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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    A Human Sex Toy!

    Friday, July 23 2010

    Darren and Destiny are on a date at the diner when David interrupts. Darren becomes irritated when David digs into the dessert he and Destiny ordered. Destiny wonders if David is upset over Dorian. David denies it and claims his mood is over Viki. He has to walk away after he goes over Viki's unforgettable kisses and how she allowed him to take her to bed only to slam the door on his feelings. David quickly returns and admits he doesn't have a problem being a human sex toy but hates it that Viki brought Dorian into the mix. Destiny urges David to admit he still loves Dorian. David rants some more then becomes irate when Darren shows him Dorian's MyFace status. David takes Darren's cell and makes a post against Dorian in Darren's name! Darren goes to get another sundae and warns Destiny that the diva better be gone when he gets back. After Destiny pushes David to go tell Dorian how he feels to her face David takes off.

    Back at the mansion Dorian sees Darren's status claiming that David would never take Dorian back. Dorian knows Darren would never post this. "This has got David written all over it," Kelly claims. They see Cassie's post telling her mother to suck it up and get back with David, which only fuels Dorian to bash David online more. Suddenly, David barges in and demands, "Step away from the computer! Don't make me come over there."

    She Wanted Us To Let Her Go!

    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    Dorian stands in Viki's bedroom shocked to see David and Viki in bed. David gets out of bed, goes to Dorian and says, "We want romance not a threesome." When she won't leave David climbs back into bed and starts making out with Viki causing Dorian to cringe! Viki pushes David away as Dorian screams, "How could you!" Charlie appears and tries to act surprised but David rants at him for leaving Viki for Dorian. Dorian demands answers. Viki confesses that she and Charlie faked everything in order to get David and Dorian to admit their feelings for each other. Dorian and David adamantly deny having any feelings. As they ramble on Charlie and Viki offer to give them some time alone. However, Dorian chastises Viki then fires Charlie! Viki and Charlie protest but Dorian vows to drag their names through the mud if Charlie doesn't walk away. Dorian admits David deserves better friends then leaves. David agrees and tells Viki, "I'll be in my room in the south wing!"

    Sex With Me Would Be A Real Treat For You!

    Monday, July 19 2010

    Natalie and Jessica walk into Llanfair and find Viki and David making out in the living room. They demand to know what their mother is doing! Viki stutters but David claims they were rehearsing for a European movie he's auditioning for. Natalie and Jessica see David's muffins and accuse him of poisoning them. David denies it then takes a bite of a muffin. The girls still don't feel good and agree to see a doctor. Once they leave Viki wants to pick up where she and David left off! "I can't do this," David says, removing Viki's arms from around his neck. Though David knows sex with him would be a real treat for Viki he can't do this to her. What kind of friend would David be if let Viki ruin her marriage. Not to mention he doesn't want to lose her as a friend. Viki urges David to admit why he really pulled back. Charlie calls and warns Viki that their plan is a bust. Dorian's on her way over to rat him out for trying to cheat on her! For David's benefit Viki starts crying and says, "He's leaving me. He just told me he belongs with Dorian." Viki falls into David's arms. David admits he didn't want to ruin her marriage but now that Charlie's out of the picture… David leads Viki toward the stairs. Viki pretends to double lock the front door, but really unlocks it, then follows David to her bedroom!

    Upstairs in Viki's bedroom David promises to make Viki feel better than she's ever felt in her entire life. David takes off his clothes, which makes Viki nervous. She goes to put her robe on then climbs into bed with David who suggests they make a sex tape! Just then Dorian barges in screaming, "It's about Charlie. He tried to get me into bed." David and Viki smile while Dorian takes in the sight!

    What The Hell Are You Doing Here?

    Friday, July 16 2010

    At Llanfair David asks, "Niki Smith, is that you?" Viki assures David she's herself and says, "You know I want you." David wants Viki too but enjoys the chase. Viki's never even let him get to first base! Viki can tell he's still not over Dorian. Viki holds her arms out and admits that Charlie has a thing for Dorian. She rushes into David's arms and cries that Charlie even called out Dorian's name in bed the other night. Viki knows this must hurt David since he's always hoped Dorian would come back to him. David tries to push Viki away but she holds on tight. Viki's had it. She's sick of trying to resist David while Charlie's throwing himself at Dorian! Viki kisses David!

    He's Like Ross Rayburn In A Suit!

    Thursday, July 15 2010

    David arrives at Llanfair and offers Viki a muffin. She declines and starts seductively touching David and urges him to take his shirt off. When David goes to get some wine Viki calls Charlie and says, "I don't know if I can go through with this." Charlie reminds her they have no choice. They have to get Dorian off his back! David reappears. Viki acts as though she's upset over Dorian and Charlie but says, "I don't want to talk about it. I'd rather talk about you and the smallest bathing suit the law will allow." David thought Viki hired him for his style not his assets. Viki brings up a famous designer and wonders if David wants to model his new line of swimsuits for The Banner's style section. Viki instructs David to get undressed. She's going to take the pictures now! David returns in a robe wearing some Santa Speedos under his swim trunks! Viki starts snapping pictures and says, "Lick your lips! Take those off. I want to see what Santa's bringing me for Christmas!" David becomes nervous and accuses Viki of coming on to him. She admits she is!

    Hannah Bananas!

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    At the loft David looks at a photo of him pouring water over Dorian's head in The Sun. Bo appears and grabs a muffin until David admits he made them. As David rants about wanting to have father/son mornings Bo replies, "This has to stop. You're going to have to move out." David thinks Nora put Bo up to this but Bo reminds David, "You're an adult, at least you're grown." Before Bo heads to work David hands him a muffin. Bo advises David not to admit he made them until after someone eats them.

    Natalie finds Jessica in the kitchen at Llanfair. She brings up the article she wrote and jokes that Jessica must have a thing for Ford. When Natalie can't believe Jessica is working at The Sun again Jessica brings up Natalie working at the station. Working so closely with John didn't work in the past! Natalie assures Jessica she and John will make it work. Jessica and Brody might have issues as well, seeing she'll be covering stories of cases Brody works on. Jessica thinks it's okay for Brody to keep work secrets and wonders what other possible secrets Brody could have, which makes Natalie nervous. David appears with muffins and blabs about his job at The Banner. The girls suggest David run off to find Viki at the diner then ask who made the muffins. David credits Noelle then hands Natalie and Jessica one. After they eat them Jessica and Natalie have to rush to the bathroom to throw up! Later both girls hold wastebaskets. They think David tried to poison them. Jessica and Natalie throw up again!

    Over at the diner Dorian rants at Viki as Markko reads the story about Ford and his involvement in the incident. After Dorian goes to talk to Markko Charlie tells Viki it's time to put their plan into motion. "This is our only way out," Charlie reminds Viki. "I have to sleep with Dorian." Viki wonders what'll happen if Charlie is wrong. What if Dorian takes him up on his seduction instead of realizing she loves David? Viki offers to take one for the team and sleep with David, which causes Charlie to choke on his coffee! Viki reminds Charlie that the jealousy lies between David and Dorian. Not them. David joins them with muffins and claims he was thrown out. Nora couldn't take her eyes off of him! Now he needs a place to stay. Across the room Dorian talks to Markko. She asks him to forgive Langston and give her a second chance. Markko makes it clear Langston doesn't deserve one. She still drools over Ford every time he sees her! After a bit more persuading Dorian offers to give Markko information on where he can find Langston. When Dorian returns to Viki's table Viki announces that David is moving into Llanfair! Dorian is clearly bugged but agrees when Charlie suggests they work from her mansion today.

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