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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    I Hereby Sentence You To...

    Friday, August 12 2011

    At Llanfair, just as T.M accuses Todd of ruining his life, David appears and says, "It wasn't that good anyway." T.M. remembers David and jokes about his fake tan. David wants to know who the fake Todd is since he plans to buy the rights to the real Todd for his next film. David plans to play the role of Todd and has a foolproof way to get the truth. David starts quizzing them. Both Todds finish each other's sentences as they reply. T.M. claims Irene's the only one who knows the truth, but she's dead. David brings up how Irene left her diary behind. He knows this from when David tried to pass himself off as Todd. Both Todds threaten David until he agrees to turn over the diary. David leaves. The Todds hope they can get answers. Todd stares at T.M. as he takes a bite out of a sandwich, clearly comfortable at Llanfair. David returns, turns over Irene's diary and says, "Looks like you two are going to have to learn how to share. Happy hunting."

    I Love You Too, Twinkle.

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    Bo runs into David outside Matthew's room at the facility. David's furious to hear Bo's not charging Nate. Bo asks David to trust him. He can't tell David why they can't arrest Nate. David doesn't feel like a real Buchanan and recalls how he came to town, pretending to be Todd, just to score a fortune. Now no one trusts him. Bo's proud of how David's changed and says, "I don't adore my daughter-in-law, but no one's perfect." He finally convinces David that he's as much a son to Bo as Matthew is.

    Inside Matthew's room, Destiny's forced to admit to Nora that she's pregnant with Matthew's baby. Destiny explains how she knew Matthew killed Eddie. She wanted to comfort Matthew. It just happened. They weren't thinking and didn't use protection. When Destiny admits her mom gave her permission to have an abortion, Nora replies, "Please don't let this baby go." The baby may be the only piece of Matthew they have left. Nora offers for her and Bo to raise the baby. Destiny doesn't want that kind of life for her child, like how Greg dumped her on her grandparents. Though Nora promises it'll be different, Destiny plans to go through with the abortion tomorrow. As Nora cries on bended knee, David and Bo appear. Destiny rushes out, David follows and Nora tells Bo about the pregnancy. "She's going to get rid of our grandchild," Nora cries.

    Destroying My Life's Work.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    David airs a private screening of "Vicker Man" for a comatose Matthew at the facility. David begs Matthew to wake up. They all need him. Matthew's the real Buchanan deal. "You're the future of our family," David cries."You can't let Nate Salinger get away with this." Destiny arrives. After David hugs her, he suggests they take a spinning class together to trim the waistline. Destiny asks for some time alone with Matthew. After David leaves, Destiny tells Matthew she's decided not to have their baby. Nora overhears from the doorway.

    My Life Is A Sham.

    Wednesday, August 03 2011

    At Bo's house, David informs him he got his gum from Nate. Bo realizes Nate was the one who attacked Matthew. He explains finding a similar gum wrapper at their house while retracing Matthew's steps. David boasts that Bo is lucky he has a son with no scruples and he will take care of Nate, but Bo orders him to back off and asks him to keep quiet for Matthew's sake. David thinks Bo can find Nate at Dani's house.

    At home, Blair looks at her wedding picture with T.M.'s face. She flashes to T.M. passionately kissing her. Dorian enters and asks why she looks like she has seen a ghost. Blair explains how much T.M. looks and acts just like Todd. She thinks if she has been so wrong, her life is a sham. David returns and they fill him in on T.M. and Todd. David wants to watch his movie, but Blair isn't into it. Instead, she calls Tomas and asks him to tell her everything he knows about both Todd's.

    I Don't Know What To Do.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    Joey and Kelly return to Dorian's from their trip. They are surprised to learn from David and Dorian that the movie premiere ended in a scandal. Kelly can't believe Echo walked away from the charges. Dorian claims she is taking the high road. David then asks them to see his movie, but they opt to leave for Clint's arraignment. David thinks they should go to Bo's, but Dorian advises him to go alone. David tells Dorian she is rip-roaring hot for letting him go have family time with Bo.

    At home, Bo and Nora discuss throwing the book at Clint. A distressed Bo asserts they know Clint can't spend the rest of his life in prison for something he didn't do. Nora can't bear to send Matthew to prison when he returns to them. She prepares to leave for court and Bo promises to keep investigating Matthew's attacker. As Bo ponders the evidence, David arrives with a breakfast burrito and his movie to screen. A reluctant Bo agrees to watch. As David sets up the movie, Bo is alarmed when he see's David's gum. David informs Bo he got it from Nate.

    He's Not Todd Manning.

    Friday, July 29 2011

    At The Palace, Dani gasps, as everyone sees Nate drop his graduation gown onscreen in "Hold the Diploma." In the corner, Rick dances along to the porn music. Dani slaps Nate across the face. Dorian and David try to calm the crowd, as Mr. Patel screams about the content corrupting his unborn grandchild. Markko seethes at Dorian and David for ruining his career. They assure Markko these weren't the changes they made. Ford runs into Rama and spills his tray of wiener hors d'oeuvres. The toothpicks stick in Rama's balloon-baby-belly! Ford sees toothpaste seep out of it and wonders if Rama's all right. "I have more important things on my mind than your little wiener," Rama replies and runs off. She joins Vimal and his parents. Vimal sees the toothpaste leaking from her belly. The seal can't hold the water in any longer. The water explodes from her belly, all over Mr. Patel! Vimal tries to take the blame, but Rama admits she lied about being pregnant. Mr. Patel lashes out at Rama. Mrs. Patel thinks she did what she did because she really loves their son. Rama admits she lost her way but never stopped loving Vimal. He loves her too. They embrace. Mrs. Patel orders them to give her a grandchild soon and suggests if they need pointers they should ask 'that boy' from the film. Rick takes the stage and pitches his film to the crowd. David briefly gets sucked in, as Rick talks about being his number one fan. Dorian, David and Markko demand to know what happened to "Vicker Man." Rick claims he gave their movie to some guy. It'll probably be hitting the web any second now. Security takes Rick away. Dani rushes off. Todd stops Nate from following her. Jack yells for Todd to rough Nate up. Rex approaches Jack and says, "You have a hell of a big mouth." Holding the gun, Rex warns that Jack better be careful before someone shuts it for him. Jack apologizes for what happened with Shane and Gigi. It takes everything in Rex not to come unglued.

    A Technical Difficulty.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    Blanca reports from The Palace, as Dorian and David arrive on the red carpet. Dorian's wearing 'Gammie' (as in head of "OLTL" wardrobe Susan Gammie) and becomes upset when Ionia arrives in the same gown. The women trade barbs then go their separate ways. Dorian and David find Markko and inform him they had to make some changes in the final cut. Rick joins Blanca, who doesn't know who he is. "You will very soon," Rick assures. Across the room, Ford had hoped he'd be at his own premiere by now, not waiting tables at one. Talk turns to Deanna leaving. Ford wonders how she got the twenty grand to pay the lawyer then alerts Nate to the 'porno guy'. Nate rushes over to Rick, with Ford following. Ford suspects Nate took part in Rick's film and warns him about doing porn. He'll never get any respect as an actor. Dani appears and asks, "What's going on?" Nate claims Ford's depressed about not be part of the film. Markko joins them and thanks Ford for his success. Ford was a good teacher. Markko takes a few more jabs at Ford then walks off. Vimal arrives with his parents, who wonder where Rama is. Just as he's about to tell them the truth, Rama appears with an evident baby-bump. The Patels rub her tummy then go for drinks. "Lucky for you," Rama tells Vimal. "Cristian Vega got me pregnant." She asked Cris to help her so Rama could help Vimal. He questions her motives but halts further conversation when Mrs. Patel reappears. Blanca questions the Mannings. Starr, Baz, Blair and Tomas join them. Blair wonders if Todd recognizes her earrings. He doesn't, but Tomas does. When John arrives, Blair excuses herself. "You have something to tell me about Todd Manning?" John questions Tomas. Dorian takes the stage and introduces the film. The lights dim. "Someday it's going to be you up there," Dani whispers to Nate. "Vicker Man" begins then stops. "We seem to be having a technical difficulty," Dorian apologizes. The film restarts but "Hold The Diploma" airs instead. Everyone gasps and watches as Nate drops his graduation gown onscreen.

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