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    One Life To Live CAST - Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan Played by Bree Williamson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bree Williamson

    Birthday: 1981-12-28
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Roberts
    Real Name: Bree Williamson
    Web site:


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    Now We Know... You're Gigi.

    Friday, December 23 2011

    In the foyer at Llanfair, Viki rants to Natalie about finding Clint and Kim kissing. She knew Clint would pick Kim over her. In the living room, Clint talks to Jessica about kissing Viki, Kim's visit and claims he wants to be with Viki. Viki appears and gives Clint the cold shoulder. He's happy to be spending the holidays at Llanfair. Viki thinks he wishes he was with someone else and admits she saw him kissing Kim. Jessica leaves, as Clint stops Viki's tirade. Kim didn't write the goodbye letter and wants him back. After they kissed, Clint sent her away. "I want you," Clint professes. Viki admits she couldn't wait to see him upon her return from Texas. He apologizes for what she saw and wonders if Viki can forgive him. Back out in the foyer, Natalie answers the door to John. She's glad to hear Tea's okay. John hands her some gifts for Liam and turns to leave. Natalie asks him to stay and apologizes for how she's treated him. Just as she brings up what Roxy told her, Shane calls. John agrees to meet him. He and Natalie wish each other a Merry Christmas. Later, Jessica and Natalie find Viki and Clint kissing. They hug their parents.

    Living Inside Fraternity Row.

    Monday, December 19 2011

    At the fraternity, John as Brandon stands with Natalie as Brianna while Norbert, Rick, lashes out at their peers: James, Starr, Nate, Dani, Ford and Jessica. Norbert reminds Brandon and Brianna that they're brother and sister. He warns everyone to clean up the frat house or they're all out! While the girls accuse the boys of cheating on them, Brianna wonders if it's true. Could she and Brandon really be siblings? Brandon suggests, if it really matters that much to Brianna, they could get a DNA test. They're as close as two people can be. Lovers and siblings. Nearby, 'Roxanne' a slutty alter of the Jessica lookalike is accused of sleeping with all of the boyfriends. The girls found her blond hair in their boyfriends' room. They pull a hair out of Roxanne's head.

    Murphy and Macy bring Dash to the lab where a Vimal lookalike takes a DNA sample. As the lab tech prepares the test, the girls paw at Dash. Suddenly, the women pull back. What if he's not the real Dash? Dash cries… Wouldn't he know if he wasn't Dash? The girls think he could've been brainwashed. Outside the lab, Brianna and Brandon confront the lab tech, who prays he doesn't screw up the latest DNA tests. They pluck out a hair and hand it over. The girls appear and explain the dilemma of their cheating boyfriends. Later, the lab tech delivers the results, hoping he didn't screw them up: The Jessica lookalike is cheating on her boyfriend with herself, the others guys are cheating on the girls with Lorraine, Brianna and Brandon are brother and sister, and Dash is Dash after all.

    Murphy and Macy return to the mansion with Dash, who claims he's the real Dash. However, the Shaun lookalike appears and screams, "I'm the real Dash Dunning!" They both whip out a DNA test. Lorraine returns and hears that there are two Dash Dunnings. They are twins! Irene rushes in and pinpoints Lorraine as the boss behind it all. Brianna and Brandon arrive in time to hear the maid claim Brianna is her child. She had twins and gave one to Nigelia. Derwood demands, "How could you do such a thing." The maid blames Lorraine, who swears she's innocent. The girls arrive and seethe at Lorraine for sleeping with their boyfriends. The boys appear in time to save Lorraine. A riot erupts!

    S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    At Llanfair, Jessica asks Natalie about John, Natalie opens up about their issues. Natalie admits if she could take one thing back it wouldn't be her lying to John. It would be lying to Jessica. Now she lost her sister. Jessica accepts part of the blame for their troubles and admits there's hope for them mending their relationship. As they decorate the tree, Jessica and Natalie reminisce about the past. Their relationship continues to thaw. Jessica suggests Natalie give John a chance to forgive her - like she gave her.

    I Want You Back, Cowboy.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    In Angels Square, Ford and Jessica look for a tree. Ford thinks back to his childhood and anticipates giving Ryder everything he didn't have. He heads off to find the perfect tree. Nearby, Shaun gets Vivian to sign a petition to save "Paternity Row." Vivian hushes Shaun's mention of marriage again but wants to prove to Mrs. Evans how much she loves him. She points out a huge tree and wants to surprise his parents with it. If Shaun can't give her a ring, he plans to get Vivian a tree. Shaun takes off. Jessica joins Vivian. The women watch as Shaun and Ford fight over the same tree. They calm the guys down. When Jessica and Ford refuse to sign Shaun's petition he agrees to give them the tree if they do. Jessica and Ford sign then privately admit how much they love the soap. Jessica snaps at Aubrey on their way out. Rama invites Aubrey to spend the holidays with her and Vimal. Aubrey shares that Rex invited her to spend the holidays with him and Shane. She ordered a huge Christmas tree to surprise them with. Rama hears about Aubrey and Rex's kiss. Aubrey hopes when Rex returns, he'll be ready to let Gigi go. Over talk of Kim, Aubrey warns it's possible Kim's back on the streets. Rama refuses to hide from Kim. Kim appears and calls Rama a bitch. Rama lunges after her! Across the square, alone, Shaun takes out Vivian's engagement ring and vows to marry her.

    Back at Llanfair, Clint finds Jessica and Ford decorating the tree. They talk about past Christmases.

    It's Peaceful Here.

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    Jessica waits with Bree and Ryder at Ford's while he takes a shower. Bree questions why Jessica was kissing Bobby. Ford reappears and gets permission from Bree to keep seeing her mom. Bree wonders if Jessica is still mad at Aunt Natalie. Matthew listens from somewhere and recalls his cousins' issues.

    At Llanfair, while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Viki and Shane talk about Gigi. Watching over them, Matthew wishes he could've helped Shane when he was bullied. Roxy and Nigel appear. Clint shows up next. Matthew expresses his thanks for how Clint tried to cover for him and wonders how Roxy's going to get out of slipping that Rex is still in Rio. Roxy manages to elude Shane's questions then admits to Nigel that Rex thought he saw Gigi. "I think Rex is going all ghost on us," Roxy says. From where Matthew is, he sees things quite differently. Viki interrupts John and Natalie, just as they're discussing what's happened. Clint and Viki coo over Liam. Jessica, Ford and the kids appear. Viki clears the room and leaves Natalie and Jessica alone. Matthew muses from afar that Aunt Viki should be hired as a negotiator. Natalie apologizes to Jessica for not believing her. Can she forgive her? Jessica admits Brody was a big reason why she didn't come forward sooner. They talk about Brody. Later, Jessica expresses to Ford how worried she is for Brody. They met at St. Ann's. He's all alone. Ford suggests she go visit him. In another room, Natalie admits to Viki that things are still up in the air with Jessica and John. Viki reminds her of everything they have to be grateful for. Clint joins Shane on the staircase and wonders what's bothering him. Shane knows Roxy lied to him about his dad. He thinks his dad is chasing his mom's ghost. Clint admits, "We Buchanans are stubborn." Matthew interjects from beyond, "You can say that again." Clint knows Shane and Rex are trying to find their way through their grief. Clint admits he's seen Shane's drawings and apologizes for not doing right by Shane and Rex. Viki listens as Clint promises to do better and be worthy of Rex, Shane and Gigi's heart. Matthew telepathically urges Shane to trust Clint. Nearby, Roxy joins John and Liam. How did Natalie react when John told her he loved her? John admits he didn't tell Natalie. Roxy orders John to go tell Natalie now! John snaps, "It's not that simple." Viki calls everyone for dinner. She welcomes Ford to the gathering, John to the family and thanks Nigel for risking his safety for Liam. Shane and Roxy are welcomed next. Viki misses Victor, Tina, Cord, her children who aren't there and wonders why Todd is late. After a remembrance for Gigi, everyone toasts to a Happy Thanksgiving. While Clint and Viki break the wishbone, John approaches Natalie. He has something to say.

    Brody's brought to St. Ann's. Matthew's sorrow for Brody is heard. A nun remembers Brody, as does a resident who was there from before. The girl talks about seeing Jessica return too, until Robert Ford broke her out. As the girl taunts Brody, Jessica appears and scares her off. Brody laughs and wonders why Jessica is there. She was thinking about them being scared at St. Ann's together three years ago and didn't want him to be alone. Later, Roxy brings Shane to visit Brody.

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