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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    I Think He Was Right!

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Upstairs after Dorian and David make love David suggests they marry tomorrow. Dorian smiles in his arms.

    According To His Plan.

    Monday, August 16 2010

    David sees Clint at Rodi's and makes a call to Mandy, who demands her money. Clint does the same to Dorian, saying, "It's payday!" After their calls David confronts Clint and accuses him and Dorian of not being in love. Clint denies it until David brings up Kim. Clint demands to know if David has any idea where Kim is! David admits he sent Kim packing then hands over everything Clint needs to find Kim on a flash drive. He turns on his recorder and tells Clint to start talking about Dorian! Across the room Todd and Dani talk about Tea. Todd's investigator arrives and says he lost Tea, whoever was transporting her was a real pro. After Todd fires the man Dani questions him about not respecting Tea's wishes. Todd admits that was a front for Tea's sake, which leads Dani to say, "We have to find her!" Todd and Dani leave.

    Dorian arrives outside of Rodi's and plays Mandy's confession to David. David plays Clint's to Dorian! After they rant about lying David and Dorian fall into a kiss!

    Some Sort Of Crazed Murderer?

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    Viki and Charlie arrive home just as David sneaks into the kitchen looking to cure his hangover with a beer. Jessica welcomes them home, as she hides a baby book behind her back. Just as Jessica's about to give them her baby news David appears and blurts it out! Viki and Charlie are excited and can't believe it! David doesn't know why it's so surprising since 'Fertile Phoebe' gets pregnant every other year. He thinks Jessica needs to cool it and give Natalie some of the spotlight! Viki scolds David and urges him to apologize. "Jessica, this baby," David says. "Is it Brody's?" Jessica's mouth drops! Viki snaps at him but David reminds Jessica of 'her others' saying, "Who knows what they've been up to." Jessica ignores him and starts to tell Viki and Charlie her other news but David says, "What? You're getting married?" Jessica sighs, defeated. David wants to toast but Jessica's pregnant, Viki has heart issues and Charlie's an alcoholic! "Where's that redhead when you need her?" David asks. Since Jessica won't let Tess out to celebrate David slumps away. Jessica admits to Viki she's just happy everything worked out the right way. Viki wonders what she's talking about.

    I Think I Need A Drink.

    Wednesday, August 04 2010

    Over at Rodi's David and Dorian continue to down shots while a waiter tells Gigi, "The mayor and her boy toy are trying to convince each other they're not in love." Rex arrives and tells Gigi the drugs didn't harm him. Gigi thinks he dodged a bullet. David approaches Rex and asks for his help with Dorian. David needs Rex not to bust him for being with a hooker! Rex turns a blind eye then asks Gigi what's been up with Natalie. Gigi can't break Natalie's confidence but assures Rex she's not sick. Dorian and David stumble to the jukebox and argue over who gets the first pick. They end up in each others' arms over the struggle. Clint and Mandy join them and take their dates in a dance. After more arguing Gigi and Rex approach and cut them all off! Clint leads Dorian to her limo. Mandy leads David to his cab. Once alone Rex and Gigi share a dance.

    He's Not Todd Manning!

    Tuesday, August 03 2010

    Dorian, Clint, David and Mandy arrive at Rodi's. As David talks about his true love's eyes Dorian points out David has Mandy's eye color wrong! Dorian questions Mandy, causing David to pull Mandy aside and remind her to keep her real profession under wraps. Dorian doesn't need to know she's a call girl! Clint secretly tells Dorian as long as the Buchanan name is on the new stadium he'll act like the love of her life. They rejoin David and Mandy. Dorian and David continue trying to prove they don't care about each other through snide remarks. Clint gets irritated and David suggests they do shots. They all agree and David and Dorian privately tell their dates that the other is a lousy drunk. Dorian takes a shot and toasts to Clint, her one true love. David takes one too and toasts to Mandy, the woman of his dreams.

    Eli Is A Suspect?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    Over at Llanfair David thinks Dorian is lying about Clint. Clint kisses Dorian and verifies that he's Dorian's new sugar daddy! David reminds Clint of all the things Dorian has done to them. Dorian suggests David go play with his swimsuit model and chases him out of the room by speaking French, which David screams, "That was our language!" Alone, Dorian tells Clint, "Cowboy, I owe you." Clint agrees and plans to collect now! Clint wants Dorian's mayoral help where Buchanan Enterprises is concerned. Dorian agrees. Later a woman arrives. David brings his friend Mandy in to meet Dorian and Clint. Dorian appears irked but agrees to David's suggestion that they double date. Tonight! Dorian and David secretly vow to themselves to prove that the other isn't involved with their date.

    It's About Time Viki's On MyFace!

    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Jessica and Brody find David posting on his MyFace in the living room at Llanfair. David wonders what's up but Jessica insists on waiting for Clint. When Clint and Natalie arrive Jessica and Brody announce their baby news. David is happy his muffins didn't make her sick but wonders why Natalie was sick then? Natalie blames it on 'phantom twin feelings' but Clint brings up her feeling sick outside. Natalie blows it off and makes a quick getaway. David wants to post Jessica's news on MyFace but Jessica doesn't want Viki to find out over the internet. "Viki's on MyFace?" David asks. "It's about time Viki's on MyFace!" Just then David sees Dorian's new post about her dating a wealthy man. After Jessica and Brody leave Clint demands David tell him where Kim is. Dorian storms in and starts ranting about this mystery woman David is supposedly dating. David accuses Dorian of making up her mystery man. Dorian looks at Clint, lays her head on his shoulder and says, "He's right here."

    Big Mistake, Balsom.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    Back in Llanview David and Dorian bicker in the mansion living room over their online posts. They grab some household weapons and start going at it until Blair appears and screams, "What the hell is going on with you two?" They bring up Viki and Charlie and the scheme they tried to pull. Blair knows Dorian and David still love each other. She can see love a mile away ever since the guy she loves popped the question. Dorian appears stunned then she and David give Blair a hard time about not having a ring yet. Dorian asks Blair not to rush into marriage but David warns Blair not to blow it. She's already been through all of the eligible men in Llanview! Dorian changes her tune and congratulates Blair while David tries to stop her from making a mistake! After a bit more arguing they manage to get David to leave. Blair happily assures Dorian that Eli will be her last marriage."Make him get you a ring though," Dorian says. Blair urges Dorian to deal with her feelings for David. Dorian denies loving him and has to find a way to get that across. Blair leaves the room and Dorian heads back to her laptop.

    Later, David badgers Kelly at the diner. As David rants about Dorian's MyFace stunt he grabs Kelly's laptop to look for updates. David's upset not to see anymore posts from Dorian. Kelly leaves and becomes upset that she hasn't heard from Rex.

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