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    One Life To Live CAST - Kelly Cramer (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Cramer (Past) Played by Heather Tom on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Heather Tom

    Birthday: 1975-11-04
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Heather Tom
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    A Question of Paternity

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    Adriana goes to Dorian's to see Kelly before she leaves for London, and Dorian asks her to stay for lunch - for Kelly's sake. Adriana agrees. While Kelly is feeding the baby, Dorian talks to Adriana about forgiveness and admits that she's made mistakes. Adriana brings up the fact that Dorian left her for someone else to raise. Dorian says, "I love you. Please tell me you love me just a little bit." However, Adriana says she can't love someone she doesn't trust. Kelly comes in, and Adriana says her good-byes, then leaves.

    Dorian makes a toast to Kelly wishing her much happiness in London with Kevin. Blair gets a phone and tells Dorian that the doctor wants to see her. The DNA test results are in! Blair says, "This has to be Todd's baby..."


    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    Kelly joins Blair and Dorian at the hospital and Blair fills her in on the pregnancy. The doctor calls Blair into the examining room, and Blair prepares for the DNA test.

    In the hallway, Kelly tells Dorian that Zane will be released today, that she'll be leaving for London soon. While Dorian appears upset, she gives Kelly her blessing. The doctor come out, tells Dorian that Blair is done. Dorian goes to Blair and promises her that she can get the DNA results for her by tomorrow!

    Kelly and Zane show up. As everyone looks at the baby, Kelly apologizes that they won't be able to stay for the holidays. Viki expresses that she's just happy that Kelly, Kevin and Zane will be together.

    Well, Hello Tess!

    Monday, December 04 2006

    At Rodie's, Vicki questions Kelly if she's sure she wants to move to London with Kevin. Kelly explains that she and Kevin need to make new memories in a new place, a new life. Marcie shows up, tells them that Spencer had a breakdown on the stand, that Marty Saybrooke backed up Spencer's insanity angle. Before they can get into it, Jessica, Antonio and Nash join them. When Jessica comments that she couldn't reach Natalie, Vicki puts her hands to her mouth ands says, "Oh, my, gosh, you don't know… John McBain is alive!" Antonio excuses himself to calls the station, as Jessica says goodbye to Vicki and Kelly.

    Just Admit It!

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Kelly arrives at the penthouse to take Blair to the hospital. Although Blair told Todd she was going to the doctor's today, Blair tells Kelly that she changed her appointment, that today Kelly is going to help her find Todd's son. Kelly protests, says that Blair needs to be seen by a doctor today! With a bit of persuasion, Blair convinces Kelly to help her, to go to Spencer and ask about Todd's baby.

    Kelly and Blair show up at Spencer's cell. Kelly hands him pictures of the baby, and Spencer gets teary-eyed, says he's happy for her. Kelly lays the gratitude on thick, tells Spencer that it's because of him that she was able to have her baby. Blair comes forward, asks if that part of Spencer still exists. When he claims it does, Blair says to prove it, to tell her where Todd's baby is! In the hallway, Rex listens… Spencer tells them that his son is dead, that they have a lot of nerve coming down there asking where Todd's kid is! Spencer tells Blair to give Todd a message, that if he can't have his son, then neither can Todd. When Kelly and Blair leave, Spencer breaks down…

    Kelly and Blair put the pieces together and realize that Hugh died...

    You'll Never Believe It

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Clint goes to the hospital, tells Kelly that Kevin's flight to London got off okay. Kelly says that the baby is doing well, that she'll be able to join Kevin in London soon. Overhearing, Dorian joins them, asks what's going on. Kelly explains that she wants a relationship with Kevin, that the baby needs a father, that she and Kevin want to raise him as their own. Though Dorian is upset about Kelly's plans, she surprisingly gives Kelly her blessing. Dorian expresses that she's losing everyone she loves, and Clint tries to comfort her, says that Kelly is doing what she needs to do.

    Stay Away!

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Kevin and Kelly join Clint, Vicki and Asa at the mansion. Kelly shows Asa some new pictures of the baby, and Asa lets them know he really likes the name Zane. They talk about memories of Duke. Kevin says he and Kelly are moving to London, then shocks everyone by stating that he's leaving today. Kelly says she'll join him once the baby is strong enough, that they need a new start in order to get their lives back. While everyone begs for Kevin not to leave today, he tells them he has to do this. Kevin says his goodbyes and leaves for London… (Today was Dan Gauthier's, Kevin's, last air date)

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