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    One Life To Live CAST - Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan Played by Bree Williamson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bree Williamson

    Birthday: 1981-12-28
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Roberts
    Real Name: Bree Williamson
    Web site:


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    There's No Telling What He'd Do.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    Wess stops Marty outside her motel room. Marty touches the gun in her purse and lures Wess into her room. "He's not mine, is he?" Wess asks, remembering their time together. Marty assures Wess the baby isn't his. She allows Wess to hold Liam, who takes to Wess. You'd think they were related, Wess jokes. Marty talks, in reference to her friendship to Jessica. She let Jessica down. It looks as though Jessica is struggling to come out. Wess regains control and turns on the TV. He hears Marty's wanted for kidnapping and murder. Wess assures Marty she can trust him. Marty agrees to tell Wess everything but begs him to let her keep the baby. Suddenly, Jessica appears to surface again. Thoughts of the time Marty crashed her wedding, begging to talk to her, consume her head. "Wess?" Marty tries to get his attention.

    One Million Dollar Reward.

    Wednesday, May 18 2011

    In Cutter's motel room, Wess pulls back from Cutter's kiss and warns, "I don't swing that way." Wess isn't angry and urges Cutter to come out of the closet. It's not fair to his wife. "You are my wife," Cutter snaps. He tries to explain that Wess is simply an alter and pleads for Tess to come back. Cutter talks about how Brody fathered his fiancée's sister's baby. Wess refuses to believe Brody would do something like that. "Cutter?" Jessica asks, as tears stream down her face. "Where's Brody." Cutter continues to pressure for Tess to return but gets Wess instead, who punches Cutter out cold.

    Next-door, Liam cries, as Marty scrambles to find her session tape. She worries it'll fall into the hands of the wrong people. After she tears the room apart, Marty unsuccessfully tries to calm Liam. She panics, as a knock comes at the door. It's Rick, who threatens to call the cops. Marty lets him in, claiming the baby misses his daddy. While Rick calms Liam, Marty secretly locates her gun. Rick wonders if Marty's husband tore the room up. Marty assures Rick her husband will be back soon and thanks him. Before Rick leaves, he hands Marty his business card. She's one hot mama, and he'd be happy to give her a job. Later, Marty goes to leave. Wess recognizes her and stops Marty.

    Who Knew Food Would Walk Through The Door.

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    At Capricorn, Wess wonders why he's not getting a buzz. Cris has to take a call. Rama agrees to keep Wess there and flirts with him. Cutter slips behind the bar and shows Wess the non-alcoholic beer. Wess sees Cris, grabs him and snaps, "Are you ripping me off?" Wess turns to leave again. Aubrey tries to help Rama keep his interest. Cutter convinces Wess that the girls are bad news, with husbands. Wess goes to leave with Cutter but runs into Ford. Wess shoves Ford off and leaves. Aubrey fills Ford in on Jessica's new alter. Ford's furious Aubrey left his son home with the Buchanan staff. At the bar, Cris asks Rama if she told Vimal the truth about her non-pregnancy. She thinks back to her scam with Cutter and Aubrey and admits she couldn't tell him. Rama thinks the lie will be worth it in the end. She backtracks and claims to be a horrible person. Cris hugs Rama. They almost kiss. Cris pulls away and maintains eye contact with Rama, as she leaves with Aubrey.

    Cutter brings Wess to his motel room to change before their night out. He strips down, hoping to bring Tess out. Wess ignores him, looks at a magazine and says, "I would totally hit that." Cutter convinces Wess to arm-wrestle, knocks him down to the floor and kisses Wess.

    Over The Edge.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    Cris joins Aubrey and Rama at their table at Capricorn. Wess introduces himself and continues hitting on the girls. Cris receives a call from Brody and agrees to detain Wess. At the bar, Dorian taunts Joey about Kelly and John's relationship. She wonders why he appears to care so much about who Kelly's with. Joey looks toward Aubrey and sees Jessica hanging on his wife. He approaches them and is introduced to Wess. Just as Dorian's about to call Viki, John calls with news about Kelly. Dorian relays the news to Joey, who follows Dorian out. Rama notes to Aubrey how quickly Joey raced out for Kelly. Brody and Cutter arrive. While Cutter seeks out Aubrey, Brody fills Wess in about the girl who holds his heart. Brody shows Wess a photo of him and Jessica. Wess recognizes her as the crazy girl from St. Ann's. Brody is called into work. Cris agrees to try to keep Wess there until Brody gets back. When Cris wonders how he'll trick Wess with non-alcoholic drinks, Rama asks, "Haven't you ever had a virgin?" Across the room, Cutter and Aubrey go back and forth about Tess and Joey. Cutter takes comfort that Joey left Aubrey for Kelly and says, "Looks like you might've picked the wrong horse." He warns Joey will figure her out, if he hasn't already. Wess appears, guzzles down a non-alcoholic beer then hits on Aubrey some more.

    Left To Die.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Still in Cutter's motel room, Jessica's new alter, Wess, introduces himself as Brody's dead Navy Seal buddy. Cutter watches as Wess talks about how he and Brody used to pick up chicks. Wess asks if it's cool if he wears Cutter's clothes then heads into the bathroom to get ready to party. Cutter rants about being married to a dude. They call out to Wess and realize he snuck out the bathroom window.

    Inside, Cris asks Rama if she's told Vimal she isn't pregnant. Aubrey appears and pulls Rama away. She's worried Cutter will blow their cover. Aubrey told him they're through. Rama tells Aubrey to fix this and take Cutter back. "I don't want Cutter back," Aubrey snaps. "I love Joey." Rama changes her tune and assures Aubrey she won't lose Joey. He'll believe in their love. Rama suggests she blackmail Cutter into never telling Joey the truth. Joey appears and acts like the adoring husband. Wess appears and hits on Rama and Aubrey.

    Your Family's Billions...

    Tuesday, May 10 2011

    Brody arrives at Cutter's motel room to arrest Tess for attempted murder. She refuses to leave with Brody, whose sole intent is to get Jessica back. Tess resists the arrest and claims Brody's to blame for everything that's happened to Jessica. Brody professes his love for Jessica, but Tess warns, "She's not coming back." Brody reminds Tess in the end Jessica always comes back. Even if Jessica returns, Tess reminds Brody, "Ryder's still Ford's. Your troubles will be just beginning." Brody screams for Jessica to come back and pushes the issue by kissing Tess. She throws Brody off her. He kisses her again. She doesn't resist. "Get your hands off my wife," Cutter demands from the doorway. As Cutter and Brody call out to Jessica/Tess, she grabs a black beanie hat, puts it on and introduces herself as Wess.

    What Did You Do That Was So Bad?

    Monday, May 09 2011

    In his motel room, Cutter interrupts Tess' dream of being a loving family with Ford and Ryder and suggests, "Must've been some dream." Tess appears confused and claims it was a nightmare. She wants to consummate their marriage. When Cutter falters, Tess accuses him of thinking about Aubrey. Cutter doesn't deny it and reminds Tess she only married him to stick it to Ford. Tess denies having any feelings for Ford. Whatever the case, both know Ford and Aubrey will be affected by their marriage. Tess looks around the room and urges Cutter to find somewhere nice for them to live. Cutter talks about how Aubrey hasn't taken action. He warns Tess not to let anyone in then leaves. Tess thinks of her dream about Ford and Ryder then opens the door when she hears a knock. It's Brody, who says, "You're under arrest."

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