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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Kirk Takes The Blame For Tate!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    As John is going over the Truman case, he's annoyed to hear - and see - David performing a morning workout in his living room! As David rants about Marty killing Spencer, John warns David to stay out of it then threatens to through him back in jail! Through more talk of Marty, David asks, "You're hot for her, aren't you?" While John refuses to further the conversation with David, he thinks back to past conversations with Marty then leaves…


    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Back at home, John is surprised when David shows up at his door looking for a place to stay!

    "What's Your Heart Saying?"

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    When Clint arrives at Asa's, he tells Nigel he's furious that Asa paid David to kill Spencer Truman! With a drink in hand, Clint asks, "Why did he want Truman dead?" Just as Nigel wonders if David will pay Asa a visit, David shows up! However, Clint says, "You're not going to get a single penny." As always, David has a plan and threatens Clint that he'll tell Bo that Asa put a hit on Spencer if he doesn't pay up! In the end, Clint throws David out without a penny! After David is gone, Clint asks Nigel, "Why would Asa trust David anyhow?"

    Prom Night: Anything But...

    Monday, June 18 2007

    At Dorian's, Blair tells Starr she looks beautiful. Downstairs, hearing the doorbell ring, Dorian thinks it's Starr's date. However, when she opens the door, David says, "You owe me ten million dollars!" After David pushes threw the door screaming how she ruined his plan, Dorian throws a vase at him! Although relieved when David catches her vase, David infuriates Dorian by smashing it to the floor! As David and Dorian begin throwing the snacks Dorian prepared for the kids, Starr walks in and gets caught in the crossfire! Luckily, Markko calls saying he'll be late and the kids agree to meet at the prom.

    As Starr is walking out the door to take Dorian's limo to prom, she images Cole being there to join her. However, Blair's demand for Starr to stop so David can take a picture of Starr, Dorian and Blair causes her fantasy of Cole to dissipate… Shortly after Blair leaves, Dorian throws David out into the storm - with only her red trench coat to shield him from the rain!

    Prom Night: The Musical!

    Friday, June 15 2007

    At Statesville, despite David's objections, John tells David he's there to meet with the warden. Outside the door, David tries to listen in as John informs the warden that David is innocent but that he has a plan to catch the real killer! Although the warden is leery, he finally agrees to free David into John's custody - and slaps an ankle-tracking device on him!

    Okay, I confess!

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    At Statesville, John asks David, "Why do the time if you didn't do the crime?" John briefly reminds David of his lifestyle back on the island then says, "It's not too late to get back there. Tell me who really killed Truman." When David refuses, John threatens to put him in solitary confinement, which causes David to break and admit, "All right, I didn't kill Spencer!" With talk of why Marty came to visit him, David says, "How would she know I didn't do it unless she did it?" After hearing about David's conversation with Marty, John warns him not to say a word to anyone and says, "I'm going to work on getting you out of here." However, David screams that he doesn't want out for fear of losing the ten million dollars Asa promised him!

    At Asa's, although Dorian tells Clint that David is telling the truth, Clint doesn't want to believe Asa would pay to have Spencer killed and says, "If you're right, that makes my father a murderer too." However, Dorian goes on to say that David didn't kill Spencer but that she also told John McBain the truth, "Except I didn't tell him the part about Asa." Dorian offers to keep the secret! When Dorian protests to Clint picking up the phone to report Asa himself, he accuses her, "Why not? Were you expecting a cut of the money?" Furious, as much as Dorian hates Asa, she says, "I care about you, and I don't think you want your father to go to prison!" Just as Dorian goes to leave, Clint stops her and says, "You're right. I can't make Asa pay with his life… I'm glad you told me the truth. It says you care. And I care a lot about you." Just then David calls Dorian and says, "Thanks to you I'm about to be a free man - and a poor one at that! You owe me for this, Dorian!"

    Miles Holds The Key!

    Friday, June 08 2007

    At Statesville, Dorian goes to David and says, "You look terrible." They briefly talk about Jessica's transplant then David says, "I'm falling apart in here, but I don't want you worried." After Dorian begs David to tell John that he didn't kill Spencer and says, "It'd be better if you knew who did," David sits up and replies, "Oh, I do. It was Marty Saybrooke!" David explains Marty's visit and says, "She was positive of my innocence - like she had evidence of it." Although Dorian wants to go to the police with the news, David says, "You'll shut your mouth!" David reminds Dorian if she squeals about Marty then he won't get his ten million dollars from Asa. Saddened, putting her hands to David's, through the screen, Dorian promises to stay quiet.

    Life or Death!

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Marty goes to the prison to visit David and asks, "Why did you confess to killing Spencer when you know you didn't do it?" Although Marty states that David doesn't have the guts to kill anyone, David says, "You don't know me very well, do you? Wait," David screeches, "You did it, didn't you!" David goes on to blame Marty for testifying and getting Spencer out of jail then says, "I planned it, I stabbed him, so why do you keep saying I didn't?" When Marty says, "I know there's something more to this - money," David replies, "Let it go Dr. Saybrooke."

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