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    One Life To Live CAST - Kelly Cramer (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Cramer (Past) Played by Heather Tom on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom

    Birthday: 1975-11-04
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Heather Tom
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    It's A Boy

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    Michael tells Kelly that she had a boy, then rushes the baby off. Dorian, Clint and Vicki burst in to make sure Kelly is okay. Michael comes back, says that they're doing everything they can for the baby. That's when Kelly gets the devastating news that her baby only has a small chance of survival. Michael tells Kelly to rest, says that the baby needs her to be strong, then he leaves.

    Alone with Kevin, Kelly breaks down, and Kevin comforts her. He tells Kelly he'll be there for her. With Michael examining Kelly, Kevin goes to Clint and Vicki, wondering if he did the right thing by not involving Spencer. Dorian worries how Kelly will get through this. Michael comes out, says Kelly will be moved to a room soon. Kevin goes back to Kelly where she says her baby needs a name, needs to know that he's loved. Zane… Kelly names the baby Zane, meaning God's grace.

    He's Bad News

    Monday, October 30 2006

    After Dorian, Clint and Vicki go in to see Kelly, Michael tells them to leave, says that he needs to deliver the baby. They tell Kelly about Spencer, and Kelly thinks that Spencer can save her baby but asks Kevin to decide.

    Kevin prays for Duke's help, asks him what he should do. Kevin calls Bo, asks to talk to Spencer. Bo hands the phone to Spencer. Kevin tells Spencer he's not letting him near Kelly or the baby. Clint says Kevin did the right thing. He goes to Kelly, tells her Spencer won't be helping them. Michael gives Kelly an emergency C-section.

    Michael informs Kelly and Kevin that he has the baby, that it's a boy. After Michael goes silent, Kelly and Kevin look to him in fear. Kelly asks if her baby is alive…

    An Early Arrival

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Kevin brings Kelly to the hospital. She's having contractions. Michael tells Kelly to remain calm as they rush her into a room. Kevin screams that it's too soon, to please do whatever they can to save the baby. Michael comes out, says that if they can't stop the contractions, Kelly could give birth tonight, that if the baby is born this early, it'll be an uphill battle. As Clint comments that he called all of the family, Dorian storms in, angry because no one called her.

    Kevin sits by Kelly's bedside as she goes through the contractions.

    It's Only A Matter Of Time

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Jessica, Kelly and Adriana go to Vicki's to plan for Jessica's wedding. They find Natalie inside, wearing Jessica's veil. Natalie apologizes, says that she's not losing it, that she was just trying to imagine what it would be like if… They all turn their focus on Jessica. When Natalie goes to get a camera, she worries that she won't get through this wedding. Natalie comes back in, tries to mingle with the girls, but is distracted with thoughts of John. Natalie has an emotional breakdown… Natalie rushes out, leaves…

    Jessica breaks the news to Kelly and Adriana about Nash being in the wedding. Jessica has a slip of the tongue, again, says that she'd like to get married on the beach barefoot, just like TESS imagined for her and Nash.

    While Kevin and Kelly talk about letting the past go, she buckles over in pain.

    Could It Be?

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Kevin, Kelly, Bo and Paige are at Asa's, wondering why Spencer would claim to be Asa's son. They want to get to the truth, but Spencer's lawyer won't allow a DNA test. Bo asks Paige if Spencer had ever said anything about his mother that would connect him to Asa. Although Paige can't think of anything, she says that Spencer is full of vengeance. Nigel comes in, says that Asa is awake and wants to know what happened at Spencer's trial. Nigel makes a remark about knowing Spencer is Asa's son. When Bo questions him about it, Nigel says it was the reason that Asa had him bring him to see Spencer in the jail! Nigel tells everyone that Asa said Emma Bradley, Spencer's mother, was the great love of his life, tells them that Spencer planted a picture of her on Asa New Year's Eve. They are all blown away by what Spencer has done to everyone.

    Who Are You?

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    Dorian tells Kelly that what she saw was an impulse on her and David's part. Kelly reminds Dorian of the troubles in her life, with Adriana and David, asks if she thinks she should be getting involved with David. Dorian says she just wants to help David out. Kelly smiles, says she's glad she's helping David, then leaves.

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