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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods

    Birthday: 1948-03-13
    Birthplace: Maywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Loyita Chapel (OLTL's Dallas)
    Real Name: Robert S. Woods
    Height: 5' 11"


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    How Else Am I Going To Take Her Life?

    Tuesday, October 11 2011

    At Capricorn, Aubrey chats with Cutter then joins Bo at the bar. He's looking for Blair and asks if Aubrey's seen Todd Manning. She hasn't and is stunned to hear a murder weapon hasn't been turned in. Aubrey glances across the room at Cutter. She walks over to him, throws a beer in his face and asks where the gun is. Cutter doesn't know and begs for forgiveness. Aubrey dumps him. She's trying to be a better person and won't be able to trust him again. Aubrey rejoins Bo. She has some information for him about Victor's murder.

    Up at the cabin, Todd doesn't believe Rex could kill anyone. Tea begs to differ. Rex was grieving Gigi and still blames Jack for her death. Tea gives Todd some more meds then talks about the cold look Rex has had in his eyes since Gigi's death. Todd fears for Jack's safety. Tea stops Todd from leaving. He begs her to do something. If Tea's right about Rex, Jack is in danger. Tea calls Bo and puts a bug in his head, suggesting Rex had motive to kill Victor. She orders Bo to question Rex and threatens to call Bo out in court about how his personal relationship with Rex halted his investigation. She hangs up. Todd's happy to see Tea hasn't changed. She really gave Bo hell. They talk about Victor and how much Tea loved him. She tries calming Todd down. If Rex thinks Bo suspects him, he won't go after Jack. Tea vows to make Rex pay… if he killed Victor.

    What Was It Doing In Tina's Dog Carrier?

    Monday, October 03 2011

    Bo enters the Manning Estate. The coast is clear. He was able to throw the bomb into the pond. They hope David Vickers the dog got away unscathed. Tomas arrives, holds Tea close, and hears about Irene's release. Bo plans to bring Irene in for the bomb. They plead Starr's case, but Bo still arrests her. As Blair hugs Starr goodbye, she whispers that Todd went to meet Irene at the docks. Blair privately passes along Starr's message to Tomas and begs him to go after Todd. Tomas needs to stop Irene before she kills Todd. He kisses Blair then leaves.

    The mayor confronts John at the station. She's sick of rich people getting off on technicalities and urges him to only put people on the case against Todd who he trusts. Bo appears with Starr. The mayor praises Bo for saving Todd's family then suggests Todd planted the bomb. Tea arrives and prevents Starr from defending Todd further. Bo whispers for John to go find Irene. Blair turns up, which ticks off the mayor. Is Blair a coconspirator? She orders that Starr be booked. While Starr's taken away, Blair tells Tea how she sent Tomas to the docks after Todd. Brody joins John, who gets word of a shooting at the docks. They leave. When Starr reappears, the mayor orders Bo to put her in a cell.

    It Looks Like She's Trying To Tell Us Something.

    Friday, September 30 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Bo demands to know where Todd is. Starr's furious that Jack turned Todd in. Jack admits Todd took Starr's car and offers to give Bo her license plate number. Tea doesn't know where Todd is but warns he went after Irene. Bo makes a call to update his officers then turns his attention to Starr. Starr explains why she helped Todd. Jack thinks Todd used her. Starr tells Bo about the note, the microchip and how Irene promised to return the gun in exchange for it. Bo has no choice and arrests Starr. Outside, David Vickers the dog nudges the bomb, scratches at the front door and starts barking. When Jack opens the door, everyone's surprised that Tina left her dog behind. Starr thinks the dog is trying to tell them something. Bo follows the dog, sees the bomb and warns them all to stay back.

    We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom.

    Thursday, September 29 2011

    Bo finds the two guards bound and gagged in Todd's cell. He can't believe they let Starr break Todd out. Bo puts out an APB on Todd and Starr.

    Clint is surprised to see Cord at Llanfair. They hug and talk about Clint's crimes and his heart attack. Cord brings up the troubles with Buchanan Enterprises and says, "We have to do something about Rex Balsom." Lately, Rex isn't cooperating with him and Kevin. The business is suffering. Cord wonders what's going on with Rex. Clint defends Rex and brings up his loss. Cord doesn't think Rex is cut out to run a business. As Cord bashes Rex, Clint snaps, "That's enough. Leave my son alone." Cord wonders when Clint's feelings toward Rex changed. As they argue over Rex, Bo appears and happily greets Cord. He picks up on the tension and wonders if they've seen Todd. They haven't. Viki's not home. She's at the reading of Victor's will. After Bo leaves on a tip, Cord apologizes for coming down on Rex. He can't help wonder why Rex wanted the company if he doesn't want to run it. Clint assures Cord they won't let the company go under. Cord understands what Rex is going through. He knows what it's like to lose the woman he loved. Suddenly, Viki and Tina appear.

    Bo arrives at the Manning Estate and stops Blair and Starr from leaving.

    A Bit Of Unfinished Business.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    Viki opens the door at Llanfair to Irene. After she calls Bo, who confirms Irene cut a deal with the Feds, Viki tries throwing her out. Irene refuses to leave, looks around and recalls Llanfair as Victor's home. She claims to be sorry. Viki credits Irene for Victor Jr.'s death and brings up what she did to Todd. Irene says she did her best as a mother. It's Victor who had no right to leave everything to one son. Viki recalls how they were best friends and asks, "What happened to you?" Victor used Irene. Viki knows how that felt, but she didn't turn out like Irene, who brings up Viki's alters. Irene rants at Viki about using them as a scapegoat and screams, "I loved my children!" Viki talks about Tina and how Irene asked her to raise her because she claimed to be dying. Tina turned out to be as selfish and heartless as Irene. Viki orders Irene out. Irene has a bit of unfinished business to discuss and takes out a gun.

    Tea arrives at the jail as Todd rants to Bo about Irene's release. Bo gives them some time alone. Todd reminds Tea she's the only one who can prove his innocence. Tea knows Jack's story is a little shady and fills Todd in on Blair's plan. If Todd wants Tea to represent him, she insists he tell her who's framing him, like he claimed to Dani. Todd admits Irene threatened him. She has the gun and made Louie go away. He doesn't remember anything about the microchip he stole, the one Irene's after. Again Todd promises he didn't kill Victor. He wouldn't do that to Tea or his kids. Tea believes Todd and agrees to represent him. He thanks her. Later, Todd receives a note from Irene with his meal. If she doesn't get the microchip back, she'll kill his loved ones - one by one. Irene orders Todd to meet her at the docks.

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