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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods

    Birthday: 1948-03-13
    Birthplace: Maywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Loyita Chapel (OLTL's Dallas)
    Real Name: Robert S. Woods
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Matthew's Back.

    Monday, November 28 2011

    In the special care facility, Bo calls for help while Nora begs Matthew to stay with them. They watch as a doctor successfully restarts Matthew's heart. "Matthew's back," the doctor reports. Matthew whispers Bo and Nora's names and opens his eyes. Nora's so happy to see Matthew's eyes. Bo privately asks the doctor how long his condition will last. Will they lose Matthew again? The doctor suggests they take things one step at a time then questions Matthew, who passes with flying colors. The doctor leaves to order tests. Bo admits Matthew was unconscious for six months. Nora promises they're not going to give up on him. Destiny appears and drops a pie when she sees Matthew's eyes open. They huddle around Matthew. It's the best Thanksgiving ever. Destiny cries happy tears. She becomes hot and goes to take off her coat. Nora tries to stop her, but Matthew notices her baby belly and asks, "Are you pregnant?"

    It's Peaceful Here.

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    Still unconscious in the special care facility, Matthew watches over everyone in Llanview as if he's right there with them and says, "Where would we be without family today?"

    Bo and Nora arrive and go to Matthew's bedside. Bo talks about being fired and how Nora opened a can of whoop ass on Mayor Finn. Nora worries her slap will cause the mayor to end up like Matthew, wherever his mind is. Matthew knows his parents couldn't possibility know where he is, but he feels at peace. Nora calls Mayor Finn, suggests she go get checked out by a doctor then says, "And go to hell for firing my husband." Bo takes a call from David. Matthew silently pleads to hear David's voice. Bo puts the phone to Matthew's ear. Nora recalls how the last time Matthew woke up, it was to David's voice. It doesn't work this time. As Nora and Bo grieve their son's condition, Matthew promises to take what David told him to his grave. Bo and Nora make a toast to their family. As long as Matthew's still breathing, there's hope he'll come back to them. Matthew loves his parents and wishes he hadn't taken the Ford brothers' dad from them.

    Back in Matthew's room, Matthew marks today as the day he died… Bo and Nora gasp as Matthew flatlines.

    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Just as Nora tells Bo that Liam is back safe and sound, Mayor Finn enters his office. She taunts Nora about keeping her business and personal lives separate then fires Bo. She sees how Bo and Nora placed fries on her photo in the newspaper to make it appear as though she had a mustache. Mayor Finn rants about Bo not making an arrest in the Victor Lord murder case. If Bo makes an arrest, Mayor Finn will support him again. Bo has a suspect but can't make a hasty arrest. Nora thinks she's firing Bo out of jealousy. After the women engage in name-calling, Mayor Finn slaps Nora. Nora slaps her back. Mayor Finn promises to return for Bo's badge then storms off. Bo knows all good things come to an end. He packs his things, takes Nora's hand and leaves his office. His officers salute him on his way out of the station. Later, Mayor Finn returns and sees Bo's badge and gun.

    Liam Is Your Son. He Always Was.

    Tuesday, November 15 2011

    At the church, Natalie thinks about John. Roxy worries he could already be gone. Natalie cries to Viki. How could Brody do this? Clint plans to handle Brody. "Go catch, Johnny!" Roxy orders. Viki urges Natalie to go. Bo hands her Liam's paternity results. Rex leads Natalie away. Tina hopes Natalie's not too late but feels bad for Brody. She knows how it feels to make a big mistake and be forced to pay for it. Viki begs Clint to calm down. She could ring Brody's neck but knows he loves Natalie and Liam. Now he's lost them both. Tina rants about ruining Natalie's wedding. She wanted it to be special. Nobody blames Tina. She did the right thing. Viki apologizes to Clint. They managed to get him to the church, now there's no wedding. Cord gets down on one knee and proposes to Tina. Nearby, Vivian and Shaun, who's holding David Vickers, talk to Bo and Nora about Matthew and Destiny. When Destiny's baby is born, they'll all be a family. They're alerted to Cord's proposal and join them. The priest can't marry them without a license. Viki calls Dorian and says she has a favor involving someone else Dorian hates. Later, an envelope from Dorian arrives. Viki and Clint happily stand up for Cord and Tina. They exchange vows and use Natalie and Brody's rings. Cord and Tina are pronounced husband and wife. Tina promises to make Cord proud of her. Always. Roxy prays that Natalie gets to John on time. She also asks God for Rex's happiness.

    I Can't Hold My Peace Anymore.

    Monday, November 14 2011

    The ceremony gets underway at the church. When asked if anyone can show just cause why Brody and Natalie shouldn't lawfully wed, Roxy thinks back to John admitting he loves Natalie and orders, "Stop! I can't hold my peace anymore." Rex glares at her. Roxy remembers Rex demanding that she let Natalie be happy with Brody. Roxy covers. The ceremony continues. Natalie recalls Jessica telling her that John is Liam's father. Brody interrupts her thoughts and wonders if Natalie's okay. Natalie apologizes and urges the priest to continue. Brody takes his vows. As Natalie is instructed to recite hers, Tina appears with her dog and calls out, "Stop! Are we too late?" She walks up the aisle, ignoring everyone who asks her to stop, and hands Natalie Liam's paternity results. "Oh my God," Natalie says. "John is Liam's father." Brody stands there silent, as Natalie admits Jessica tried to tell her. Brody thinks Victor forged the results to hurt John. Natalie can't ignore it and plans to get Liam retested. "Over my dead body," Brody replies. Clint sides with Natalie, and Bo offers to set up the test. Though Viki thinks Victor could've done what Brody suggests, Natalie thinks back to finding out that Brody threatened Victor. "You knew," Natalie accuses Brody. "You knew John was Liam's father." Brody denies it, but Natalie lashes out at him. She demands the truth! "Yes," Brody admits. "I knew." Everyone is stunned. Brody found out through Marty's taped session. Marty changed Liam's results. Natalie realizes it was the tape Gigi had. Roxy gave it to Gigi. She cries, devastated that Brody's known the truth since Gigi died. Rex stares off, feelings his own devastation resurface. Brody tries justifying his actions… They were there for each other after they lost the people they loved. Brody loves Natalie and Liam and doesn't want to lose his family. They can still get married! Natalie refuses him. It's over. She hands Brody back his ring. Brody rushes off. Natalie panics, realizing John is leaving for Seattle today.

    What Jessica Said Is True, You Nitwits!

    Friday, November 11 2011

    Nora arrives at the church and finds Bo praying for her and Matthew. If Matthew gets his life back, Nora will get hers back too. Nora joins him, and they reflect on Matthew's condition and their grandchild's upcoming birth. They're thankful for each other and share a dance, remembering their wedding. Rex comes upon them. He remembers how Bo and Nora danced at their wedding. He wanted that with Gigi. Nora hugs Rex. Guests start to arrive. As Roxy wonders what the hell Clint's doing there, Bo warns he better not have cut off his ankle monitor. They have a laugh over how Dorian pulled through. Shaun and Vivian appear. Roxy wonders when they plan to make their relationship legal. Shaun assures Roxy it's the farthest thing from their minds. Roxy's stumped by how touchy everyone is today. Natalie appears, happy to see Clint. She announces that they'll be starting the wedding without Tina. Roxy agrees to step in as Maid of Honor. Though Roxy questions if whether or not Natalie's doing the right thing, the music starts. Natalie pushes her toward the aisle. Cord calls Tina, who promises to be there soon. They exchange 'I love yous' then Tina prays she'll be able to find her dog. Clint walks Natalie down the aisle next and gives her away to Brody.

    John Might Be Liam's Father.

    Monday, November 07 2011

    In Bo's office, John hands over his resignation. He's moving to Seattle to be closer to Michael and Marcie. Bo thinks John's using Michael as an excuse and doesn't want to see Natalie marry Brody. Does Natalie know John's still in love with her? John feels as though he has to move on. Bo rants about losing his best detective. If Bo doesn't make an arrest in Victor's murder, the mayor will can him. John suggests they get to work then. They discuss Brody threatening Victor and how Irene couldn't have killed Victor. She was locked up and only had contact with Todd. If Louie's still alive, he may still have Todd's gun. After talking over the case, knowing John's adamant about leaving, Bo agrees to let him resign today. John takes Bo up on his offer.

    I Miss Dorian Lord As Mayor.

    Monday, October 24 2011

    Nora rants in Bo's office about wanting to nail Todd. Once she calms down, Bo promises they'll find Victor's killer and shares his visit with Mayor Finn. "I miss Dorian Lord as mayor," Nora admits but warns Bo not to tell anyone she said that. Bo has until Election Day to find Victor's killer or he's fired for good. Nora gets word about Todd's confession and rushes out, anticipating putting Todd away.

    In Rex's office at Buchanan Enterprises, Cutter tells Rex, "Gigi's alive." Rex doesn't believe him. Cutter taunts Rex then leaves. Rex repeats Gigi's message, "Don't give up," then stops Cutter in the hallway. Before Cutter will give Gigi to Rex, he orders him to sign everything over to him, not Clint. Rex explains how Clint's having legal papers drawn up. Cutter reminds Rex he hasn't signed anything yet and urges him not to if he wants to see Gigi again. Cutter shows Rex the photo on his cell. Rex calls Cutter sick then grabs him. The men engage in a fistfight. Cutter's cell falls to the floor. The secretary calls the police. Bo arrives soon after and pulls the men apart. Rex tells Bo what Cutter said. Bo throws Cutter out, who tells Rex, "You're going to regret this." After Cutter leaves, Bo's proud to hear Rex is giving everything back to Clint, who was decent to Rex in return. Rex admits he almost believed Cutter, and that Gigi was alive, until he demanded money. Rex just wanted Gigi to be alive.

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