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    One Life To Live CAST - Clint Buchanan

    Full detailed profile on Clint Buchanan Played by Jerry verDorn on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jerry verDorn
    Clint Buchanan

    Actor: Jerry verDorn

    Who played Clint Buchanan over the years

    Jerry ver Dorn (October 25, 2005 - present)
    Clint Ritchie (1979 - 2004)
    John Brotherton (played a young Clint - July 21, 2008 - August 26, 2008)

    Useful information on Clint Buchanan

    * Resides at Asa's mansion.
    * Adopted Viki's three children.
    * Found his two biological children: Cord and Natalie.
    * Suffered temporary blindness as a result of an accidental shooting.
    * Was heartbroken to find out that Jessica Buchanan was not his biological child.


    Current: In charge of Buchanan Enterprises
    Past: Editor of The Banner
    Past: Editor of The Chronicle


    Arriving in Llanview in 1979, Clint Buchanan has found himself in many strange predicaments the most notorious being his marriage to Victoria Lord. The editor of an Arizona newspaper, Clint was recruited to come to town by Victoria's terminally ill husband Joe Reilly to take over his duties at the banner. After Joe's death, Clint was there for Viki and her children and eventually made them his own through adoption. While the two still have an emotional connection to this day, it wasn't easy for Clint to endure Viki's alter egos. Suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), Viki took Clint on the roller coaster ride of his life for years!

    During their first marriage, Viki's wild, free-spirited alter ego Niki emerged to set off and live it up! However, knowing Clint would never allow it, Niki pretended to be Viki and convinced Clint that she (Viki) wanted a divorce! Soon after, Clint found out that Viki had been ill again and came up with a plan to make her come back to him. He took Viki's sister Tina, who had a thing for Clint, to a lodge and arranged for 'Niki' to show up. When Niki entered the room and saw Clint and Tina about to have sex, it was enough to lure Viki out again!

    In 2003, while Clint would get the exciting news that Natalie Buchanan was his daughter, he would get the most devastating news of his life when he found out that his daughter Jessica was really the biological daughter of Mitch Lawrence, a man who raped Viki years back. However, through it all, this Texas cowboy has remained a fair man and loving father who always looks out for his own!

    After a fling with Dorian Lord, Clint fell into the arms of Nora Hanen, who was there for him, and the rest of his family, during the death of his father Asa. Clint immediately took over all the goings-on at Buchanan Enterprises - and even took part in some dirty handiness, with the help of Lindsay, to get the company back after Dorian managed a takeover!

    Though Clint's Asa-like attitude almost cost him a lot of people in his family, especially his daughter Natalie, who he couldn't forgive for being involved in the Jared Banks sandal, he was able to pick up the pieces and move on as the head of Buchanan Enterprises.

    However, after the tragic death of Jessica's husband Nash, Clint and Viki have their hands full once again trying to get their daughter the help she needs to recover. Once they found out that Jessica had switched her baby with Starr's, the couple was again there for Jessica and continue to help her move forward in life.

    After marrying Nora, Clint found his relationship with Bo full of tension and was constantly trying to stake his claim on Nora. Unfortunately, by him doing so, in the attempt to get one up on Bo by bringing in Dr. Greg Evans to help Matthew, he pushed the two soulmates back together.

    Once Clint found out they'd been reconnecting behind his back, he used his new assistant, Kim who he later married, to trap Nora into thinking they were having an affair. With the fallout before them all, Clint went to extreme measures, including using Dorian to publicly 'out' their affair, to get back at the brother, and wife, who wronged him.

    Filled with revenge, and having lost Kim, Clint hired Matthew to work at B.E., which didn't sit well with Bo. He even blackmailed Inez into pretending to seduce Bo while he had Eddie kidnap Nora! Not to mention had David kidnapped and locked away in a Moroccan prison and he even had paternity tests tampered with to hide the fact that he was Rex's father.

    Speaking of paternity tests, knowing Jessica slept with Ford, he paid his lackey Vimal to change the results of his daughter's baby's DNA test to prove Brody was the father. Though he didn't know Natalie had been facing paternity issues in regards to her baby, Vimal came forward and admitted he'd changed Rex and Jessica's results.

    Clint's family banished him for what he'd done, except Matthew who refused to believe Clint had been behind the murder of Eddie Ford. After David had been rescued, Bo vowed he'd make Clint pay and arrested him for Eddie's murder after Rex found proof Clint had been at the crime scene holding the murder weapon.


    Kimberly Andrews (married March 11, 2010 - present)
    Nora Hanen (married August 4, 2009 - divorced)
    Victoria_Lord_Davidson (1986 - divorced)
    Victoria_Lord_Davidson (1992 - divorced)
    Lindsay_Rappaport (July 1998 to January 1999 - divorced)


    Nora Hanen
    Maria Roberts (deceased)
    Pat Ashley
    Edwina Lewis
    Echo DiSavoy
    Dallas Jones


    Asa Buchanan (father - deceased)
    Olympia Buchanan (mother - deceased)
    Pike Buchanan (uncle)
    Jeannie Buchanan (aunt - deceased)
    Austin Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Rafe Garretson (cousin)
    Sammi Garretson (cousin)
    Bo Buchanan (brother)
    Ben Davidson (brother)
    Drew Buchanan (nephew - deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (nephew)


    Cordero Roberts (son)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (son by adoption)
    Joseph Buchanan (son by adoption)
    Jessica Buchanan (daughter by adoption)
    Natalie Buchanan (daughter)
    Clinton James Roberts (grandson)
    Sarah Victoria Roberts (granddaughter)
    Megan Victoria Buchanan (granddaughter by adoption - deceased)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (grandson by adoption - deceased
    Brennan Buchanan (granddaughter by adoption)
    Baby Girl Brennan (granddaughter - stillborn)
    Zane Buchanan (grandson by adoption)
    Rex Balsom (son with Echo DiSavoy)
    Shane Morasco (grandson)



    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    At the Man Of The Year Gala at Shelter, Nikki complains to Rama about her lack of tips. When Dorian arrives, Rama hides behind Nikki. Carl Peterson joins Dorian and comments on the self-portrait she donated. Jo and David appear with their cameraman. Dorian introduces Carl to her soon-to-be ex-husband then trashes Rama. Viki arrives outside, late, and apologizes to Diego for Clint punching him. When Viki enters the gala, she tells Jeffrey and Destiny how lovely they look. Bo and Nora watch and hope Matthew's okay with Jeffrey and Destiny being together. They can't deny how they hoped one day Matthew and Destiny would reunite. Viki joins Natalie, where they discuss Clint and pray he stays away from the gala. Viki then takes Carl away from Dorian to meet Bo. Blair privately confesses to Dorian that she has no idea where Jack is tonight. Arturo and Dani appear. Tea spots them and orders Dani over. Dani claims Arturo is Brianna's uncle, but Tea is clearly upset by her daughter's date and storms off. Michelle appears and argues with Dani over Matthew and the fact that they're wearing the same dress. Arturo takes Dani away, and Michelle cries on Matthew's shoulder about how mean Dani is to her. Matthew races over to Dani, orders her to stay away from Michelle then goes to Tea and reveals that Arturo isn't Brianna's uncle. He was her sugar daddy. Tea stomps over to Dani and Arturo and demands he get his hands off her daughter. As they argue, the gala is called to order. Viki takes the podium and begins with the auction of Dorian's self-portrait. Dorian's embarrassed when no one starts the bidding. Carl notices, bids $100,000, and wins. At the bar, Nikki gets catty with Natalie and reveals that Cutter has been having sex with her for months. When Cutter joins Natalie, she seethes about what Nikki said. Nikki spills a drink on Natalie.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Hello Natalie.

    Clint screams at the gala at Shelter, "I am the Man Of The Year!" Viki begs Clint to stop making a fool of himself, as he trashes the place. EMS arrives and straps Clint to a gurney. Natalie scolds Bo for having Clint taken away like that in front of everyone. Natalie ignores Viki's orders not to follow Clint to the psych ward and insists on supporting Clint, as does Matthew. She storms out and pushes Cutter away. Cutter demands to know why Diego allowed Clint into Shelter and hears Clint paid him $100,000. Viki hears about the payoff from Diego too. Carl says goodbye to Viki, who gives Jeffrey the go-ahead to cover what went down with Clint. Tea follows Dani and Arturo outside and demands to know why she lied about Arturo. She calls Arturo a predator and warns Dani she'll end up like Brianna. Dani storms off. Back inside, Viki brings up seeing Blair crying during Carl's speech and asks Blair what kind of trouble Todd is in. Blair denies Viki any information. Cutter approaches Nikki about revealing their connection to Natalie. She reminds him they have business to take care of. He agrees and says that 'this' can't come between it. Nikki kisses Cutter and insists that what he has with Natalie will never work.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    Clint drinks booze in his office and writes a check. He orders someone to bring the limo around then says, "Ready or not, here I come."

    As Carl takes the stage at the gala, Clint appears outside and tries to make amends with Diego. Back inside, everyone listens with emotion as Carl toasts to those who have given them their freedom in our nation. As Blair cries, Tea whispers, "He'll be back." As Bo takes the stage to accept the Man Of The Year award from Viki, Clint appears. He pushes Bo off the stage, takes the award and says, "From the bottom of my heart, screw all of you."

    Monday, August 19 2013: Hello Natalie.

    Clint is strapped to a bed at the psych ward. Natalie and Matthew arrive outside his room and hear Clint's been sedated for the night. After Natalie insists Matthew go home, she's led into Clint's room. Natalie screams, as Allison Perkins says, "Hello Natalie." Allison laughs as she holds a syringe over Clint, who gasps for air.

    Monday, August 12 2013: Kudos On A Job Well Done.

    Viki shows Clint the video of him assaulting Diego in his office. Clint wants to buy it. Viki disagrees with his solution and tries to convince him to step down. Clint scoffs at the idea. His cell phone rings. He asks how Drew is and says he'll be right over. Viki wants to know if everything's okay. Clint departs telling her it's not her concern.

    In the hospital waiting room, Matthew feels bad about telling Michelle to leave. Nora agrees and wants to know if things are getting serious between them. Clint arrives wanting to know about Drew's fever. Clint and Bo argue. Jeffrey comes in. Clint wants him to get a message to the man who taped the video about buying it. Jeffrey doesn’t want to oblige. Clint leaves after telling Matthew to keep him updated on Drew. Jeffrey shows Matthew the video. Later, Destiny emerges and says they can take Drew home. Nora questions Destiny about Michelle. Michelle tells Matthew that she wishes he'd told her sooner about Drew.

    Back at his office, Clint tells Cutter that he’s not doing anything to make things easier for Diego or for Shelter. Natalie emerges and tries to ease Clint into believing Cutter is a good guy. Jeffrey calls Clint to tell him the video is being posted as the man didn’t want to sell it.

    Monday, August 12 2013: Not A Question Of May I.

    Jeffrey breaks into Clint's office, opens his desk and takes out Clint's pill bottle. Matthew knocks on the door startling Jeffrey who replaces several of the pills with different ones. Matthew leaves and Jeffrey exits. Clint receives a phone call about the award later from a man named Christopher Stone. Chris tells Clint that the board voted to drop him. Clint yells as he hangs up. Matthew enters and tries to cheer Clint up and wants to know who Clint's replacement is.

    Clint storms into the living room at Llanfair. He can't believe he's been dropped. He blames Viki for posting the video. Viki thinks had she not posted it, The Sun would have. Clint assumes Viki did it for revenge. They argue about his drinking habit and Clint leaves.

    Later, Viki catches Clint nursing a bottle back at his office. She tells him that Bo is getting the award and exits. He then angrily rummages through his liquor cabinet.

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