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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Open Wide.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    At the mansion, Dorian can't decide what dress to wear to the premiere. David appears. Talk turns to Echo and Rex's quest to get her released. Dorian doesn't think Clint would help Rex. After David leaves, Clint calls and warns if Dorian doesn't drop the charges against Echo, he'll have her charged with attempted murder. Blair answers the door to Tomas, who's there to come clean. Blair listens as Tomas explains being a former CIA agent. He cares about Blair and wonders where they stand. Dorian catches Blair kissing Tomas, who agrees to go to the premiere with Blair. After Blair leaves for the salon, Dorian tells Tomas she hopes he can end Blair's Todd Manning cycle.

    David arrives at Foxy Roxy's and calls out for Roxy, "Make me more handsomer." Vimal's mom gushes over David. She's his biggest fan. David tries to charge her after Mrs. Patel snaps a photo of them together. As Roxy returns, Cris offers to make Rama pregnant quick. He has an idea.

    David returns home to hear that Dorian had to drop the charges against Echo. They decide to concentrate on their premiere and refuse to let anyone ruin it.

    Premiere Tickets To Vicker Man.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    Bo and David talk about Echo kidnapping Dorian at the diner. David's pissed that Echo tied Dorian up in a motel room and states, "That's my job." Talk turns to the gum wrapper Nora found. David offers to help investigate. Bo suggests he stick to acting, which leads David to hand over tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Bo declines. He and Nora want to spend as much time as they can with Matthew. Dorian appears and brings up Echo. Bo refuses to talk business. Rex appears and asks Bo to help him get Echo out of jail. David wonders who Bo's going to side with, his fake son or his real one. Bo promises to look over the case but refuses to pick sides. Later, Rex warns Dorian, "You're going to drop the charges."

    The Whole Town Is On Amber Alert.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    Joey joins Kelly in her bedroom at the mansion. They briefly discuss Clint then talk turns to their relationship. Joey gives Kelly a clown to replace the exact one she gave him for Christmas. Kelly remembers how Aubrey broke Joey's and can't believe he found another one. "Some things are just meant to be," Joey says. They share some sandwiches and wine. Joey realizes visiting hours at the hospital are almost over. Kelly asks him to stay. They kiss and start taking their clothes off. Downstairs, David and Dorian arrive home and begin tearing their clothes off. "Someone should be making love in this house," Dorian says.

    I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    David and Viki find John's office empty. Viki tries to calm David down and reminds him, "We don't have any evidence that Echo has Dorian." David begs to differ and replies, "Something's terribly wrong." Viki slaps David out of his crazed state. Echo wouldn't kidnap Dorian and risk going to prison for life. Viki makes a call, finds out Sam's missing and orders David to wait for Dorian at home. David grabs Vimal's confession off of John's desk and writes John a note on the back of it.

    I Can Replace You Just Like That.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    David stops Viki outside the diner. She promised to help him figure out who's trying to sabotage his marriage. Viki suggests David make a list of those he wronged then get back to her. David pulls out a list and places Viki at the top of it. They go over a few more names. Viki thinks a woman from his past could be the culprit. Over a joke about David jilting Viki and Addie, Viki realizes the person isn't after David. They're out to hurt Dorian. David brings up all of the misleading photos. "Of course," Viki says. This is just like Echo. Viki needs to go to Sam's party, but David convinces her to go with him to Dorian's. Inside, Destiny secretly listens as Nate calls Dani and cancels out on Sam's party. She's sickened when Deanna tells Nate, "Don't worry, what happens at the Minute Man stays at the Minute Man." After they leave, Destiny calls Dani but hangs up before telling her the truth. Dani arrives soon after, worried about Destiny. Dani comments on Nate working a double shift and looks toward the kitchen. Destiny admits he left with Deanna. They're at the Minute Man Motel. Dani rushes off.

    Echo approaches Dorian at the mansion. She's there to see David. Dorian orders Echo off her property and warns that David's not coming back. Echo taunts Dorian about losing her man and Viki's respect. As they argue, Dorian realizes Echo was the one who sent her the phony photos of David and Ionia and snaps, "You conniving bitch." Echo admits it and replies, "Payback's a bitch!" Dorian slaps Echo hard. They both grab hoses and spray each other. Later, David and Viki arrive and see the two hoses. "This isn't good," David says.

    I'm Sorry. I Didn't Know It Was You.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    Blair arrives at the mansion, as Dorian is ordering David out. After David leaves, Blair shows Dorian the photos in The Sun and asks, "You don't think these are real, do you?" Dorian rants about Ionia and the package she sent. Blair's stunned to hear about the gun and the dead body found on the property. Blair wonders if the dead guy is the one Sam's been talking about and asks, "Did the guy have a line on his face?" Dorian doesn't know and suggests maybe Sam shot him. "Remember who his parents are," she says. Blair's offended but becomes worried when Dorian suggests Sam's friend could be the shooter. Blair leaves to find Sam.

    At Llanfair, Todd and Viki debate who broke the frame containing the photo of Todd's old face. The patio doors were open. Viki got a weird feeling and felt as though someone was watching her. David appears with his luggage. He initially blames Todd for Dorian throwing him out then backtracks and blames Viki. She could've convinced Dorian he wasn't having an affair. Todd brings up Jack's birthday party tomorrow and leaves. David wants to unpack, but Viki doesn't think it's a good idea. He jokes about Viki wanting him again then rambles about the corpse found at Dorian's. Viki refuses to help David, as long as he's cheating on Dorian. Through dramatic tears, David convinces Viki he's not cheating. She finally agrees to help him.

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