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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods

    Birthday: 1948-03-13
    Birthplace: Maywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Loyita Chapel (OLTL's Dallas)
    Real Name: Robert S. Woods
    Height: 5' 11"


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    This Looks Like A Hitlist.

    Tuesday, June 18 2013

    Jack joins Dani at the coffeehouse and rants about Todd. Over talk of Shelter Dani makes Jack promise never to do drugs. Jack agrees not to then brings up summer school and how he'll get to hang out with all of the bad girls. He teases Dani about living with guys then realizes she has feelings for Matthew. After Jack leaves, Bo appears and tells Dani about the drugs. He thinks someone wanted her to die. Reluctantly, Dani gives Bo the name of the student who sold her the drugs, Brianna Marland. Bo makes a call. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive outside and talk about loyalty.

    The Nightbird's On Her Perch.

    Thursday, June 13 2013

    From the loft The Nightbird, Nora, welcomes listeners to call in. In response to her first caller Nora says, "Go Ahead… The Nightbird's on her perch." She gives advice to a woman who wants to get rid of a family member who's overstayed her welcome. Later, Matthew calls in and complains about his parents. He loves them, but they're making it hard due to their trust issues. Nora and Bo look at each other, having gotten the message. The Nightbird advises that Matthew tell them to butt out of his life. Matthew tells 'The Nightbird' her kids are lucky to have her for a mom. After the show, Bo praises Nora for her excellent advice.

    This Tastes Like Being On Ecstasy.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    Matthew brings his laundry to the loft and looks forward to eating lasagna. Bo hands Matthew a beer. When Destiny arrives, she and Matthew feel set up. Drew's home sick with a sitter, which leaves Matthew questioning Destiny's parenting. Matthew privately calls David for help. Soon, David and Dorian arrive, leaving Bo and Nora stunned to hear that Matthew called them. Later, Matthew and Destiny reconnect over old times. After dinner, Matthew sees a missed call from Michelle and leaves. Everyone else does as well. Bo prepares Nora for her first radio talk show and points to the laptop, queuing that she's live on-air.

    I'll Just Call Her Hotness.

    Thursday, June 06 2013

    Nora storms into Bo's office with an 'Ask Nora' flyer that Bo made. She reminds him her image was supposed to be anonymous. Bo already has all of the social media set up and isn't worried about her getting fired from the DA's office. He only wants her to be happy and talks about the sparkle in her eye every time she talks about her old advice show. Nora agrees to do one night of anonymous advice as The Nightbird. Bo briefly takes a call about the lack of progress on finding a match for the strange tattoo. After Bo hangs up, he gives Nora a pep talk about her upcoming show.

    You're A Sorry Loser.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013

    Cutter tells Blair at Shelter that the blackout wasn't an accident. Todd appears and confirms that someone cut the power. Cutter thinks it could be mob related, due to the drugs and Dani's overdose, but vows he's not selling drugs at the club. Blair wants to call the cops, but Cutter assures her he and Bruce will handle it. Todd calls Dani and makes plans to meet at a place of her choice.

    At the station, Tea shows Bo the recent instant messages from Victor. Bo finds out the IP is untraceable. Tea knows it must have been Victor, due to the giraffe reference. Bo worries Victor didn't message her on his own free will. Tea refuses to leave her computer and storms out. Bo opens a drawer and looks at the drugs from Shelter.

    Whatever Happened To Get A Room?

    Thursday, May 30 2013

    Bo, Nora, David, Clint and Leo play poker at the loft. Nora irritates Bo when she expects him to share his chips. While playing various drinking games, talk turns to Matthew, which leads Bo and Clint to argue over his responsibilities to Drew. If Matthew were Clint's son, he'd had handled him differently. Bo warns Clint to stay out of his son's business. After everyone leaves, Snoop arrives. Bo's upset due to Clint implying he's a bad father and wonders if he's right. Snoop objects and reminds Bo that Matthew's a man now. He promises to pay Matthew a visit tomorrow.

    Snoop Don't Lie.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    Bo is surprised when Nora appears at the station with Snoop Lion. He wonders what Snoop Dogg's been up to. Nora introduces him as Snoop Lion. "Snoop don't lie," Bo replies then hears about how Snoop was reincarnated into Snoop Lion. He requests Bo and Nora's presence at his screening for "Reincarnated." They have to pass, due to family poker tonight, but invite Snoop to join them later.

    David and Leo join Clint, Bo and Nora for poker night at the loft.

    Meat Is Murder.

    Thursday, May 23 2013

    Nora and Drew join Bo at the loft. He wonders why she didn't call Matthew when Drew kept waking up throughout the night and says, "I want to know when Matthew's going to be a father to his son?" She warns they need to help Matthew find out what he really wants where Drew is concerned. Destiny arrives and turns down Bo's offer of financial support. She knows Matthew doesn't love her and is dealing with living on her own.

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