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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Blackmailed - Again!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Once Jessica and Nash are gone, when Viki confides her worries about Jessica to David, he says, “You’re the greatest!" Just then, John arrives, asks to speak to David alone then says, “I have a key witness to Spencer’s murder – you!”

    Llanview Celebrates The 4th!

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Adorning an ankle monitor, and a patriotic Speedo, David relaxes in the sun and accepts some orange juice from Viki! After commenting about waking up naked in Viki’s bed, David asks, “I was just wondering, did we do it?” Through laughs, Viki replies, “No, David, we did not ‘do it!’”

    Later, as David is giving Viki a massage, she is enraptured by his skills and screams, “Oh, David, yes!” Just as David comments on how sexy Viki is, Clint and Dorian arrive and alert them by clearing their throats! After stating they’re there to make peace, Clint, Dorian, Viki and David admit their faults and agree to spend the holiday together!

    Thanks, But No Thanks...

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At Llanfair, although David tries to talk Viki into sleeping with him, she says, “No.” In his comical manner, David says, “Consider it a hostess gift. How long has it been?” After Viki shoots him down again, she says, “There’s no way I’m going to be your next Dorian.” Taking a seat next to David on the bed, Viki and David have a heart to heart about Dorian. Although sad for a brief moment, David turns his attention back to Viki and says, “I could be good for you and you could be good for me too. You’re so nice… I had no idea how niceness could be so sexy – and it is!”

    Although flattered, Viki says, “I’d like to propose something in return.” Viki tells David he can stay there – just not in her bedroom – then they agree to watch a movie together. When David ends up falling asleep during the movie, Viki covers him and says, “I guess I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom.”

    Llanview's New Power Couple!

    Friday, June 29 2007

    In Viki’s room, after David pulls Viki down to the bed and kisses her, Dorian sees them and says, “Dear God in Heaven. Viki, what are you doing to him?” With smugness, Viki pats David’s rear and says, “Why don’t you go put some pants on,” and David obediently answers, “Whatever you say, baby.” Although Dorian can’t contain her jealousy, Viki remains composed and even takes David in another kiss when he returns to the bedroom! When Dorian suggests Viki and David are putting on a show for her benefit, David takes Viki’s hand, puts it on his rear and says, “I’ve been hot for Viki for years. I just had to work my way up to her… if you know what I mean.” Viki asks Dorian to leave then takes David in another kiss! Once Dorian is gone, Viki and David break out laughing and David says, “You’re a really good kisser. You know what would make Dorian really mad, if you and I actually slept together.”

    On The Hunt For Todd!

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    When Viki goes upstairs to her bedroom, she finds David getting out of her shower! “You’re not going to go blind if you stare at me,” David says. “Am I making you uncomfortable?” In her robe, although Viki tries to be stern and ask David to get dressed, David blows her off! However, Viki says, “David, get dressed and leave this house now!” After Viki explains she only invited him to stay to irritate Dorian, David offers to help her get back at Dorian. When Viki turns him down, David sighs. “Okay, then let me stay… I’ll make it worth your while?” David moves in closer and says, “Companionship.” Just as Viki refuses, she gets a warning call from Clint saying that Dorian is on her way to give her an earful. After Viki relays the news to David, she says, “I think I’ll go to bed.” With a smile, David says, “Make room for Daddy,” then jumps into Viki’s bed!

    Shortly after, at the sound of Dorian’s voice coming up the stairs, although Viki tries to throw David out, he pushes her down to the bed, says, "I have a better idea," then lays a seductive kiss on her! - and Dorian sees it all!

    Marty Confesses To John!

    Monday, June 25 2007

    At the hotel, David arrives to find Roxy sleeping. Just as David is ready to steal a room key, Rex shows up and shouts, "Hey," waking Roxy in the process! Although Roxy quickly bends back David's finger, David refuses to admit what he was up to - but begs her for a room. With a solution, Roxy says, "You can bunk with me." David appears a bit nervous about the arrangement as Roxy gets all heated and verbally explores all the possibilities - causing David to run out of the hotel!

    Clint and Dorian arrive at Llanfair with some things for Jessica. After Viki informs Clint that Jessica went home with Nash, he's furious and wants to know how Nash will manage to take care of Bree and Jessica! As Viki and Clint continue to bicker, Clint slips that he didn't sleep at Asa's last night! Of course, Dorian can't help but snicker and says, "Clint and I are in a relationship and the sooner you accept it, the better!" Just as Viki is throwing Dorian and Clint out, David shows up and says, "Viki, what's for dinner?" When David asks to stay at Llanfair, in the carriage house, Dorian immediately says, "You can't be serious to think that Viki would allow you to stay in her home." However, Viki tells Dorian to mind her business and replies, "No, David, you're not staying in the carriage house... There's a charming guest bedroom - right next to mine!" Dorian and Clint are utterly shocked!

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