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    One Life To Live CAST - Matthew Buchanan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matthew Buchanan (Past) Played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eddie Alderson

    Birthday: October 27, 1994
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eddie Alderson


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    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Over at the Buchanan Mansion, everyone gathers around Destiny, scrambling over how to get her to the hospital the fastest. Vivian exams Destiny and announces, "This baby is coming now!" Matthew arrives and rushes to Destiny. He holds her hand and admits he's scared too. Destiny screams in pain, as Mrs. Evans shouts, "My baby's having a baby!" Matthew cheers Destiny on, vowing to be there for her and the baby. Shaun looks horrified as Destiny gives one last excruciating push. They welcome a baby boy. They all gush over the baby. Bo calls David, who wonders if they'll name the baby after him. Bo thanks David for talking Matthew into stepping up then goes to Matthew. Everyone reminds the kids they're not alone. Nora wonders what they're going to name the baby. Bo jokes about David's suggestion. Matthew wants to name the baby after his other brother, Drew. Bo and Nora shed happy tears, remembering Bo's deceased son. They comment on how life flies by. "I love you, Red," Bo cries. "I love you, Bo Buchanan," Nora replies.

    Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    Matthew and Nora bring Bo home and warn David's inside the loft. When they enter, David cries, "Welcome home, Pa," as an edition of The Sun falls to the floor with a headline reading, "'Fraternity Row' Don't Go!" David's mainly upset that his movie bombed. Judith Light even snubbed him at the "Fraternity Row" wrap party! David wishes he could've saved the soap instead of giving all of his time to the movie. Bo gives David encouragement then briefly reminds Matthew he's not turning his back on his baby. Nora turns on the television, and everyone watches "Fraternity Row." Later, after Nora and Bo leave, David lectures Matthew about Destiny. "Is this the kind of Buchanan you want to be?" David asks and warns Matthew to buck up and be a man.

    The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Matthew appears in Bo's hospital room, happy that Bo's all right. He would've felt awful had something happened to Bo. Nora and Bo embrace Matthew, happy he's home. Destiny appears and shares a tense moment with Matthew. After catching up with Bo and Nora, Destiny turns to leave. Matthew stops her and apologizes for their past fight. She wonders if he changed his mind about the baby. Matthew refers to Destiny as his best friend. He cares about her but isn't ready to be a father. Destiny reminds him no one was ready. Everyone but him stepped up to help her. She vows to take on the baby by herself and leaves.

    S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    At the loft Matthew admits to Bo and Nora that he told Destiny he wishes they could give their baby up for adoption. He vows not to give up college or a social life. Nora knows they'll all have to make adjustments and reminds Matthew he should've thought before his actions to begin with. Matthew wishes Nora would've stayed out of it. Bo warns they can't unmake the decision. They, along with the Evans, will raise the baby. Matthew can live his own life. Matthew resents that he'll look like a deadbeat dad. Their attention turns to "The Blanca Morales Show." Matthew can't believe Destiny called him out on national television. When David suggests Bo wouldn't want him to take a role on "Fraternity Row," Blanca calls Bo. Bo tells Matthew to ignore the phone, but Matthew refuses and hands the phone to Bo, who used to be the soap's producer. Bo brings up the Daisy Award he won for the soap and claims there would be no conflict if David took a role on "Fraternity Row." Bo thinks David would make the perfect Derwood. David protests as the crowd goes wild.

    Franco James Did Southwest General.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    At the loft, Destiny asks if Matthew plans on being part of their baby's life. Matthew wants to be there for Destiny but wishes he could've been there when Destiny found out about the pregnancy. Now it's too late. Matthew rants about college and wanting the baby to have a good home. He wants to meet new people, even new girls. Destiny's offended that their night together meant so little to Matthew. Matthew didn't mean how the words came out. As they scream back and forth, vowing never to talk to each other again, their parents appear. Destiny storms out. Matthew rushes off to his room. Bo and Mr. Evans go to check on their kids, leaving Nora and Mrs. Evans laughing about how they're the only ones who've been acting grownup lately.

    The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo.

    Wednesday, December 14 2011

    Nora and Bo bring Matthew home and are shocked to find David partying in the loft. "Welcome home little, Bro," David screams over the music. "It's so good to see you again, vertical." David brags about his new movie, "The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo," and shows everyone his temporary tattoo. Nora worries about Matthew taking in too much. David reminds her that Matthew already woke up and found out he knocked up his girlfriend. After Matthew gets Nora and Bo to leave for takeout, he admits to David that he doesn't know how to deal with Destiny's pregnancy. David knows what it's like to be a teenage dad. Matthew doesn't remember David's confession while he was in a coma. Matthew wonders what happened to David's baby. Destiny arrives. David calls her enormous but claims he and Dorian are very excited. He'd like Destiny to consider them as Godparents then leaves for an interview with Blanca. Destiny gets right to the point and asks if Matthew's going to be part of their baby's life.

    Johnny Finally Told You.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    In the special care facility, Destiny tells Matthew he's the father of her baby. Matthew recalls the one time they slept together. Destiny was going to terminate the pregnancy. "I made her change her mind," Nora interrupts. Nora thought the baby was going to be the only part of Matthew left. Matthew takes offense. Now he and Destiny have to be parents because of Nora. "I'm a kid," Matthew snaps. Nora promises to be there for them and even raise the baby if that's what Matthew and Destiny want. He's furious Nora guilted Destiny into having the baby after she'd made a choice. Nora thinks Matthew should've thought about this before they had unprotected sex. She rants about Matthew being irresponsible and wonders why he didn't come to her about Eddie instead of rushing into sex? Matthew knew if he had this is exactly how Nora would've reacted. Nora steps out. Matthew's sorry he wasn't there for Destiny. Now she has to raise a baby she didn't want. Destiny admits she does want their baby. She's had a lot of support from her parents, as well as Matthew's. She wouldn't blame Matthew if he wanted to walk away. Matthew takes her hand and makes it clear how much he still cares about Destiny. She leaves to call her parents and tries to ward off their questions about Matthew's reaction to the baby. Nora joins Matthew. The family is excited to hear Matthew's going to be okay. She apologizes for lecturing him. He apologizes as well.

    I'll Probably Never Walk Again.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    In the special care facility, Matthew wonders if Destiny is pregnant. Nora interrupts and chalks up Destiny's weight gain to nervous eating. Matthew apologizes to Destiny. While the doctor checks on Matthew, out in the hall, Destiny snaps at Nora, "You did not just call me fat!" Nora has to put Matthew's medical needs first. They'll wait until he's stronger to announce the pregnancy. Destiny wonders if Nora's really worried about how Matthew will react when he learns Nora's the reason she's having the baby. Bo agrees with Nora. They need to take things slow. The doctor appears, reports that Matthew's doing fine and suggests they use their judgment when talking about the past six months. Destiny agrees to hold off on the pregnancy news and says, "For the next few days, I'm fat." They rejoin Matthew, who thinks back to Nate punching him and accusing him of killing Eddie Ford. Bo admits Nate fessed up to hitting him. They couldn't press charges because the truth about Eddie would’ve come out. Later, Matthew touches Destiny's stomach by accident and realizes she's really pregnant. He doesn't appear to remember being with Destiny and wonders who the father is. Nora urges Destiny to respond. "You are," Destiny whispers.

    Matthew's Back.

    Monday, November 28 2011

    In the special care facility, Bo calls for help while Nora begs Matthew to stay with them. They watch as a doctor successfully restarts Matthew's heart. "Matthew's back," the doctor reports. Matthew whispers Bo and Nora's names and opens his eyes. Nora's so happy to see Matthew's eyes. Bo privately asks the doctor how long his condition will last. Will they lose Matthew again? The doctor suggests they take things one step at a time then questions Matthew, who passes with flying colors. The doctor leaves to order tests. Bo admits Matthew was unconscious for six months. Nora promises they're not going to give up on him. Destiny appears and drops a pie when she sees Matthew's eyes open. They huddle around Matthew. It's the best Thanksgiving ever. Destiny cries happy tears. She becomes hot and goes to take off her coat. Nora tries to stop her, but Matthew notices her baby belly and asks, "Are you pregnant?"

    It's Peaceful Here.

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    Still unconscious in the special care facility, Matthew watches over everyone in Llanview as if he's right there with them and says, "Where would we be without family today?"

    Bo and Nora arrive and go to Matthew's bedside. Bo talks about being fired and how Nora opened a can of whoop ass on Mayor Finn. Nora worries her slap will cause the mayor to end up like Matthew, wherever his mind is. Matthew knows his parents couldn't possibility know where he is, but he feels at peace. Nora calls Mayor Finn, suggests she go get checked out by a doctor then says, "And go to hell for firing my husband." Bo takes a call from David. Matthew silently pleads to hear David's voice. Bo puts the phone to Matthew's ear. Nora recalls how the last time Matthew woke up, it was to David's voice. It doesn't work this time. As Nora and Bo grieve their son's condition, Matthew promises to take what David told him to his grave. Bo and Nora make a toast to their family. As long as Matthew's still breathing, there's hope he'll come back to them. Matthew loves his parents and wishes he hadn't taken the Ford brothers' dad from them.

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