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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    Please Don't Leave Me!

    Friday, July 09 2010

    David comes slamming into the house asking Matthew where Pa is. He notices that Matthew is upset. Matthew blurts that he got Nate and Dani killed! David says he'll call to make sure Dani is okay, while Matthew moans, "How am I going to make this right." David is able to find out that Nate and Dani are safe. Matthew is about to phone Bo and tell him, but David snatches the phone away. He says he did the right thing, and only feels bad because he's a nice guy. Matthew protests he put people in danger! David continues to talk him out of tattling on himself, saying he can make it up to Nate and Dani by doing good deeds for them. David asks if they have a deal.

    There's Something You Need To Know...

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    Everyone is still watching the fireworks at the country club. Viki tries to hush David who has his iPod on and is yelling, "Fireworks, they're like sex for the eyes!" Charlie and Viki talk over David who's sitting between them. Charlie urges David to put some clothes on but he refuses. By the pool Dorian briefly vents to Blair about David until Blair rushes off to find Eli. Dorian approaches 'Charles' to congratulate him on the grant. Dorian savors in the fact that Charlie hadn't told Viki yet. Viki is so happy for Charlie but Dorian continues taunting Viki about how often she and Charles will be working together. David joins in and wants to talk about his job. Dorian doesn't think Viki ever had any intention of hiring him. Viki's had enough and tells David he can start by checking out the latest trends for The Banner. Charlie and Dorian are both stunned that Viki is serious. Dorian warns David will leave when he gets a better job offer. David grabs a pitcher of water from a passing waiter and dumps it over Dorian's head! Charlie and Viki laugh at David and Dorian. Charlie suggests the only way to get them out of their lives is to play cupid. "Oh Charles," Viki jokes. "You wicked boy."

    Will You Marry Me?

    Friday, July 02 2010

    With a flag towel over his shoulder David taunts Dorian and Kelly over by the pool. He tries to force Kelly to rub suntan oil all over him! Dorian calls for security but David says, "I'm a guest of Viki's." Just as Dorian starts comparing David to Ford a voice asks, "Did someone say my name?" It's Ford who's wearing the same skimpy Speedos as David! David and Ford argue about who fills out their Speedo better until Langston appears. Dorian warns Ford that Langston will never forgive him. She's too much like Dorian. David takes a potshot at Dorian who laughs obnoxiously when Langston pushes Ford in the pool! When he gets out Ford admits, "I deserved that and then some." Ford walks away and Dorian tells Langston she's proud of her. However, David thinks Ford's a changed man and suggests Langston could get him back if she wanted to. Langston leaves and David says, "Don't worry, Dorian. Langston's a smart girl. There's no way she'll end up like you!" Dorian acts as though David is right and pulls him close. Close enough so she can push him in the pool!

    They Got Laid In Hawaii!

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Matthew gets a call from Nora to announce that she and Bo are at the airport. Matthew looks around the messy loft. Bo gets on the phone and asks Matthew if David is on his way. Matthew claims David had car trouble so Bo and Nora will have to take a cab. After he hangs up Matthew wakes up David who's passed out on the couch with his hooker friend! Matthew leads Wendy, who's sick, to the bathroom then worries how they'll get the loft clean before Bo and Nora get home! Lightening fast David and Matthew hustle to clean! Nora and Bo arrive soon after. "Awe, look Matthew," David says pointing out Bo and Nora's Hawaiian leis. "They got laid in Hawaii." Nora and Bo can't believe how neat the place is. David blurts out that Dani dumped Matthew. Matthew doesn't want to talk about it. Nora leads Matthew into the other room while Bo thanks David for keeping things under control. Later after David and Matthew leave Bo and Nora are stunned to see Wendy emerge from their bathroom in her underwear! "Where did the boys go?" Wendy asks.

    Out by the pool Dorian joins Blair in a fourth of July getup. Over talk of Blair's call from Starr they wish they could keep Starr and Langston in check. Blair admits she threatened Ford. Dorian worries Langston will allow Ford to continue using her. As Dorian rants Blair calls her out, "You're talking about David!" Kelly appears and the subject turns to Melinda's case. Blair wonders if Todd is still helping her. Kelly quickly says Todd is off the case! Rex is helping her now. Suddenly David arrives in some very skimpy Fourth of July shorts, says, "Happy Independence Day," then turns his back on them!

    Wake Up Starr!

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Still at The Palace Dani asks Todd for $50,000. He refuses to fork over the money without details. "Are you in trouble?" Todd asks then promises not to call the cops. Dani confesses how she and Nate found the money and how she used Todd's name to threaten the bank into turning the cash into a check. Todd suggests they go get the check from Nate's mom and wonders why Dani didn't do that in the first place. Todd thinks this is a way for Dani to stick it to him. Dani denies it. Nate's mom really needs the money. When she saw how happy Nate was to be able to help his mom it made her want to be a better daughter to Tea. Todd agrees to give Dani the money under a few conditions. He wants Dani to always be good to Tea. She agrees and asks for the money. "It doesn't work that way," Todd warns. Across the room David and Dorian bicker until Kelly arrives. Kelly spots Todd and thinks back to their kiss. Langston arrives distracted over a missed call on her cell. Over talk of her breakup with Reed Kelly tells Dorian about the piece of paper found within the vase. Dorian denies knowing a Bennett Thompson. "Me either," David intrudes and offers to fill in as a PI for John who seems to be busy with other stuff. Kelly tries hushing David as he reminds her of how they found Adriana in Paris, tied to a bed, about to have kinky sex! "How dare you drag Adriana's name through the mud just to get my attention!" Dorian snaps. Dorian and David's argument turns into talk about Viki until David stomps away. Dorian looks at Langston and accuses her of waiting for a text from Ford. Langston admits she went to see Ford. Dorian goes on a rampage about users and losers, which lures David back to their table and into another argument. While Dorian takes a call with news that she and Charlie received the grant Langston receives one too. It's Ford. He has something she really needs to know. Langston hangs up after warning him, "You don't exist to me.

    I Want My $50,000!

    Monday, June 28 2010

    Dani and Tea are having dinner at The Palace. Some uncomfortable boy talk ensues in regards to Matthew and Nate. Matthew arrives and joins David. He alerts him to Dani's presence. David suggests Matthew call Fawn. Matthew's already taken care of his issues with Dani and used Nate to get his revenge. However, Matthew admits he's worried the guy he ratted Nate out to could do some real damage. David thinks Matthew did the right thing and claims Nate deserves everything he gets. Matthew has a bad feeling and thinks he should go talk to Dani… Todd appears with his PI and a surveillance photo of James and Starr. He joins Tea and Dani and tells them about Starr. Dani brings up the guy who showed up with Starr's phone. Tea looks at James' photo and reminds Todd he ran into him at the hospital. Tea urges him to go to John with this but Todd plans to find Starr himself. He'd do anything for his kids. Todd looks at Dani and says, "All of them." Dani steps away and takes a call from Nate. She's shocked to hear he's with the man who wants his money back! Bull gets on the phone and Dani agrees to get the money. Bull hangs up and Matthew appears. He has something to tell her. Dani blows him off then rejoins her parents. After Tea leaves Dani tells Todd, "I need your help… and $50,000." Matthew leaves but tells David on the way out that he hopes Dani gets her heart broken. And he doesn't care what happens to Nate!

    Starr May Not Care But I Do...

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    Up at Viki's cabin Starr is stunned that James knocked David out. Starr wants to wake David up but James doesn't want him to see them. In case Bull shows up. Knowing David will be fine Starr and James leave. Charlie arrives and wakes David up who asks, "Charlie, what the hell did you do to me?" Viki appears followed by Dorian. Viki asks Charlie if he hit David but Dorian stands up for Charlie. They try to figure out who knocked David out and why David and Dorian are there. David comically invites them to share the picnic he took from Llanfair. Viki and Dorian argue about her conniving until David alerts them to his head. Viki gets David an icepack as Charlie and Dorian argue over the meeting. Dorian calls Henderson to prove Charlie's accusations wrong. Viki thinks Blair's on the other end. David grabs the phone from Dorian to yell at Blair but finds Henderson on the line. Charlie talks to the man then is forced to apologize to Dorian who continues to take jabs at Viki. Later Charlie and Dorian take off to meet Henderson. Viki agrees to a picnic with David.

    Butt Naked And Oiled Up Like A Rotisserie Chicken!

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    Charlie finds David sunbathing naked outside Llanfair. He warns David there's no job for him at The Banner and tells him to leave. Viki appears and asks David to go clean himself up. Charlie admits he had a day planned for them until he found David butt naked and oiled up like a rotisserie chicken! He wants them to go up to Viki's cabin. Charlie hates that David is always getting naked around Viki. Viki can relate. She hates Dorian being around Charlie too. Just as they agree to head to the cabin Dorian appears. She has good news and says to Viki, "I'm sure Charles has told you." Viki rolls her eyes. Dorian talks about a grant for their project. They are in the top three for receiving it! Dorian and Charlie have to meet with a man who wants to review Charlie's blueprints. Charlie refuses to go but Viki interjects, "I think you should go." David spies on them from the bushes. Viki means more to Charlie than this project. She persuades him to go and promises the cabin will be there when he returns. "Come Charles," Dorian says and leads Charlie away. David rejoins Viki and asks her to go to the cabin. She declines and walks away. David notices the clouds above Llanfair and says, "But it's sunny on Llantano Mountain."

    The $50,000 Confession!

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    Back in the gym Tea whispers to Todd that she rescheduled her appointment for later today. Across the room Dani and Nate worry about the money. Nate leaves to put his backpack in his locker then returns. There are no reports that anyone is missing cash. Dani urges Nate to stop worrying and give the money to his mom. She wishes she could help her mom. Dani would love to get Todd out of Tea's head. Langston accepts her diploma as her family cheers her on. After the ceremony Tea tries to sneak away but Todd insists on going to her treatment with her. He looks for Starr then tells Blair he'll catch up with her later. The man after James lurks around and looks at a photo of Starr. Starr's cell rings. The man looks at it and walks away. Nearby Blair hangs up her cell, remembering Starr lost hers. She wonders where Starr is. Blair joins Langston and tries to cheer her up. Langston spots the man who returned Starr's purse. She points him out to Blair and wonders what he's doing here. Blair wants to thank him for returning Starr's purse but the man disappears. Dorian and Viki briefly bicker then Charlie leads Viki away. David joins Dorian and urges her to listen to Langston's speech and apologize for her mistakes. Dorian goes to Charlie and Viki. Dorian and Charlie have a board meeting to go to. Viki asks David to head out with her. They have their own business to discuss. Viki needs David's brain at The Banner. Dorian laughs and accuses Viki of hiring David to get a rise out of her. As Dorian and David argue Dorian throws water at him. David moves. It hits Viki! Charlie and David hold Viki and Dorian back to prevent a full blown food fight! Dorian ushers Charlie out and Viki does the same with David.

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