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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods

    Birthday: 1948-03-13
    Birthplace: Maywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Loyita Chapel (OLTL's Dallas)
    Real Name: Robert S. Woods
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Roxy thanks Mr. Evans for helping Schuyler during the prison break. They bond over their sons being in jail. Vivian arrives and joins Nigel, Shaun, Destiny, Vimal, Rama and Mrs. Evans. Rex, Gigi and Shane appear and beg Roxy not to be sad. They want to enjoy their last day in Llanview as a family. After the finale of "Fraternity Row," everyone gushes about the ending storylines. While Shaun tells Vivian he's okay with just loving her, Rex asks Roxy for her blessing. She tearfully gives it to him. Natalie barges in. She doesn't know what she's going to do without Rex. Bo and Nora appear. Everyone agrees they'll miss each other dearly. As Destiny reflects on Matthew's absence, Rex, Gigi and Shane hug everyone goodbye and leave. Vimal gets news and rushes off with Rama. Nora and Bo notice the photo of Asa on the mantle. Nigel informs that Rex put it up. Suddenly, Destiny's water breaks!

    The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    Matthew appears in Bo's hospital room, happy that Bo's all right. He would've felt awful had something happened to Bo. Nora and Bo embrace Matthew, happy he's home. Destiny appears and shares a tense moment with Matthew. After catching up with Bo and Nora, Destiny turns to leave. Matthew stops her and apologizes for their past fight. She wonders if he changed his mind about the baby. Matthew refers to Destiny as his best friend. He cares about her but isn't ready to be a father. Destiny reminds him no one was ready. Everyone but him stepped up to help her. She vows to take on the baby by herself and leaves.

    I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    Monday, January 09 2012

    In the cabin, Nora tries to help Troy save Bo. Gabrielle appears. Bo mumbles Gabrielle's name. Nora doesn't realize Bo's spirit has taken Gabrielle's hand and has left. Troy tells Nora that Bo's gone. He says goodbye and urges Nora to do the same to Bo. Nora screams for Troy, as he walks out the door. Somewhere faraway, Gabrielle tells Bo he was shot. She's there to guide Bo to his next life. He doesn't believe it's the end of his life. Gabrielle claims it's the beginning, for her and Bo. He loves Nora and doesn't want to leave her. Gabrielle begs Bo to walk through a set of doors with her. He almost does until he hears Nora crying, "Please don't leave me." Gabrielle tries reminding Bo what they once had, but he says, "Nora… she's the love of my life. I have to get back to her." Bo leaves Gabrielle and awakes in the cabin. Nora kisses Bo, who says, "You can't get rid of me that easy."

    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    After Bo and Troy exchange gunfire at the cabin, Troy's injured. Lindsay and Bo hold a gun on Troy, who screams, "I'd never hurt you, Nora. I love you!" Bo hands Nora his gun and looks for something to tie Troy up with. Bo returns, as Nora thanks Lindsay and notes how she's really changed. She could have taken off instead of warning Bo. When it's time to take Troy in, Lindsay asks, "What about me?" Bo turns the floor to Nora, who says, "I forgive you." She and Bo vow to talk to the judge in order to get her sentence reduced and Lindsay paroled. Bo trusts Lindsay to drive his car down the mountain and get help. "Thank you," Lindsay replies. She leaves with a smirk. Nora wonders why Bo wanted Lindsay to send up an ambulance. Bo falls to the ground, unconscious. He's shot. Nora cries, "Where am I going to find a doctor." Troy perks up. Nora reminds Troy of the oath he took as a doctor and begs, "You have to save Bo." She promises to talk to the warden if he does. She'll do anything he wants! Troy refuses and says, "Bo has to die, so we can be together." Nora pleads that she can't live without Bo and continues to beg. Troy asks Nora to untie and trust him. She does. Troy tends to Bo.

    Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    At the loft, Bo tells Lindsay he thinks Troy took Nora to the same place he took Matthew years ago. He loads his gun. Lindsay insists on going with him to Llantano Mountain.

    Nora fears the syringe Troy holds in the cabin. It's filled with the same drug Lindsay gave her. Nora recalls the past and begs Troy not to do it. He rolls up her sleeve, as Nora tries appealing to the man he used to be. Bo watches from outside and tells Lindsay Troy plans to wipe Nora's memory away like she did. Bo doesn't want to surprise Troy and has a plan. He needs Lindsay's help… Soon after, Lindsay barges in and screams, "Troy, stop!" Nora's face falls when Lindsay reports to Troy, "Bo is dead. I killed him." She claims Bo rejected her. Troy smirks, as Lindsay and Nora argue. Lindsay manages to distract Troy. Bo bum rushes him, and the men struggle. Lindsay grabs Troy's gun and unties Nora. Bo overpowers and kicks Troy. As Bo and Nora fall into each other's arms, Troy eyes the gun Lindsay's holding. He makes his move. Shots ring out.

    You're In This Together, Aren't You?

    Wednesday, January 04 2012

    Bo kicks open the door and finds the loft empty. After the cops leave, Bo sees Lindsay on the fire escape. He lets her in. Lindsay admits Troy's on the loose. She has a bad feeling. "And you're in this together, aren't you?" Bo asks. Lindsay took a risk by escaping to help Bo. She recants an earlier conversation with Troy in the prison library. He was reading an electrician's manual and kept insisting that he, Nora and Matthew would be a family soon. She warned a guard, but in the commotion Lindsay escaped to warn Bo. He thinks he knows where they are.

    Prisoner 92973.

    Tuesday, January 03 2012

    John and Bo arrive at Statesville where Mr. Evans explains over one-hundred prisoners escaped, armed. He pulls back a curtain. They were able to capture the ringleader, who's unconscious: Prisoner 92973 Mitch Laurence. His face is covered and bloodied from the bomb used in the escape. Mr. Evans leaves to get an update in order to ID those who've escaped. He returns with the names of the men from Llanview who've escaped: Cole Thornhart and Troy MacIver. Bo grabs his phone and admits Troy tried to kill Nora once.

    Nora's shocked to see Troy at the loft, who says, "I've missed you, Nora." She plays along with Troy, who claims he got out on good behavior. When she tries to call Bo, Troy pulls out a gun and orders, "Put down the phone." Troy admits he escaped. It was the only hope he had of ever seeing Nora again. She's flattered but talks about her and Bo's recent marriage. He thinks she only married Bo because he was in prison. Troy holds Nora and professes his love, claiming his brother Colin was the one who hurt her. The phone rings. Nora convinces Troy to let her answer it, so Bo doesn't become suspicious. "If Troy's there tell me you love me," Bo says from the other end of the line. "I love you, Bo," Nora replies. Troy disconnects the phone and plans to take Nora somewhere they can be together. She stalls Troy and offers him some wine and conversation. He starts kissing her neck. Nora lays on the seduction and makes a toast, "To us."

    Back at Statesville, Bo tells John that Troy has Nora.

    Pure Evil Is Going To Rock Llanview.

    Friday, December 30 2011

    Roxy barges into the Buchanan Mansion and faces Gigi. She doesn't believe it's her and starts pulling at her ears, looking for scars. Rex confirms the DNA proved she's Gigi. When Gigi mourns for "Fraternity Row," Roxy realizes it's really her. She hugs Gigi and drags her away to get ready for the wedding. Bo arrives. Gigi hugs him on the way out. Bo helps Rex get ready. Matthew won't be at the wedding. He has some things to work out.

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