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    One Life To Live CAST - Vincent Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vincent Jones Played by Tobias Truvillion on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tobias Truvillion

    Birthday: 0000-10-01
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tobias Truvillion
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Free Lindsay!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    At Layla’s apartment, although Vincent tells Shaun he can leave, Shaun replies, “I’m getting some bad vibes. I think I’ll stay.” After watching a movie, with ‘three’ being a crowd, Vincent and Layla worry about Shaun’s mood – on the other hand, they wish for some alone time! Although Shaun offers to leave, Vincent and Layla feel bad for him and ask Shaun to stay. Later, on the couch, Vincent, Layla and Shaun fall asleep…

    Hurt Feelings...

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    At Capricorn, although Cris tells Sarah she’s doing a great job, he seems unsure. When Adriana, Rex, Layla, Vincent and Shaun arrive, they are surprised to see Sarah working there and decide to give her some very complicated drink orders! While Sarah is off getting drinks, Cris asks them to give her a break, saying the sooner Sarah makes some real money, the sooner she’ll get out of his apartment. However, when Sarah comes back to the table to ask a question, she hears everything Cris said! Just as Cris regrets his words, Sarah heads to get the drinks then comes back with a perfectly complete order! After Cris and Sarah walk away, as Layla and Vincent discuss the Truman case, they wonder why Adriana and Rex are so quiet then state, “There’s more to the story and you know what it is, don’t you?”

    Once Rex and Adriana convince Vincent and Layla that they know nothing, Sarah is called back for another round, to which she tells Rex, “I’ll bring you another beer if you give me your loft!” Although Rex initially says no – as Sarah jokes with Shaun about moving in with her - he appears to be giving it some thought but excuses himself…


    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Later, at the gym, Rex and Vincent are stunned to see Adriana and Layla scouting out hot guys! When Nash arrives, the girls explain they are on the lookout for a new spokesperson. Although Adriana gives Nash the cold shoulder for what he did to Antonio, Layla deters Adriana back to the task at hand. Seeing a potential candidate across the room (Jared), Layla and Adriana want to approach him but are stopped by Vincent and Rex. When Layla asks, “What about you, Nash?” Nash replies, “I might consider it.” However, after Adriana makes it known that Antonio would never forgive her if she hired Nash, Nash says, “I respect that. I’ll just have to find another way to come up with the money…” Later, Adriana and Layla wonder if they really need a spokes model then regret having been taken in by Tate Harmon.

    In the sauna, when Nash expresses owing Antonio money for the vineyard, he asks to once again lend money from Vincent. After Vincent explains his money is all tied up, Rex says, “I may have a way for you to get the money you need, but you have to take a risk.” Rex talks about an upcoming high stakes poker game, invitation only, then gives Nash the password, “Tell Roxy you’re there for the after-hours special.” However, while Rex expresses how big Nash could win, Vincent warns how much he could lose…

    Tate Harmon: Guilty!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Layla wakes up in Vincent’s arms and says, “You make me feel so safe.” When talk of Tate’s arraignment comes up, Vincent says, “He better pay or I’ll regret saving his life more than I already do.”

    Rex goes to Adriana’s apartment and says, “John knows that Tommy is Todd’s son, and he knows that I’ve known.” Although Adriana panics, thinking they’re going to be in real trouble, Rex says, “He doesn’t know you’re involved and doesn’t have real proof that Tommy is TJ.” However, Adriana reminds Rex, “He’s not going to give up.” Rex then suggests they dummy up a DNA test! Suddenly, Layla and Vincent appear from her bedroom, but they think Rex and Adriana are talking about Tate.

    At the courthouse, Nora is surprised to see Matthew – who insists on staying for Tate’s arraignment. Just as everyone is taking their seats, Tate is brought in and the judge calls order in the court. Eerily, Tate glares at Matthew. After the judge reads the charges against Tate, he denies counsel then says, “I plead guilty!” When Tate goes on, “My only regret is that I didn’t finish what I started,” the courthouse erupts! Once court is called to order, the judge immediately has Tate sent to Stateville until sentencing! On his way out of the courtroom, again, Tate glares at Matthew who says, “I feel bad for Tate because he’s absolutely pathetic.”

    Cristian Saves Sarah - Hunter Dies!

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Outside of Evangeline’s room, Vincent stops Todd, and says he can’t see her. As Vincent says Todd needs permission, Layla comes out and stands behind his words. After Layla goes back inside with Evangeline, Todd tries to bribe Vincent into helping him get in! However, Vincent refuses Todd’s money but listens as Todd describes his experience being in a coma – and how he could hear those talking to him, those who cared. When Todd leaves, Layla comes back out into the hallway to hear that Todd is finally gone. After Layla tells Vincent how much his support has meant, she suggests he take her home to make love!

    Back at her apartment, Vincent kisses Layla’s hand, her mouth, then Layla says, “Come to bed with me.” Inside her room, Vincent and Layla give in to Passion!

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