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    One Life To Live CAST - David Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on David Vickers Played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tuc Watkins

    Birthday: 1966-09-02
    Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
    Real Name: Tuc Watkins
    Height: 6' 3''


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    What's This? It's The Wrong End Of Your Shotgun.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    David returns to Dorian's mansion and admits he went after Clint. However, he stopped himself. David wants Clint to go out of this world as alone as he left him in that Moroccan prison cell. Dorian promises David will never be alone again. They make love, and David asks Dorian to marry him tomorrow. Dorian accepts happily.

    Whose Legs Are You In Between?

    Monday, March 21 2011

    David storms into Dorian's bedroom and asks, "Whose legs are you in between?" Dorian introduces David to his replacement, Cutter. David can't believe Dorian burned his photo and assures her Cutter doesn't love her. He only wants her money. David throws Cutter out then convinces Dorian that he didn't run out on her. Dorian listens to everything David's been through at the hands of Clint. David can't believe Dorian gave up on him so easily and pushes away her quick attempt at forgiveness. He's disappointed that Dorian allowed Clint to destroy them. David can't resist Dorian's seductive charm. They make love. Afterward, David rants about Clint and admits he already tried to kill Rex. Dorian leaves the room to get David a surprise. David checks his MyFace, sees the posts Clint's made and says, "That bastard."

    After Nigel shows Rama to her room at the Buchanan Mansion, Joey tells Aubrey his father isn't going to be happy about her staying there. Aubrey thinks back on Rama's threats and replies, "Your dad owes her." Rama reappears and snaps, "That room just won't do." She sees Joey and puts on the tears, claiming she can't be in small rooms. Nigel rejoins them and leads Rama to a larger room. Joey demands to know why Aubrey allowed Rama to roll over her like that. He gets a call from Kelly about Tess and heads out. Rama rejoins Aubrey and laughs about Joey chasing after Kelly. Nigel interrupts their individual threats, which causes the girls to get a grip. Rama wants Nigel to throw Joey and Aubrey out of their room 'with the view', so she can have it. Nigel refuses. When Clint arrives, Rama and Aubrey make a quick getaway. Nigel admits to Clint that something's going on between Aubrey and Rama. He thinks Rama has something on Aubrey. Later, David arrives with a shotgun and says, "Hello, Uncle Clint."

    The Jackass Is Going To Burn.

    Friday, March 18 2011

    *** Please note: The show could not be recapped from 2.23 PM to 2.37 PM due to a special presidential press conference to address the crisis in Libya. ***

    Still in St. Blaze's, Bo makes plans to get back to Llanview, as Rex tries to make David feel better about Dorian. David is anything but forgiving toward Rex and is stunned when Bo confirms that Rex is as much a Buchanan as David is.

    Cutter challenges Dorian, in her bedroom, to prove she's over David. She rips up the photo of David, says, "The jackass is going to burn," then asks Cutter to do the honors and burn it. Before Dorian and Cutter leave to celebrate, Dorian checks MyFace and sees David's new status states that he's in a new hot relationship with Alex. She flips out. Cutter reminds Dorian she's over David now. Dorian accuses Cutter of only wanting her money. He's using her, and she's using him. Dorian thinks Cutter's exactly what she needs to forget David. Tucker takes his shirt off. "Make me forget all about David," Dorian says and kisses Cutter. "Dorian!" David screams from the doorway.

    Pa, Is It Really You?

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    At St. Blaze's, David wakes up and thinks he's dreaming. "Pa?" David asks. "Is it really you?" David tells Bo everything Clint did. "With your help," Bo replies, "we're going to nail him for it." David cries about how they locked him up then brought him to St. Blaze's, where they hosed him off with some funny orange stuff.

    Rex ties Alex up in her room. She's stunned to hear Rex is Clint's son. Rex accuses Alex and Clint of torturing David. Alex claims David's been living it up at St. Blaze's this whole time. David and Bo appear. David thanks Rex and apologizes for always trying to compete with him for Pa's attention. After Rex admits Clint was right, he kept David's whereabouts from Bo, David starts strangling him. Bo lets it go on for a bit then pulls David off. Rex deserves David's backlash, but Bo urges David to save his rage for Clint. Bo vows to get David back to Llanview.

    Langston ignores a message from Ford then finds Dorian in her bedroom. She cries about Ford hurting her. Dorian thinks he did something irresponsible again. Langston clarifies that they broke up because of him being responsible. Dorian doesn't hate Ford but thinks Langston deserves better. Dorian thinks about how David left her and makes a comparison. She reminds Dorian David left to party, Ford left for his son. Langston wonders if she's being too hard on Ford. Dorian urges her to set out to find the right man. She'll know him when she finds him. Langston wonders if Dorian's replaced David. Later, Dorian calls Cutter and asks him to come over. She wants to prove she's over David. Once she hangs up, David calls and claims he never walked out on her. David loves her. It's all Clint's fault. Cutter enters her room and listens as Dorian tells David his replacement has just walked into her bedroom. Cutter holds up the photo of her and David and wonders if Dorian's really over him.

    Greetings From St. Blaze's.

    Tuesday, March 15 2011

    Outside the room, Rex overhears a delivery man and a worker talking about Alex's gagged guest, the amount of packages she's ordered to keep him entertained and how soon he'll be put out of his misery. Later, Rex pays the deliveryman for his uniform and the package. He finds handcuffs, a taser gun and a rope inside and thinks they're going to hang David. Rex is stopped from entering the room he thinks David is in by security. Even though Rex claims Alex sent him to personally deliver the package, the man puts in a call to Alex. She doesn't answer. Rex asks the man to do a checklist of the package contents against the invoice before he leaves. Once they get to the taser gun, Rex tasers him. He sends Bo a text telling him to hurry up and run!

    Back in Alex's room, Bo breaks free from her and rushes off down the hallway. He finds Rex, who points to the room where David might be. Bo takes out his gun, kicks in the door and is stunned to see David in bed with two women. "Pa," David slurs. "That's my Pa."

    The Real Murderer Is My Husband Todd Manning.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Out in the hallway, Dorian asks David over the phone, "What the hell do you want?" She doesn't let David get a word in and rants about him leaving her. David tells Dorian how much he loves her, but Dorian has vowed to move on! David begs Dorian to listen and screams, "I am in jail!" Dorian refuses to bail him out again. She's no longer David's free ride! Just as Dorian hangs up, David screams, "But Clint…"

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