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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Blair tells Todd she hopes, someday, he'll understand her reason for doing everything she's doing. He's destroyed, tells her he never would've given up on her like she did to him. But no apologies make a difference. Todd notices Blair's eye contact with John when he and Natalie return. John tells David to find Paige, that they all need to talk. When David finds Paige, John shows them the proof they need to back up Paige's statement that she delivered Margaret's baby at Spencer's request! John wants to hear Paige's story one more time.


    Monday, August 21 2006

    Spencer sees Blair and Todd standing together, but puts a smile on his face as David and Paige try taunting him, warning Spencer that he's going to be found out. Blair questions Todd, wants to know what he was going to say before Spencer proposed. Todd was going to forgive her, but can't now, not when she's going to marry the man who had him executed. Just as Blair tells Todd there's a reason for everything she's doing, Spencer pulls her away. Todd makes a scene, stands on a table, declaring he wants to propose a toast! An emotional Todd congratulates Blair and Spencer, the murderer! As everyone tries calming Todd down, he continues to divulge everything that Spencer did, from killing Margaret, to getting rid of his son... Blair. And Paige and David are there to confirm Todd's accusations! As Spencer goes to get his coat, Blair worries he will notice the missing key.

    All Eyes Are On Spencer

    Friday, August 18 2006

    David and Paige converse at the Gala, discussing Spencer's demise while John and Natalie patiently wait for Blair and Spencer. Blair's behavior makes Spencer suspicious when she tries backing out of going to the Gala. But he has too much riding on tonight and tells Blair he has a big surprise for her.

    Kelly's Secret Is Out!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Blair and Todd talk to Starr, comforting each other through words. Todd tells Spencer he's not interested in his opinion just as he gets a call from David, telling him that Lenny has been arrested. Spencer goes to meet David. Evangeline comes in to comfort Todd. Blair gets jealous.

    Spencer meets David at the docks, wanting to know the details in Lenny's arrest. David says that John knows everything about Spencer and Lenny's relationship, but that Lenny never ratted Spencer out. He warns Spencer that John is going to come after him!

    David reports to John about his conversation with Spencer, says he's not admitting to his involvement. John tells David he's made the situation worse by talking to Spencer.

    Llanview Is In Turmoil.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    John brings David to the police station to help him get the truth out of Lenny. David says he can't make John any promises and says he was a kid when Lenny worked with David's dad. John goes over what he wants David to say, but David wants to do things his way. John tells him to go ahead, whatever it takes to get the job done. David and John join Lenny in the interrogation room. John leaves David alone to jog Lenny's memory.

    John and Bo listen in on David and Lenny's conversation, as Lenny asks David why he's in the station. David says he was pulled in for forgery. Lenny remembers David as 'Little Davey.' David acts as though he doesn't know him. Lenny tells him he used to run with David's dad. David plays as if he suddenly remembers him. They talk about David getting blamed for murdering John's dad. David tells Lenny that he was legendary for his forgery, butters him up and asks him if he's still up to his old tricks. Lenny doesn't want to be overheard. David fake cries, claiming that talking to Lenny makes him miss his dad. Lenny says he misses him, too. David says it's too bad that Lenny's not still out there doing the old scams, keeping the old times alive. Lenny winks, reassuring David that he has been running scams.

    John and Bo watch as David tries to get answers out of Lenny. Natalie explains to John why she blew up at Rodie's. David tells Lenny it's cool that he's still in the business. Lenny tells David if he can get his hands on some release papers, he'll sign Bo Buchanan's name on it and confesses to David that he signed Bo's name to the documents involving Margaret's murder. David leaves. John joins Lenny and tells him he knows he did it and asks if Spencer hired him.

    David gloats to Bo about getting the information for him. John probes Lenny to tell him the truth and tells him they got his confession on tape. Lenny asks if David set him up. John offers Lenny no jail time if he admits that Spencer Truman hired him.

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