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    One Life To Live CAST - Bo Buchanan

    Full detailed profile on Bo Buchanan Played by Robert S. Woods on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert S. Woods
    Bo Buchanan

    Actor: Robert S. Woods

    Who played Bo Buchanan over the years

    Robert S. Woods (1979 - 1986, 1988 - Present)
    John-Paul Lavoisier (played a young Bo - July 21, 2008 - August 26, 2008)
    Tanner Woods (played a young Bo - August 26 2008)

    Useful information on Bo Buchanan

    * Resides in a loft.
    * Widowed by two wives and a handful of lovers.
    * Found out that Matthew Rappaport was his son after wife Nora had a one night stand with Sam Rappaport.
    * Framed by Spencer Truman as a co-conspirator in the murder of Margaret Cochran.
    * Was sent back through time to 1968 with Rex Balsom.


    Current: Police Commissioner
    Past: Employee at Buchanan Enterprises
    Past: Producer of the soap 'Fraternity Row'
    Past: Owned WVLE the TV Station
    Past: Worked at the Lord/Manning plant
    Past: Produced movie with Marco Dane
    Past: Executive of Lonestar Records


    Bo Buchanan arrived in Llanview in 1979 unaware that he was a Buchanan. However, his true identity was unveiled after Bo uncovered his biological father, Asa, in a lie. Throughout the years, Bo has had his shares of losses, from wives to children.

    It all started after he married Delila Ralston. Bo and Didi were taken hostage by a crazed man, Patrick London, who underwent plastic surgery in order to look like Bo and take over his life. During the ordeal, Didi was electrocuted and died in Bo's arms. Bo would then go on to marry Sarah Gordon who was later kidnapped and presumed dead. Although he would never get used to the devastation in his life, Bo never gave up. Just when he found love for a third time and married Cassie Callison, Sara returned from the dead and she and Bo reunited. But not for long... A year later Sara died in a hit and run accident leaving Bo to grieve her death again.

    A few years later, Bo was overjoyed to find out he had a grown son. Drew Buchanan made Bo proud when he followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Llanview PD. However, Bo's life again took an overwhelming turn for the worse when Drew was shot and killed in the line of duty.

    Out of all the women in Bo's life, his love for Nora Hanen is the most memorable. It was Nora who got him through the loss of his son by giving Bo another child, only to have him crushed again when Lindsay Rappaport found out that Nora had an affair and switched the paternity results to say that Sam Rappaport was the father of Nora's child, ultimately ending Bo's love affair with Nora forever. It later came out that Matthew Rappaport was indeed Bo's son.

    However, after losing his father, and his job, Bo was faced with some inner demons after Lindsay Rappaport betrayed his love once again - and after Bo was sent back through time, to 1968, with Rex Balsom to face the man who hurt him the most Asa!

    Bo's hardest challenge came after Matthew was paralyzed in a car accident. Not only was he trying to deal with the pain of watching his son manage, he was trying to deal with his resurfacing feelings for Nora, who married his brother Clint. After Nora and Bo realized they couldn't fight their feelings, and Matthew had the surgery that enabled him to walk again, they decided to give their relationship another go, even though Clint banished them both from his life.

    Bo and Nora ended up remarrying, but their troubles were far from over. In an attempt to help Inez, Bo offered her a job, which caused tension between him and Nora. After a fight over Inez having a crush on Bo, he accused Nora of being the one who cheats then watched her storm off. Bo received a text from Nora, not knowing it was being sent by Clint and Eddie, who had Nora held hostage. The text implied things were over between them and encouraged Bo to sleep with Inez.

    When Bo awoke at Inez's, she told them they slept together, when they really hadn't. Bo found Nora after Rex had rescued her from Eddie's motel room and was consumed with guilt. Inez finally confessed that she and Bo didn't have sex, which reunited him and Nora. She also stated that Clint had been behind the whole scam in order to destroy Bo and Nora's marriage. Bo confronted Clint and vowed to make him pay.

    While investigating the murder of Eddie Ford, who kidnapped Nora, Rex admitted to Bo that Clint had kidnapped David. Bo and Rex saved David then arrested Clint for Eddie's murder after Rex brought Bo proof Clint had been at the scene of the crime with the murder weapon.


    Nora_Hanen (remarried June 7, 2010 - present)
    Delila Ralston (1983 - divorced)
    Didi O'Neill (January 1986 - widowed in 1988)
    Sarah Gordon (March 1990 - widowed in 1992)
    Cassie Callison (November 1991 - not legal)
    Nora_Hanen (June 1995 - 1999 - divorced)


    Mimi King
    Pat Ashley
    Becky Lee Hunt
    Melanie Farrell
    Gabrielle Medina (deceased)


    Asa Buchanan (father - deceased)
    Olympia Buchanan (mother - deceased)
    Pike Buchanan (uncle)
    Jeannie Buchanan (aunt - deceased)
    Austin Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Rafe Garretson (cousin)
    Sammi Garretson (cousin)
    Clint Buchanan (brother)
    Ben Davidson (brother)
    Cordero Roberts (nephew)
    Rex Balsom (nephew)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (nephew by adoption)
    Joseph Buchanan (nephew by adoption)
    Jessica Buchanan (niece by adoption)
    Natalie Buchanan (niece )
    Shane Morasco (great-nephew)
    Clinton James Roberts (great-nephew)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (great-nephew by adoption - deceased)
    Sarah Victoria Roberts (great-niece)
    Megan Victoria Buchanan (great-niece by adoption - deceased)
    Brennan Buchanan (great-niece by adoption)
    Baby Girl Brennan (stillborn)
    Zane Buchanan (great-nephew grandson by adoption)


    Drew Buchanan (son with Becky Lee - deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (son with Nora)



    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    At the Man Of The Year Gala at Shelter, Nikki complains to Rama about her lack of tips. When Dorian arrives, Rama hides behind Nikki. Carl Peterson joins Dorian and comments on the self-portrait she donated. Jo and David appear with their cameraman. Dorian introduces Carl to her soon-to-be ex-husband then trashes Rama. Viki arrives outside, late, and apologizes to Diego for Clint punching him. When Viki enters the gala, she tells Jeffrey and Destiny how lovely they look. Bo and Nora watch and hope Matthew's okay with Jeffrey and Destiny being together. They can't deny how they hoped one day Matthew and Destiny would reunite. Viki joins Natalie, where they discuss Clint and pray he stays away from the gala. Viki then takes Carl away from Dorian to meet Bo. Blair privately confesses to Dorian that she has no idea where Jack is tonight. Arturo and Dani appear. Tea spots them and orders Dani over. Dani claims Arturo is Brianna's uncle, but Tea is clearly upset by her daughter's date and storms off. Michelle appears and argues with Dani over Matthew and the fact that they're wearing the same dress. Arturo takes Dani away, and Michelle cries on Matthew's shoulder about how mean Dani is to her. Matthew races over to Dani, orders her to stay away from Michelle then goes to Tea and reveals that Arturo isn't Brianna's uncle. He was her sugar daddy. Tea stomps over to Dani and Arturo and demands he get his hands off her daughter. As they argue, the gala is called to order. Viki takes the podium and begins with the auction of Dorian's self-portrait. Dorian's embarrassed when no one starts the bidding. Carl notices, bids $100,000, and wins. At the bar, Nikki gets catty with Natalie and reveals that Cutter has been having sex with her for months. When Cutter joins Natalie, she seethes about what Nikki said. Nikki spills a drink on Natalie.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Hello Natalie.

    Clint screams at the gala at Shelter, "I am the Man Of The Year!" Viki begs Clint to stop making a fool of himself, as he trashes the place. EMS arrives and straps Clint to a gurney. Natalie scolds Bo for having Clint taken away like that in front of everyone. Natalie ignores Viki's orders not to follow Clint to the psych ward and insists on supporting Clint, as does Matthew. She storms out and pushes Cutter away. Cutter demands to know why Diego allowed Clint into Shelter and hears Clint paid him $100,000. Viki hears about the payoff from Diego too. Carl says goodbye to Viki, who gives Jeffrey the go-ahead to cover what went down with Clint. Tea follows Dani and Arturo outside and demands to know why she lied about Arturo. She calls Arturo a predator and warns Dani she'll end up like Brianna. Dani storms off. Back inside, Viki brings up seeing Blair crying during Carl's speech and asks Blair what kind of trouble Todd is in. Blair denies Viki any information. Cutter approaches Nikki about revealing their connection to Natalie. She reminds him they have business to take care of. He agrees and says that 'this' can't come between it. Nikki kisses Cutter and insists that what he has with Natalie will never work.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    As Carl takes the stage at the gala, Clint appears outside and tries to make amends with Diego. Back inside, everyone listens with emotion as Carl toasts to those who have given them their freedom in our nation. As Blair cries, Tea whispers, "He'll be back." As Bo takes the stage to accept the Man Of The Year award from Viki, Clint appears. He pushes Bo off the stage, takes the award and says, "From the bottom of my heart, screw all of you."

    Monday, August 12 2013: Kudos On A Job Well Done.

    In the hospital waiting room, Matthew feels bad about telling Michelle to leave. Nora agrees and wants to know if things are getting serious between them. Clint arrives wanting to know about Drew's fever. Clint and Bo argue. Jeffrey comes in. Clint wants him to get a message to the man who taped the video about buying it. Jeffrey doesn’t want to oblige. Clint leaves after telling Matthew to keep him updated on Drew. Jeffrey shows Matthew the video. Later, Destiny emerges and says they can take Drew home. Nora questions Destiny about Michelle. Michelle tells Matthew that she wishes he'd told her sooner about Drew.

    Monday, August 12 2013: Not A Question Of May I.

    At home, Nora answers a call from Christopher Stone and he asks to speak to Bo. Chris informs Bo that the board wants him to be Man of the Year. Bo wants to think about it, while Chris says there's only so much time to think. Nora tells Bo that Clint will hate him if he accepts the award. Bo says that Clint already hates him.

    Outside Shelter, Tea appears with Dean, Cutter and Natalie arrive, and Bo and Nora enter. Natalie knows that Clint isn't happy and asks Bo if he’s heard from him. Inside, Tea asks Blair how she's holding up. Nora asks where Todd is. Blair lies as Tea and Dean head for the bar. David introduces Jo to everyone. Back outside, Dani tries to calm herself by telling Arturo her mom is inside. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive moments later as does Carl. Carl meets everyone as Michelle and Matthew approach. Dani and Michelle see they have the same dress on. All of them walk inside except Carl who stays to greet Dorian.

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