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    One Life To Live CAST - Dorian Lord Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dorian Lord Vickers Played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Strasser

    Birthday: 1945-05-07
    Birthplace: Bronx, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robin Strasser
    Height: 5' 4"


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    I Want Your Money.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Ionia, the woman who plays Dorian in David's film, takes a call from Echo outside Dorian's mansion. She assures Echo everything's under control. Ionia knocks on the door then takes David in a kiss. "Get your hands off my man, bitch!" Dorian seethes. Ionia acts as though she and David are having an affair. David denies it. Ionia continues to do Echo's bidding to destroy David and Dorian's relationship, slips her room key in David's pocket and leaves. He notices Ionia has a penthouse suite at The Palace then calls after Dorian, "You believe me, don't you, baby?" Dorian looks at the photos again. She wants to believe him. David thinks Clint's behind this and begs Dorian to trust him. He holds her close.

    I Was My Best With You.

    Monday, June 27 2011

    David and Dorian inform Kelly they are in mourning because Clint isn't kicking the bucket like they had hoped. Kelly is relieved, and Dorian knows her sympathy is due to Joey. Kelly reveals that she and John are no longer an item. Dorian wants Kelly to move in on Joey. Kelly tells an astounded Dorian that she rebuffed Joey's advances because she doesn't want to be the rebound girl. Dorian thinks it is the stupidest move she has ever made. Kelly takes off to see Joey after learning the transplant isn't happening. David assures Dorian that Clint isn't dying because of her and goes to answer the doorbell. A stunned David asks the unknown visitor, "What the hell are you doing here?"

    The Fake Skank Dorian.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Dorian and David arrive home. David thinks she's getting upset over nothing. Dorian holds up a bra and asks, "You call this absolutely nothing?" Dorian recognizes the bra. It belongs to the actress who plays her in their movie, the fake skank Dorian. David begs Dorian not to ruin their happiness. Why would he want the fake Dorian when he has the real one? In the kitchen, James catches Starr dancing and listening to her iPod. She tells James about Baz. He listens to the music but doesn't like it. James denies being jealous. David appears to grab a bottle of champagne. Starr refuses to let David take her music, which makes James suspicious. After David leaves, Starr begs James to drop the subject of Baz. David rejoins Dorian in the living room, who's just received a photo package. She holds up a photo of the fake skank Dorian straddled on top of David. How could David do this to her? David claims the actress threw herself at him. He threw her out and was going to tell Dorian. Dorian wonders who took the photos and why.

    Knocked Out By His Wife, Who Thinks She's A Dude.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Down the hall, Kelly wakes up and asks after Marty. Dorian relays Marty hasn't been found yet. Joey appears. Dorian gives them some time and watches Clint's news coverage from outside the room. Back inside, Joey admits he knows everything about Aubrey and Cutter. "What's going to happen to your marriage?" Kelly asks. Joey regrets allowing Aubrey to con him and pushing Kelly away. Dorian returns and relays that Clint confessed on TV. Joey admires his father for laying everything out on the table. He wants to do the same. Joey leaves. Dorian reminds Kelly that she and Joey belong together.

    The Real Todd Manning?

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Outside Kelly's room, Dorian vows to make Marty pay and demands that the doctor save her niece. Viki appears and wants to know how Dorian got a hold of Echo's taped confession. Dorian changes the subject to Kelly's stabbing. Viki comforts Dorian. Kelly's going to make it. After Dorian says Joey's in with Kelly, they both admit Joey and Kelly were meant to be together. Had they been, Dorian suggests, Kelly wouldn't be fighting for her life.

    Inside Kelly's room, Joey begs her to squeeze his hand. He has so much to make up for. If he had known there had been a chance for them before he met Aubrey, Joey would've come back to Kelly in a heartbeat. The machines go off. Joey calls out into the hallway for help just as Dorian's about to tell Viki about the trouble surrounding her daughter. Just then, Natalie's rushed in. Viki follows as she's taken away. Kelly is wheeled away to surgery. John watches her go and whispers, "I'm sorry, Kelly." Viki reappears. John explains what they think happened and how Brody's looking for Marty and Liam. A doctor appears. Natalie's going to be okay. Dorian comforts Joey, who didn't happen to see Natalie brought in. He beats himself up about not listening to Kelly in regards to Aubrey. Dorian sees Blair and Starr and fills them in on Kelly.

    Over The Edge.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    At the hospital, Kelly tells John how crazy Marty got. "She attacked me," Kelly gasps. "I heard someone come in… Natalie." Kelly passes out. A doctor asks John to leave. He goes outside the exam room and leaves Natalie a message. John tells her what Marty did to Kelly and warns, "If you're anywhere near Angels Square get the hell out of there." Dorian and Joey appear. John explains what happened at his apartment. Joey blames John for the attack then stares in at Kelly. A cop appears. They haven't found Marty. John wants every cop on the case until Marty's in custody. A doctor emerges and explains Kelly's life threatening injuries. John tells Dorian he's heading out to help with the search. Joey goes inside, holds Kelly's hand and admits, "I can't imagine a world without you."

    Left To Die.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Dorian finds Echo drinking outside of Capricorn. She taunts Echo about being a slut and a lush. Echo throws her drink in Dorian's face, who brings up how Charlie left her. Echo knows he'll come back to her. "He's leaving town," Dorian gloats. Echo doesn't believe Charlie would leave. Dorian only says Charlie has a job far, far away. She offers to pay Echo's way out of town. Echo plans to stay and get even with Dorian.

    Mr. And Mrs. Cutter Wentworth.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    Outside Clint's room, Dorian tells Echo Viki's on her way to play Charlie her taped confession. Echo warns Dorian if she comes after her, she'll tell Viki how Dorian blackmailed Clint to get the tape. Dorian taunts Echo as she stomps away.

    Viki returns to the hospital and tells Dorian that Charlie heard Echo's confession. Dorian knows Charlie will want Viki back. Viki loves Charlie but don't think their marriage can be fixed. Though she enjoyed the look on Echo's face, Viki reminds Dorian they've made a very dangerous enemy of her.

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