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    One Life To Live CAST - Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jessica/Tess/Bess/Wess Brennan Played by Bree Williamson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bree Williamson

    Birthday: 1981-12-28
    Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
    Marital Status: Married to Michael Roberts
    Real Name: Bree Williamson
    Web site:


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    Electroconvulsive Therapy.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    Viki meets with Tess' doctor at St. Ann's. Tess bit him after a visit from Ford. Viki can't believe the doctor wants to try Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). The doctor assures Viki this would be nothing like when Mitch administered a similar procedure on Jessica. Tess screams from her padded cell. Bess appears and warns that Tess will never have Jessica's life. Bess brings up Ford. Tess admits she's fallen for him. Bess reminds Tess that Ford is in the real world. Tess isn't. Tess screams for Bess to leave her alone. Viki and the doctor appear. If Tess doesn't give Jessica back to Viki, she's going to give the okay for ECT. Tess refuses to give in. She'll lose everything. "I'm your daughter," Tess cries. Viki gives Tess one last chance to let Jessica out. "I choose life, my life," Tess states. "The hell with Jessica." Viki gives the doctor the go-ahead to order the ECT. Later, a crew arrives and takes Tess away for treatment. Kicking and screaming Tess, yells, "Bobby!"

    The Vimalator.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Ford arrives at St. Ann's, with Ryder, and claims to be Cutter. The nun thinks he looks familiar but can't put her finger on it. After she allows him to go in and see Tess, the nun finds a photo of Ford with orders that he's not permitted to see Tess. Ford joins Tess, who's still struggling with her inner feelings for Ford. She tries to turn Ford away, but he has something to say.

    Joey and Aubrey arrive at St. Ann's. Tess pretends she's Jessica and says, "Joey, it's all right." Joey doesn't buy it, especially after Tess can't tell him what's in his famous 'Joey Special' sandwich. Joey and Aubrey take Ryder away. A nun shoos Ford out. "What did you want to tell me?" Tess calls after him.

    I Have Proof. Patrick Thornhart Is Alive.

    Friday, June 03 2011

    The door of Tess' padded cell at St. Ann's opens. Bess appears and demands Tess let Jessica out. Bess warns the doctors are planning electroshock therapy. Tess thinks Ford will save her. Bess claims Ford's simply a desperate father and accuses Tess of falling for him. She warns about what happened with Nash. Tess denies caring about Ford but can't help think about the time spent with him. Maybe Bess is right.

    Something To Remember You By.

    Wednesday, June 01 2011

    Ford appears, dressed as an orderly, in Tess' padded cell at St. Ann's. Tess jumps up and begs Ford to bust her out. "First things first," Ford replies. He takes a photo of him and Tess and jokes, "Something to remember you by." Tess doesn't find Ford funny. Ford demands Tess tell him what she knows about Aubrey and Joey. Why, so Ford can sell Tess out like Cutter did? As Ford threatens to leave, Tess blurts out, "Joey and Aubrey's marriage is a fraud." After Ford gets the details, he steps out then returns. He has a way to get Tess out. Tess instructs him how to get her out of the straightjacket. Once she's freed, they turn to leave. An orderly appears and wonders what's going on. Ford acts as though he's a new employee but is found out. The man throws Ford out, as he screams, "Tess, I'm sorry."

    You Must Really Hate Me.

    Tuesday, May 31 2011

    At St. Ann's, Viki asks the orderlies to be careful with Tess, who screams, "Let go of me!" They throw Tess in a padded cell then explain the extreme measures of using a straightjacket to Viki, who insists on visiting Tess. Viki agrees to press the inner button should she need help then enters the cell. Viki warns Tess she's lost. It's time for Jessica to return for her children. Viki gets a reaction out of Tess when she brings up Ford. Tess claims to hate Ford and taunts Viki about Charlie's affair. Viki remembers that Tess lashes out when she's afraid Jessica will return. Viki loves Tess. She's a part of Jessica. Tess makes it clear she'd rather die than let Jessica out again. After Viki leaves, Ford appears dressed as an orderly.

    I Just Felt Like Taking You To Rome.

    Wednesday, May 25 2011

    At Capricorn, Blair finds out the charges against Tomas were dropped. Tomas talks about the first time he laid eyes on her and says, "I want a life with you, and I think you want that too." Blair tries to pull away, but Tomas reminds her of how close they got before word came that Todd had woken up. She remembers but things aren't that simple anymore. Tomas won't back down, which leads Blair to finally give in. She orders, "Kiss me before I change my mind." They want to be alone but can't go to Dorian's. Tomas admits he's living with Todd and Tea and thinks back to his confrontation with Todd. Though they've come to an understanding, Tomas doesn't think they can go there. They rush off. Across the room, Tess nears Ford's table. Ford sees Tess and continues kissing his date. Tess thinks back to kissing Ford and interrupts. She warns Ford's date about his STDs and rants about having a baby with him. "Sounds like someone's jealous," the nurse counters. Tess denies it. She's the one who traded Ford in for a better husband. Ford tries to reason with Tess about Cutter. Her new husband doesn't care about her. Tess begs to differ and talks about how Cutter's going to take her away to live the highlife. Cutter and Viki appear with orderlies from St. Ann's. Ford is furious to hear Cutter made a deal with Viki and Clint to have Tess committed. Tess lashes out, as Viki hands Cutter some papers. Cutter signs to have Tess committed. Viki calls Clint, who transfers the money into Cutter's account. Cutter gets verification on his cell. Viki hands Cutter the deed to the Buchanan Mansion. Tess latches on to Ford, begs him to get her out of this and promises to tell him everything about Aubrey, so he can get Ryder back. Tess is taken away.

    I Could Kill You.

    Tuesday, May 24 2011

    Brody drags Tess into the station, who denies knowing where Marty is. Cutter appears with his lawyer and demands Brody back off. Brody's allowed to hold Tess for questioning and threatens to throw her into a cell. He promises to release Tess if she allows Wess to come out and answer his questions. Cutter objects, but Tess agrees to Brody's deal. As Brody pleads with Wess to come out, she pulls her hair back, takes the lawyer's glasses and replies, "Wess isn't available at the moment. I'm Bess." Bess only reveals one name from Wess' memory. Todd Manning. She knows nothing more but warns she will not allow Jessica to return right now. She's too fragile to deal with Brody and Cutter's mistakes. Tess returns. Brody's forced to release her. Cutter claims he has to 'seal their deal' for the big bucks but promises to meet Tess at Capricorn. After tonight, they'll say goodbye to everyone who tried to bring them down, including Ford. Tess appears troubled.

    Starr finds Blair singing at Capricorn. Blair confirms Todd had a change of heart where Tomas is concerned. Starr wonders if Blair did too. It's complicated, but Blair admits there's something not right about Tomas. Starr urges Blair to take a chance on love. After Starr leaves to meet James, Tomas appears. Across the room, Ford arrives with his date. She questions Ford about his ex. He admits they have a love/hate relationship. Though Ford was once a jerk, he's trying to change his ways. "You don't remember me, do you?" the nurse asks. Ford listens as the nurse admits they used to draw straws to see which nurse would get to sponge bathe him, back when he was in the hospital. As the nurse kisses Ford, Tess appears and sees them.

    Knocked Out By His Wife, Who Thinks She's A Dude.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    In Marty's motel room, Wess wonders what's going on. Brody explains Jessica's new alter to John then pleads with Wess for details on where Marty took Liam. Wess refuses to help Brody or go back on his promise to Marty. Brody grabs Wess and screams, "You're not Wess, you're Jessica, and I need you to help me!" John warns Brody to back off. Cutter appears, which causes Tess to emerge. She demands that Cutter tell Brody to get his hands off his wife. Cutter smiles. Tess claims to know nothing about Marty. She notices her clothes and hair and realizes Wess took over control. Tess apologizes. Usually Bess keeps Wess locked up. Cutter and Tess try to leave. Brody arrests Tess for Wess' involvement with Marty.

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