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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    I Pushed Her Into The Basement.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Seated in Angels Square, Viki shares how she found Clint kissing Kim. David thinks Viki's better off. Clint's not worth it and is using her. Viki cries and falls into David's arms. David hates Clint but knows Viki loves him. He wants to help Viki forget about Clint and takes off his shirt. He shows Viki his tattoo and talks like a chipmunk. David promises Viki will find someone better than Clint and offers himself up to her. He agrees when Viki reminds him that Dorian would kill them both. Viki cries in David's arms.

    Living Inside Fraternity Row.

    Monday, December 19 2011

    After passing out on the closed set of "Fraternity Row" Roxy wakes up and questions David, who claims he's Derwood - back from the dead. He calls Roxy Lorraine and says they're in her family's home, which looks a lot like Llanfair. Clint and Viki appear dressed as Lorraine's maid and butler. Todd appears. Derwood snaps at 'Dash', Loraine's deadbeat half-brother. Blair and Tea appear as Murphy and Macy, the soap's crime fighting duo. They accuse Dash of being an imposter and holding the real Dash in an undisclosed location. As everyone argues, Roxy savors being in her favorite soap and says, "The greatest show of all-time and I'm the star." After Lorraine suggests a DNA test for Dash, Murphy and Macy take him away. Derwood brings up their son, Brandon, and is stunned to hear he's Brianna's brother. Lorraine accuses Derwood of cheating on her with Nigelia, Nigel, who appears in tears. Nigelia thought she lost Derwood. "You cheated on me with this?" Lorraine snaps. She can't believe Nigelia kept Brianna's paternity a secret. The maid speaks up and accuses Lorraine of having an affair too. After she hands Lorraine a paper, Lorraine rushes off. The butler approaches his maid wife and scolds her for revealing the truth. She holds her head in pain then confronts Derwood, who's ravishing Nigelia, and reveals another personality. Derwood demands she tell him who Lorraine has been cheating on him with.

    Murphy and Macy return to the mansion with Dash, who claims he's the real Dash. However, the Shaun lookalike appears and screams, "I'm the real Dash Dunning!" They both whip out a DNA test. Lorraine returns and hears that there are two Dash Dunnings. They are twins! Irene rushes in and pinpoints Lorraine as the boss behind it all. Brianna and Brandon arrive in time to hear the maid claim Brianna is her child. She had twins and gave one to Nigelia. Derwood demands, "How could you do such a thing." The maid blames Lorraine, who swears she's innocent. The girls arrive and seethe at Lorraine for sleeping with their boyfriends. The boys appear in time to save Lorraine. A riot erupts!

    "Derwood," Roxy wakes up screaming in the closed "Fraternity Row" studio. "Don't let them kill me!" David comforts Roxy and explains how she passed out. He reminds her that "Fraternity Row" was great, but it's over now. They leave the dark studio together…

    S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    At "The Blanca Morales Show" Roxy, Shaun and Destiny watch as David's welcomed to the stage. After taking Blanca in a long kiss, David jokes about Dorian's extra-political activities and claims she won't care about the kiss. David gushes about his fans. Roxy barges onto the set, with Shaun and Destiny following, and demands he save "Fraternity Row." David wants to cut to commercial and calls Roxy deranged. "Deranged sells," Blanca snaps and interviews Roxy and her posse, who are wearing 'S.O.S Save Our Stories' t-shirts. Destiny chimes in about her baby daddy wanting nothing to do with her and compares Matthew to David, who only cares about himself.

    At the loft Matthew admits to Bo and Nora that he told Destiny he wishes they could give their baby up for adoption. He vows not to give up college or a social life. Nora knows they'll all have to make adjustments and reminds Matthew he should've thought before his actions to begin with. Matthew wishes Nora would've stayed out of it. Bo warns they can't unmake the decision. They, along with the Evans, will raise the baby. Matthew can live his own life. Matthew resents that he'll look like a deadbeat dad. Their attention turns to "The Blanca Morales Show." Matthew can't believe Destiny called him out on national television. When David suggests Bo wouldn't want him to take a role on "Fraternity Row," Blanca calls Bo. Bo tells Matthew to ignore the phone, but Matthew refuses and hands the phone to Bo, who used to be the soap's producer. Bo brings up the Daisy Award he won for the soap and claims there would be no conflict if David took a role on "Fraternity Row." Bo thinks David would make the perfect Derwood. David protests as the crowd goes wild.

    Back on Blanca's set, David refuses to take a role on the soap. Everyone vows to make David's new movie a flop if he doesn't. David has no choice but to accept and does the happy dance with Roxy. Blanca urges Roxy to go across the hall to the soap's studio and tell "Fraternity Row." Roxy and David head over and find out the soap shot their last scene a few hours ago. Roxy faints and wakes up as Lorraine, with David as her husband, Derwood, and screams, "I'm on Fraternity Row!"

    Franco James Did Southwest General.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    Roxy bombards David at Llanfair, claiming he's the key to saving "Fraternity Row." David doesn't know what he could do for a television show. He's a film star with major perks. Besides, the show was cancelled. Roxy thinks ratings would go sky-high with David on contract. David claims he doesn't do soap operas. Shaun and Roxy remind him that movie star Franco James did "Southwest General." They accuse David of having another reason for not wanting to play on "Fraternity Row." David admits the soap ruined his life! He brings up the writer's strike. David agreed to audition during that time, but they didn't hire him and said David was too old! As far as David's concerned, "Fraternity Row" can rust at the bottom of the sea. David has an interview with Blanca and leaves. Shaun thinks it's over. Roxy refuses to give up and drags Shaun away to Blanca's studio.

    The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo.

    Wednesday, December 14 2011

    Nora and Bo bring Matthew home and are shocked to find David partying in the loft. "Welcome home little, Bro," David screams over the music. "It's so good to see you again, vertical." David brags about his new movie, "The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo," and shows everyone his temporary tattoo. Nora worries about Matthew taking in too much. David reminds her that Matthew already woke up and found out he knocked up his girlfriend. After Matthew gets Nora and Bo to leave for takeout, he admits to David that he doesn't know how to deal with Destiny's pregnancy. David knows what it's like to be a teenage dad. Matthew doesn't remember David's confession while he was in a coma. Matthew wonders what happened to David's baby. Destiny arrives. David calls her enormous but claims he and Dorian are very excited. He'd like Destiny to consider them as Godparents then leaves for an interview with Blanca. Destiny gets right to the point and asks if Matthew's going to be part of their baby's life.

    Back at Llanfair, Roxy tells Shaun they need something more than signatures to save their soap. They need something like… David appears. Roxy thinks David is the answer to saving "Fraternity Row."

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