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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods

    Birthday: 1948-03-13
    Birthplace: Maywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Loyita Chapel (OLTL's Dallas)
    Real Name: Robert S. Woods
    Height: 5' 11"


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    A Bit Of Unfinished Business.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    At Rodi's, John has something to tell Natalie and starts talking about his conversation with Roxy. Natalie admits she overheard John say he didn't love her. She left afterward. Just as John tries to explain what Natalie missed, he spots her engagement ring. She admits Brody proposed. She wanted to tell John in person that she accepted. John congratulates them on becoming a family. What John had to say to Natalie doesn't matter anymore. He walks away. Bo finds Natalie as she's leaving. He wonders if she's okay. She claims to have something in her eye and leaves. Bo joins John, who relays Natalie's engagement. "It's like I said," John repeats what he Bo told earlier. "End of story."

    Life Through A Dream...

    Friday, September 23 2011

    Natalie finds John at Rodi's. They have something to tell each other. Natalie urges John to go first. "I'm still in love with you," John admits then wakes up after a night of boozing. Bo appears. John's late for work. Bo doesn't want him showing up drunk and asks, "What happened with Natalie this time?" Roxy forced him to admit he still loves Natalie. He claims he just said it to shut Roxy up. Bo urges John to tell Natalie the truth. John reminds Bo Natalie's with Brody now, end of story. Talk turns to work. Bo explains they have to cut Irene loose. The FBI wants to keep the agency quiet. They're sending someone for Irene today. Later, Natalie appears. They have something to tell each other. Like in John's dream, Natalie urges him to go first.

    Jack visits Todd in jail and apologizes for lying to the cops. Todd opens his eyes and faces Irene, who wants information. He has no idea what the hell she's after. She urges Todd to dig deep inside his mind and talks about a microchip he took, one that could cause issues for the agency. That's why they swapped him with Victor, to get it back. Todd reminds Irene how they scrambled his brain for eight years. How's he supposed to remember what happened before that? Bo appears. Todd's stunned that Irene is being released. Bo warns Irene if she hurt's anyone else, especially Viki, she'll pay. There are no more free passes for her. Irene balks at how everyone always rushes to Viki's aid. Later, Tea appears. Todd smiles.

    Yeah, Hilarious.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Upstairs in the station, Bo tells John how the mayor forced him to arrest Todd, who claims he's innocent. Bo assumes John still thinks Jack's lying. John goes over all of Jack's inconsistencies. They debate who killed Victor. "How about Rex Balsom," John suggests. Bo doesn't think Rex is capable of killing anyone. John notes how Rex has changed. Bo continues to defend Rex. John brings up Irene. Victor almost strangled her. She had motive.

    This Will Come Back To Bite You.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    Llanview's new mayor visits Bo in his office. She heard there was an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Bo explains why he doesn't trust Jack's statement. "That's for a jury to decide," Kathleen says. She orders Bo to make an arrest and suggests Todd's getting preferential treatment. Bo denies it and thinks she wants to look tough on crime before the election. He notes that Nora feels the same way about the evidence. Kathleen speaks of Nora's absence and how her deputy doesn't share Nora's thoughts. Bo thinks Kathleen still holds a grudge against Nora because he wouldn't go out with her. She warns this is nothing personal and leaves. Kathleen returns with a warrant for Todd's arrest. Bo warns this will come back to bite Kathleen.

    Who's Going To Help You?

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    At the diner, Shane begins to tell Rex what's bothering him about Jack. Nora and Bo appear with news about Matthew. Destiny's pregnant. Shane admits he found out at school. Nora brings up Mrs. Evans and blames herself for their lack of communication. Later, once alone, Rex asks Shane what he wanted to tell him about Jack. Shane can't help but think about how much Jack is going through, losing his dad. "Are you sure that's all it is?" Rex asks. "Yes," Shane replies. Nearby, Felicia joins Nora and suggests they talk about their grandchild.

    In John's office, Jack claims Todd shot Victor and was the one who hit him over the head. John reminds Jack of his earlier statement, that he didn't remember anything. Not only does Jack claim to remember Todd knocking him out, he says he was lying there dazed and repeats what he heard when Todd confronted Victor. Word for word, Jack repeats the voicemail he heard Shaun play for Starr. Jack claims he passed out after hearing the gunshot. He doesn't know how he got to the hospital but asks, "Are you going to arrest him now?" Jack's lied to John before. Jack promises he's telling the truth and offers to testify against Todd. John tells Jack to write everything down then orders him to sign the legal statement. Jack does. Later, Bo arrives. John catches him up on Jack's claims. Bo knows John doesn't trust Jack but says they have enough to make the charges stick. "Are you going to make the arrest?" Bo asks.

    Please, Don't Leave Me.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    Brody holds his gun at the station. "What's going on?" John calls from behind him. Brody relays that Blair reported her gun missing. She thinks Todd took it, so Brody went to check things out. A call comes in that Victor's been shot. In his office, Bo reminds Nora that it'll be Destiny's decision if they're able to raise their grandchild.

    At the diner, Dani and Destiny listen as Mrs. Evans rants about Nora convincing Destiny to have the baby. Mr. Evans reminds his wife Nora apologized. Nora and Bo appear. Nora's happy to see Destiny's taking care of herself. Mrs. Evans assures her Destiny is seeing Vivian. Nora plans to be very involved in their grandchild's life. Bo tries to minimize the tension. Mrs. Evans announces that Destiny and the baby will be staying with them. Mr. Evans promises they can see the baby whenever they like. Nora wants to speak for Matthew and hands them a paper, spelling out Matthew's rights. Mrs. Evans feels threatened. Nora tries to reiterate her intentions. After they argue some more, despite Bo and Mr. Evans trying to run interference, Mrs. Evans refuses Nora's help. She feels for Nora but won't let her replace Matthew with Destiny's baby. Nora snaps. Dani warns everyone is upsetting Destiny, who sticks up for Nora. After Dani leaves, Mrs. Evans warns Bo and Nora that they'll only deal with them through their lawyer.

    Ridding The World Of Victor.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    In his office, Bo and Nora agree not to give up on Matthew. Nora sees Gigi's exhumation order. Bo explains how Rex thought Gigi was alive and how Shane appeared at the cemetery. Nora knows how it feels to want something so much that you start to believe it's true. Nora feels bad for Shane and for helping to let Jack and his father get away with the crime. While looking over their mail, they find Matthew was invited to apply at Llanview University. Bo worries about missing all of the normal milestones. Nora suggests they have another child. Matthew's child. If Destiny agrees, Bo would love nothing more than to raise Matthew's baby with Nora.

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