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    One Life To Live CAST - Vincent Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Jones Played by Tobias Truvillion on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tobias Truvillion

    Birthday: 0000-10-01
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tobias Truvillion
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Clouds Of Doubt

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    When Antonio goes back into the office, Vincent warns, "You find these guys or I will!" Later, Vincent runs into Natalie at the coffeehouse and says, "I really am sorry about you and John." And Natalie replies, "So am I."

    A Father's Fury!

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Vincent approaches Natalie crying at the docks, "What's wrong?" After thanking him for coming, Natalie acknowledges that she's starting to trust Vincent and needed to talk. With a little coaxing from Vincent, Natalie admits, "It's over… John and I are done." Natalie thinks back on her conversation with John, then explains what happened with John and Marty, "I got back at her for always being in my face. I told my uncle about Marty's kid and Starr." When Vincent suggests that maybe she was being a little harsh, Natalie breaks down in Vincent's arms, "For John to push me aside for Marty… It was so humiliating." Although Vincent wants to take her home, Natalie asks to be alone and stays at the docks…

    Utter Heartache

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    When Talia shows Vincent the sketch of the medal and asks, "Does this mean anything to you?" Vincent replies, "Yes, the text means Pure. It's Latin. The dove means Peace." After Vincent claims the medal doesn't belong to him, he says, "Sorry I didn't make your day, but you already know I'm not the arsonist, don't you?" After Vincent leaves, Talia admits to a fellow cop, "Mr. Jones is right. I don't think he's the arsonist."

    An Unwavering Love!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    At the station, Natalie tells Vincent not to answer any questions without his lawyer. As nicely as possible, Talia warns Natalie to stay out of her investigation and tells Vincent not to leave town. After Talia walks away, Vincent says to Natalie, "I'm impressed!"

    When Michael arrives at the station, he sees Natalie and Vincent. As Vincent takes Natalie's hand and thanks her for standing up for him, John walks in and sees them! Cool and collected, John asks Natalie out to dinner at The Palace. After saying good-bye to Vincent, John and Natalie leave…

    Unexclusive Relationships!

    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Vincent arrives at Capricorn and tells Nash how impressed he is that the club is up and running so soon after the fire. Vincent asks Nash about his personal life and Nash expresses how the love of his life has decided to stay with her husband. Suddenly, Vincent gets a call from Talia summoning him to the station. Not arguing, Vincent agrees.

    At the station, Talia shows Vincent a picture of shoes. When he recognizes them and says he had a pair but they were stolen, Talia explains that they were worn by the arsonist and says, "Congratulations Mr. Jones… You just graduated from a person of interest to a suspect in the arson case." When asked about an alibi, Natalie approaches and defends Vincent to Talia, "If you're going to go after Vincent, you're going to have to go through me first!"

    Jealousy or Hostility?

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Nash enters the steam room and finds Vincent and Shaun. "So, Nash," Vincent says. "How come you look like heck?" After guessing wrong, money troubles, Shaun says, "It has to be woman trouble, then." Nash nods, then Shaun jokes about Vincent knowing what that's like, "Vincent blew it with Layla." After Vincent nudges Shaun, Nash opens up and admits he's in love with a married woman. Vincent gives him some advice, "Women say one thing and do another." Shaun has some fun and tells Vincent, "Kind of like Layla… She loves to hate you." Vincent sighs, "One woman can't stand the sight of me and another is stuck with a man she doesn't belong with." Vincent looks up at the ceiling. "And there's nothing I can do about it."

    A Friendly Encounter?

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    In bed, John and Natalie reconnect and he promises that things are going to be different… John says, "You make my world better. I'm not going to let anything come between us ever again." Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Natalie sits up in bed and realizes she was dreaming. When she answers the door, it's Vincent with breakfast. Again, Natalie confides that she was kicked out of the forensics programs. Although he doesn't know what she did, Vincent implies, "Can't John make this right for you?" However, Natalie admits that John doesn't know, "I don't even know where John is!" Although Vincent tries to get Natalie to open up, she clams up. Vincent heads for the door, but Natalie says, "Vincent, wait!" Again, Natalie divulges her feelings about how many people she's made angry. Seeing she's upset, Vincent comforts her, "You're going to be okay…"

    Just as Natalie's thanking Vincent with a hug, John walks in and sees her in Vincent's arms. After Vincent makes a quick exit, John asks Natalie, "What did I miss while I was gone?"

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