emerge from their bathroom in her underwear! "Where did the boys go?" Wendy asks.

    I Want My $50,000!

    Monday, June 28 2010

    Dani and Tea are having dinner at The Palace. Some uncomfortable boy talk ensues in regards to Matthew and Nate. Matthew arrives and joins David. He alerts him to Dani's presence. David suggests Matthew call Fawn. Matthew's already taken care of his issues with Dani and used Nate to get his revenge. However, Matthew admits he's worried the guy he ratted Nate out to could do some real damage. David thinks Matthew did the right thing and claims Nate deserves everything he gets. Matthew has a bad feeling and thinks he should go talk to Dani… Todd appears with his PI and a surveillance photo of James and Starr. He joins Tea and Dani and tells them about Starr. Dani brings up the guy who showed up with Starr's phone. Tea looks at James' photo and reminds Todd he ran into him at the hospital. Tea urges him to go to John with this but Todd plans to find Starr himself. He'd do anything for his kids. Todd looks at Dani and says, "All of them." Dani steps away and takes a call from Nate. She's shocked to hear he's with the man who wants his money back! Bull gets on the phone and Dani agrees to get the money. Bull hangs up and Matthew appears. He has something to tell her. Dani blows him off then rejoins her parents. After Tea leaves Dani tells Todd, "I need your help… and $50,000." Matthew leaves but tells David on the way out that he hopes Dani gets her heart broken. And he doesn't care what happens to Nate!

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