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    One Life To Live CAST - Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan Played by Bree Williamson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bree Williamson

    Birthday: 1981-12-28
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Roberts
    Real Name: Bree Williamson
    Web site:


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    You're Up Next.

    Friday, August 19 2011

    Jessica checks on Clint at Llanfair then joins Ford. Ford questions Jessica about Clint's freedom and names off his crimes. Jessica seethes for Ford to go rip Gigi's heart out of Clint if he wants payback. Ford realizes something's really bothering Jessica. She talks about her Uncle Todd and admits Brody and Natalie are really getting to her. Does Jessica still love Brody? She rants and stomps around the room. Ford can't help it. He sees Tess in Jessica's eyes. Jessica resents that and tries to throw Ford out. Ford kisses Jessica.

    I Hereby Sentence You To...

    Friday, August 12 2011

    Jessica meets Viki at the courthouse for Clint's sentencing. They discuss Todd. Viki worries since Irene's dead John's their only hope of finding out the truth. Clint's wheeled in. The cop admits Clint's health landed him in the infirmary again. Jessica and Viki worry what'll happen if Clint's sent to prison. Viki wonders where Natalie is. Jessica mumbles that she's probably sleeping with Brody. Court is called to order. Clint is sentenced to Statesville for twenty years. Viki and Jessica protest. Clint's lawyer brings up his health. Clint laughs when the judge decides to let him live out his sentence, with an ankle monitor, in his home and says, "My son stole it from me." Viki offers to let Clint stay at Llanfair. The judge agrees. "I don't know how to thank you," Clint tells Viki, who replies, "Don't thank me yet. You're not my only houseguest." Later, Mrs. Evans arrives and slaps Nora hard across the face for messing with Destiny's life.

    Where Is Gigi Hiding?

    Thursday, August 11 2011

    Jessica comes face to face with T.M. at Llanfair. Viki told her about the man running around with her Uncle Todd's old face. "You look exactly like him, but who are you?" Jessica asks. T.M. fills Jessica in on his captivity, all the way up to the DNA results. After T.M. reminds Jessica she was always his favorite, she questions his true identity. T.M. takes offense and laughs when Jessica tells him about her D.I.D. and how Todd helped her when she was Tess. "His behavior was off," Jessica admits. T.M. is furious that no one questioned Todd's strange actions, especially him falling in love with Marty. Talk turns to Jessica's troubles with Natalie and how Tess locked her in the basement. T.M. offers to talk to Natalie. "You take care of your twin," Jessica says. "I'll take care of mine." Jessica leaves to spend time with her kids. T.M. wishes he could do the same. Later, Todd barges in, calling out to Viki, and finds T.M. making himself at home.

    Uncle Bobby.

    Tuesday, July 26 2011

    At Llanfair, Bree boasts to Viki that Uncle Bobby went to the zoo with them. Viki privately questions Jessica about her new bond with Ford. He was trying to make her feel better after the fight with Natalie. She wants Natalie out of Llanfair and suggested she leave. Brody agreed. Jessica would love to see John's reaction if Natalie moved in with Brody right down the hall from him. Jessica has no right to ask Natalie to leave. Viki wants them both there and hopes they'll one day close the rift between them. Jessica brings up Tina. Viki's getting along fine without her. Viki denies it and wishes things were different with Tina. Though it's hard, Jessica promises to try to tolerate Natalie. She sees the two different photos of Todd and wonders what's up. Viki talks about Sam's claims. Jessica admits there's been a change in Todd, but she's changed too. On the other hand, Jessica whispers to herself, Natalie's still the same opportunist she's always been. Later, Ford arrives with Ryder's favorite blanket. Jessica now realizes why he's been so fussy and asks Ford for some tips. Ford agrees but has to check his schedule. He leaves. Jessica smiles after him.

    Premiere Tickets To Vicker Man.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    At Llanfair, Brody offers to stay with Natalie. She doesn't want to rub their relationship in Jessica's face. Jessica appears and suggests Natalie move out. After Brody and Jessica argue over their break-up, Brody asks Natalie to move in with him. Natalie's stunned, especially when Jessica tells Brody, "If Liam was John's where do you think your new girlfriend would be right now?" After Brody leaves, Natalie apologizes to Jessica but reminds her, "You're not the only victim." They argue over Jessica's illness. Natalie orders her to leave her and Brody alone. Ford appears and breaks up the argument. After Natalie storms off, Jessica falls into Ford's arms. She admits Natalie has the life she was supposed to have with Brody. Ford knows how she feels. He lost someone too. Jessica apologizes for not having Ryder ready and offers to give Ford extra visitation. "Come with us," Ford suggests and invites her to bring Bree to the park as well. She agrees.

    Ready To Do A Porno?

    Wednesday, July 13 2011

    Ford arrives at Llanfair, holding a file. "Get the hell out of here," Jessica orders, thinking he got a court order to see Ryder. She calms down when Ford hands over a sample agreement for visitation, one she can change or add to. Jessica thinks it looks okay but wants her lawyer to check it over. Jessica shares her upset over Natalie and Brody. She's stronger now. Tess didn't return. "I wish she had," Ford admits then apologizes. He can't help it. Ford misses Tess. Jessica wonders what it is about her that he likes so much, explaining how Tess is a mystery to her. "Underneath that bitch on wheels, she's a scared little kid," Ford replies and expresses how Tess loves with all her soul. Jessica understands now and smiles. They hear Ryder through the monitor. Jessica invites Ford to go to the nursery with her. Ford follows Jessica upstairs.

    Then We'll Be Even.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    On the patio at Llanfair, T.M. hides as Viki calls out, "I know someone's here. Who are you?" T.M. wants to trust Viki and starts to reveal himself, but Bree appears with news that Natalie and Jessica are fighting. Viki leaves with Bree. T.M. takes a call from Agent Baker, who asks after Agent Kent. T.M. admits he killed him. He tells Baker about all the people he's seen in Llanview and says that the man here isn't Todd Manning, he is. Baker implies that Todd Manning isn't a fake but isn't successful in luring T.M. to meet him in order for him to explain. Baker warns T.M. not to confront anyone in Llanview. Out front, Jessica admits Natalie and Brody being together hurts. However, she refuses to shed anymore tears over them. The sisters continue to argue, which leads Natalie to state, "We're in a relationship. Brody's the father of my child." When Natalie makes a comment about liking Jessica better as Tess, Jessica slugs her. Viki appears and scolds Jessica. Once she hears Bree overheard the fighting, Jessica rushes off. Viki reminds Natalie that Jessica doesn't mean the cruel things she says. Natalie's done with it and vows to be a family with Brody and Liam no matter what Jessica thinks. Later, as T.M. is about to enter Llanfair to talk to Viki, Todd appears and asks if she smashed the photo of him. T.M. listens as Viki replies, "You're my brother. I'll always love you."

    Vickers In Her Knickers.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    At Llanfair, Viki looks at a headline about David, as T.M. lurks outside. When Todd calls, Viki warns Dorian and David are going to sue him over the article. T.M. reaches to open the patio door. He stops when Jessica joins Viki. Talk turns to Natalie. Viki reminds Jessica she's forgiven others for doing worse and brings up Todd. T.M. remembers having a niece named Jessica. Once they leave, T.M. lets himself in and locates two photos of Viki, one with her and T.M. and the other with her and Todd. T.M.'s head fills with voices of those he remembers. He can't take the confusion and smashes the photo of Viki and Todd. "Who are you?" T.M. looks at the smashed photo. "Who am I?"

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex vows to Shane that Jack and Todd will pay, starting today. Roxy and Echo join them. Roxy's upset to hear that Rex fired Nigel. "If you have a problem with that you can leave," Rex snaps. Echo privately urges Rex to take it easy on Roxy. They all just want to help him. Rex takes a call and hears 'the deal' was done. Echo warns Rex against taking down Todd and Jack. Rex warns if she tries to get in his way, he'll take her down too. "Your Grandpa Asa would be so proud," Echo replies and assures Rex she's on his side. Suddenly, Tea and Blair appear with their deepest sympathies. If they could change what happened they would. Rex wonders why they feel that way. It's not as though they could control what Jack's friend did, right? Rex thanks them again then sends the women on their way. Natalie arrives and asks to speak to Jessica after the memorial. "I'll think about it," Jessica replies and storms off. David follows Viki in and begs her to prove to Dorian that someone's trying to set him up. Echo listens from around the corner. Everyone gives Rex their final condolences. Later, Rex stares at a photo of Gigi, vowing Jack will know what it's like to lose his mother and Todd will know what it's like to lose his wife. Out in the foyer, Echo gets word that 'the package' was delivered.

    Viki, Jessica and Natalie arrive back at Llanfair. After Viki goes inside, Natalie tells Jessica she and Brody are a couple. Inside, Viki finds the smashed photo and sees the patio doors open. As she calls out, T.M. hides around the corner.

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