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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    I Hear You've Been A Bad Boy.

    Friday, August 20 2010

    Kelly arrives at the mansion. David warns her to dress properly for the wedding, ignores her inquires about Blair's whereabouts then leaves. Eli joins Kelly and confronts her about accusing him of being a murderer to Blair. Kelly counters that John believed her. "Back off," Eli warns. "Or what?" Kelly asks. "You'll give me a heart attack too?" Kelly accuses Eli of marrying Blair for her money. Eli calls Kelly a killer. She killed Blair's unborn child. Eli claims if the cops had proof against him John would be there to arrest him now. Suddenly John appears. "Arrest him," Kelly orders but John places Kelly under arrest! As Price reads Kelly her rights John takes a call from Bo about Ford recanting his statement. Once he hangs up John admits in front of Eli that Kelly broke into his room and says, "She thinks you killed her mother." Eli calls Kelly crazy like her mother then asks about Ford. John claims they brought him in about a drug deal that went down at Llanview University but they've since let Ford go. John privately puts Price on Eli's trail and warns him not to lose him! He also tells Kelly the only way they can use the proof she found is by arresting her for stealing it.

    At the country club Matthew throws a towel at Nate and demands he freshen up his drink. Nate stands up to Matthew who promises to make Nate's summer as painful as possible. By the pool Destiny rants at Shaun for not helping Dani find Tea. David interrupts with news they'll never guess! "You're marrying Dorian," Destiny says. "Oh no you didn't!" David replies. Darren and Matthew join them and pick on David who invites them all to the wedding. David suggests Matthew have Fawn join him in order to make Dani jealous. David continues his generosity and invites the pool boy. Matthew snaps at David for inviting Nate. David uninvites him and Matthew takes jabs at Nate about Dani. Nate brings Matthew down a few pegs by telling him about what Dani's dealing with, which causes everyone to turn on Matthew. "Leave it to Tea to upstage my wedding," David snaps. "Dorian's not going to like this." When Dani arrives she confronts Shaun about why he won't help Todd find her mom.

    Congratulations Son.

    Thursday, August 19 2010

    David literally runs into Kelly at the station. Kelly rushes off and David joins Nora who's looking into Bo's office. David sees Bo and Inez and tells Nora she can kiss Bo goodbye! Nora defends her marriage and David replies, "Whatever you say, Ma." He urges her to take off the blinders. Though Nora insists Bo's head won't turn she appears disturbed by David's words. David quickly tells Nora Dorian's about to be her daughter-in-law then heads into Bo's office.

    David introduces himself to Inez who leaves Bo's office to give the father/son duo some time. David announces his marriage to Dorian. David wants Bo's blessing. Bo wonders if David would still marry Dorian if he didn't approve. David would. Pleased that David really loves Dorian Bo agrees to be his best man.

    Inez joins Nora outside Bo's office. During their conversation David's warnings erupt in Nora's head! Inez talks about her sons then admits her and her husband parted ways. Inez walks off and David gives Nora one final warning about Inez before he leaves.

    Out on the patio Eli promises Blair that their marriage will be like no other. Blair can't wait. Dorian interrupts and asks to talk to Blair about Ford and Langston. Eli agrees. Ford is no good for Langston or anyone else! Eli watches as Blair and Dorian walk off to double-team Langston then joins James. When he introduces himself Eli wonders if something's wrong. "I think you know my brother," James says and admits Ford said Eli was bad news. Just as Eli asks James to judge him for himself Dorian, Blair and Langston rejoin them. James defends their warnings by admitting he is glad he met Starr. It made him see what a real family is like. Dorian refuses to allow them to attend the wedding together. David appears and shows Dorian the light. Dorian gives James and Langston her blessing but says, "If you hurt my daughter you're a dead man." Dorian tries to act happy when David says, "Pa agreed to be my best man!"

    MyFace Status Updates!

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Blair and Eli enter the mansion's living room and find David and Dorian kissing. When Blair announces she and Eli are getting married today David and Dorian reply, "You can't." They are getting married today! Langston joins them. She can't believe it! "I'm going to be your daddy," David says. "Give your daddy a hug!" David claims there's going to be some changes. He plans to be a strong male presence for the Cramer girls, one who's going to bring sexy back! First things first… David suggests Langston get a new man. Eli drags Blair off as Langston warns Dorian to put a muzzle on her fiancé! The doorbell rings and Langston leaves to answer it.

    Langston opens the door to James. He asks if Langston's seen Ford. She hasn't and confronts James about asking her out just to drive Starr crazy. James brings up Langston accepting in order to do the same to his brother.

    On the patio Blair reminds Eli of the craziness he just witnessed and asks, "Are you sure you want to go through with it?" Eli insists on getting married today. Dorian appears in the doorway and leads Blair and Eli back inside. Eli asks David if they could postpone their nuptials for a little while. "You're just another flash in Blair's pants!" David snaps, unlike he and Dorian who are the real deal. Dorian has a solution. They'll have a double wedding! Blair objects but Eli agrees to it. Langston comes in and introduces everyone to James. Dorian insists Langston be her maid of honor. Just as Blair goes to call Starr she appears and hugs Blair and Eli. When she spots James Starr asks, "Are you here to see me?" James is there to take Langston out. Starr suggests they postpone their plans, due to the wedding, but David insists Langston bring her bucking new man to the wedding! Starr reminds everyone it's supposed to be a family affair. Things will get sentimental. James doesn't mind people getting sentimental and shows Starr the bullet he keeps close to his heart. Starr glares at James and Langston who can't help but smile.

    I Think He Was Right!

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Outside of Rodi's Dorian and David break their kiss. Neither can deny their feelings for the other and confess in unison, "I love you." They were too proud to admit it but don't want to waste another second. David suggests they go have sex on the dirty pool table inside Rodi's. Dorian has a better idea.

    Starr and Langston arrive at the mansion. Starr wonders if Langston is really going to go out with James. "You have to know why he asked you out," Starr says. Langston knows James did it to make Starr jealous and accuses, "The way you've been acting I think he was right." Starr denies it and turns the tables around suggesting Langston shouldn't be involved with someone so close to Ford. Langston doesn't care that James is using her and admits, "I'm using him too." Langston only agreed to James' offer to get back at Ford. Suddenly Dorian and David come through the door kissing. After a quick hi and goodbye they scamper off leaving Starr and Langston to continue their argument. David and Dorian interrupt again carrying strawberries and whip cream to her bedroom. Once alone Langston offers to cancel her date if Starr still has feelings for James. Starr shakes her head and listens as Langston urges her to get things back on track with Cole.

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