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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Where's The Bride?

    Wednesday, November 08 2006

    Nash storms in, and Clint demands to know where Jessica is. Nash says he saw her back at the house. Clint needs to know if there's something he should be aware of, and Nash tells him to ask Jessica. Nash goes into the church and joins the men at Antonio's side. All eyes turn to the door where a confused Jessica stands with her arm laced through Clints…

    An Eternal Flame

    Monday, November 06 2006

    David goes to the hospital, tells Paige that Spencer isn't Asa's son. They talk for a bit and Paige asks if David will stay with 'Hugh' while she goes to get something to eat. After giving David some instructions, David goes in and sits with the patient.

    David sits by 'Hugh's' bedside, tells him he's sorry for making him sign that document. The man brings his hand to his mouth, moans, and David asks 'Hugh' if he's all right. David goes on to tell 'Hugh' about Asa not being Spencer's dad. 'Hugh' moans as David talks about helping John find the gun that killed John's father. David tells 'Hugh' that John died in the same accident that he was in. The man, says, "No, no… I'm not Hugh." David mistakes him for saying, "I don't feel like Hugh." David leaves 'Hugh' so he can rest. That's when JOHN says to himself, "I'm not Hugh."

    Thoughts Of Tess...

    Friday, November 03 2006

    David rants to Spencer about going crazy at Asa's house, about not being a Buchanan. David questions why their mother would lie about Asa being Spencer's son. Spencer recants their mother's confession, says she begged Spencer to destroy Asa for turning his back on his own son. David calls their mother a tramp, and Spencer is furious. He comments that their mother always put David above him, that David better never talk about her that way again! David tells Spencer that his only way out of jail is if they execute him. However, Spencer peers at David, says, "If you believe that, you don't know me at all."

    Spencer... No!

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Asa grabs the DNA results from Spencer. Spencer says that Asa is scared to find out that he's his son. Clint and Bo tell Asa to give Spencer his copy of the results. Asa throws them on the floor, and Spencer rips them open. Asa reads the results… Spencer is not a Buchanan! Spencer thinks that the Buchanan's fixed the test. Spencer is furious, and Vicki tries to calm him…

    However, Spencer lashes out, puts Vicki in a headlock! David screams for Spencer to let Vicki go. Bo pulls out his gun, and Spencer says he'll kill her if he has to. Asa calls Spencer's mother a tramp, and Spencer tightens his hold on Vicki. Vicki begs for him to let her go, but Spencer doesn't see what he has to lose. David steps up, talks to his brother, tries to reason with him… He uses sympathy toward Spencer, tells him to let Vicki go. And he does…

    Bo cuffs him and takes Spencer away. Vicki thanks David for saving her. David sits down, asks Asa why his mother would tell Spencer that he was Asa's son? Asa claims that his mother must've been delusional. David leaves. Clint and Vicki question Asa about his love for Spencer's mother, and he blows them off…

    Back in his cell, Bo asks Spencer how it feels to still be a Truman, says that his vengeance against the Buchanan's was all for nothing.

    I Did It!

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    David goes to Spencer, tells him he that he wants him out of David's life once and for all. Bo comes in, tells Spencer he's taking him to the mansion to have the DNA results read. David asks Bo if he can come, too, and Bo allows it.

    Clint and Vicki sit with Asa, telling him about Kelly's baby. Asa informs them that Spencer will be brought to the house, that they'll all know the results of his paternity soon. Clint says that Spencer could very well be a Buchanan. Abruptly, Bo comes in with Spencer who says, "Hello Pa." The notary joins them, and Bo explains everything that will take place… The envelopes with the results are handed to both Spencer and Asa!

    It's A Boy

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    David goes to see Spencer, asks him why he didn't come forward with his paternity sooner. Bo comes in, tells Spencer that Kelly had her baby. David turns, accuses Spencer of having a hand in Kelly's premature pregnancy. Spencer doesn't admit anything. Bo's phone rings, and he steps back to take the call.

    David looks to Spencer, accuses him of being nervous. David tells him that he has nothing, unless… he dies before his trial. Spencer laughs, says he's going to stake his claim on the Buchanan Empire sooner or later. Bo comes back in, informs Spencer that the DNA results will be in first thing in the morning.


    Tuesday, October 24 2006

    Dorian tells David that he's ruining her chances of getting Clint back. However, Dorian says she'll never give up on Clint. She goes on to tell David about Adriana locking her in the closet, about pushing Vicki and Clit together! David asks Dorian if she really likes Clint that much, and Dorian responds by saying she's falling in love with Clint. David pours a cold pitcher of water over Dorian's head!

    David tells Clint about Dorian setting up the dinner at Capricorn, about Adriana sabotaging it. David says that Dorian was falling in love with Clint just as Clint dumped her. David wants Dorian's happiness…

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