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    One Life To Live CAST - Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan Played by Bree Williamson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bree Williamson

    Birthday: 1981-12-28
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Roberts
    Real Name: Bree Williamson
    Web site:


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    The Baby-Daddy From Hell.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    John approaches Natalie at the salon and compliments her wedding dress. He liked her other one too. Rama appears but urges them to pretend she's not even there. Vimal calls Rama, who rushes back out the door. Once alone, John admits he has something to say but is interrupted by Roxy's text, which reads: Have you told Natty that you love her yet? He tries to talk to Natalie again, but Marcie texts him, wondering if he told her yet. "I want to tell you how I feel," John begins. Brody appears. Natalie rushes off, not wanting Brody to see her dress. Brody becomes suspicious of what John and Natalie were talking about. He warns that after Natalie's his wife, he doesn't want to see anymore of 'this personal stuff' going on between them. Natalie rejoins them. John wishes Natalie a good life. After John leaves, Brody claims he and John just cleared up a few things. They didn't fight. Brody dismisses John and claims from now on it's just him, Natalie and their son. Jessica appears. Brody gives them some time. Jessica tells Natalie they need to talk, and it can't wait.

    You've Runaway, Haven't You?

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    At Llanfair, Viki praises Tina for what she did in court. Tina doesn't need the money. She has Cord. Ford arrives with Ryder. Viki points him toward the living room. Tina thinks it's only a matter of time before Ford and Jessica get together. Babies have a way of bringing people together, like Brody and Natalie. In the living room, Jessica tells David Vickers to quit staring at her. She waves Liam's paternity test at the dog. Jessica didn't ask to find out about it and wonders what she's supposed to do now. Ford appears and reminds Jessica it's up to her if Natalie and Brody's wedding goes off without a hitch. Jessica admits she can't take it anymore and has to tell the truth about Liam. She credits Ford and Ryder for her change of heart. Ford almost didn't find out he was Ryder's father. John, Natalie and Brody all deserve the truth. Jessica vows to tell Natalie.

    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Ford, Jessica and Bree arrive at Llanfair after trick-or-treating. Bree asks Jessica to go to Aunt Natalie's party. While Viki talks to Jessica about Natalie, Clint shuns Ford, who tries making conversation. The men start arguing until Ford warns that he's not going anywhere. Clint better get used to it or prepare for another heart-attack. He sees Viki and Jessica listening in and agrees to tolerate Ford. They shake hands. Bree leans on the desk. The letter from Kim to Clint falls into her Halloween bag. Bree heads out with Jessica and Ford. Viki's happy by Clint's change of heart. They look at Viki's old wedding dress Tina left behind and remember their special day. Later, Clint can't find the letter that was addressed to him.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex asks Cutter and Kim's friend, who are in disguise, "Who's hiding under those masks?" Roxy tugs on Rex's sleeve, who invites them inside. Nearby, Natalie warns Aubrey to keep her claws out of Rex. Across the room, Tina looks at Gigi's photo on the mantle and says, "The dead girl." Cord hushes her, saying she's Rex's deceased fiancée. Tina explains how she came to Llanfair and insists on telling Rex that she's alive! Tina rushes to Rex, and explains she has something to say, but hears Rex is going to be Brody's best man. Tina warns that Cord's going to stand up for Brody. Roxy tells Tina to shut it, and the women argue. Privately, Kim's friend admits to Cutter she got the feeling, when seeing Rex, that he was important. While Cutter goes to get them drinks, she sees a Halloween card, opens it and hears Gigi's message to Shane. "That's my mom," Shane says, joining her. When Shane introduces himself, and asks for her name, she rushes off. Cutter tries going after her, but Aubrey has a hold of a piece of his mummy costume. It begins unraveling around his chest. "Wait," Aubrey snaps. "I know those nipples!" She counts his abs and only knows one man with seven of them. She runs after Cutter. Rex joins Shane and asks who he was talking to. Shane didn't get a chance to find out. Rex rushes after Aubrey. Natalie and Brody find Ford, Jessica and Bree at the door. While the adults have a civil conversation, Bree finds the letter in her bag and thinks someone's tricking her. On their way out, Bree throws the letter on the ground.

    Ford brings Bree and Jessica home. She thanks him for going to Natalie's party with her but doesn’t know what she's going to do about Liam's DNA test.

    Care For Another Surprise?

    Tuesday, October 25 2011

    At Llanfair, Ford thanks Jessica for inviting him to dinner. She wonders what they're going to do for Ryder's first Halloween. They laugh about Ryder dressing up as a cocktail weenie. Tina appears and talks about how fun it was to babysit Ryder. Jessica's stunned to hear Tina's Natalie's Maid of Honor. After Tina steps out, Jessica wonders how she's going to tell Natalie about Liam. Kim's friend holds a yellow post-it note, hides on the patio and whispers, "Is this where I live?" She makes her way around front and rings the doorbell. Tina answers. Kim's friend explains how she lost her memory and only knows her name: Gigi Morasco. Tina's never heard of her but goes to see if Jessica has. Tina rejoins Jessica and Ford and says Gigi Morasco is at the door. Jessica thinks Tina's mistaken. Kim's friend sneaks in and listens as Jessica says, "Gigi's dead and buried." Jessica attended her funeral. When Jessica finally agrees to go to the door, they don't find anyone there. Later, Tina answers the doorbell to Cutter, who says, "I'm looking for someone."

    Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    At Capricorn, Jessica tells Ford she doesn't know if she's going to tell John the truth. Brody loves Liam so much. Brody appears. Jessica wonders what's bothering him. Brody admits he and John got into it, tells them to enjoy their evening then walks away. Jessica brings up how 'in the dark' Brody is about Liam's paternity. "Are you sure about that?" Ford asks and nods toward Brody and Vimal, who tampered with Ryder's test. Jessica refuses to believe Brody would hurt Natalie and John by keeping such a secret. Jessica plans to sit on her knowledge of Liam's paternity for now. Nearby, Brody berates Vimal for running his mouth to Shaun. Vimal doesn't think Todd should go down for a murder he didn't commit. Brody was cleared of Victor's murder but warns Vimal he's taken lives before. "Is that a threat?" Vimal asks. It's a fact. As Vimal leaves, Brody calls out, "Say hi to your pretty wife for me." Later, as Brody looks at Liam's photo, vowing to do anything to keep his family, Natalie appears. She found a Maid of Honor. After they catch up, Natalie and Brody agree to meet at home.

    Ford drops Jessica off at Llanfair. They joke around then agree they're both good people. Jessica heads inside alone, sits on the stairs and looks at Liam's paternity results.

    I'm Ford. I'm Cord.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    Cord answers the door to Ford and Ryder at Llanfair. "I'm Ford," he states. "I'm Cord," Jessica's brother replies, refusing to shake Ford's hand. Cord warns Ford never to hurt Jessica again then shakes his hand. In the living room, Tina startles Jessica, who's looking at Liam's paternity test. Jessica hides the paper. Tina admits her dog stole some legal paper of Victor's. She can't find it and promised to return it to Tea. Has Jessica seen it? Cord and Ford appear with Ryder. Ford starts to head out. He's going to Capricorn. Jessica stops him and wrangles an invitation. Tina and Cord offer to watch Ryder. After Ford and Jessica leave, Cord expresses how proud he is of Tina for trying to change. With Cord by her side, it's easy. Later, Tina wonders what would've happened had Clint not interrupted them. Cord leans in for a kiss.

    I Thought You Might Have Some Information For Me.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    At Llanfair, Jessica stares at Liam's paternity results, wondering what to do. John arrives and says, "I thought you might have some information for me." Jessica's relieved that John's asking after Todd. She hasn't seen him. John thinks she's holding back. Is there something Jessica wants to tell him? They're interrupted by Ryder's cries. John holds him and admits he's not okay with Brody and Natalie's engagement. John thanks Jessica for being honest, knowing she would've told him had she seen Todd. He leaves.

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