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    One Life To Live CAST - Dorian Lord Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dorian Lord Vickers Played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Strasser

    Birthday: 1945-05-07
    Birthplace: Bronx, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robin Strasser
    Height: 5' 4"


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    I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Over at the Minute Man Motel, Echo rants, "I never meant for this to happen but what choice did I have?" Dorian, taped and bound, listens as Echo claims she never meant to hit her over the head after Dorian sprayed her with the hose. She never meant to put Dorian in the trunk of her car and never meant to kidnap her. Echo only wanted to make Dorian suffer for chasing Charlie away. How did her actions turn into a felony? Dorian fakes hyperventilating and screams for help once Echo removes the tape. She quickly retapes Dorian's mouth and decides to get rid of her. In the next room over, Sam reflects on the scream he heard. He grabs the Spider Man costume and says, "Someone's in trouble. What would Spider Man do?" Next-door, just as Echo's set to suffocate Dorian, Sam barges in as Spider Man and sprays Echo to the wall with his spider web. He removes his mask, as Dorian gushes over Spider Man saving her. Later, John arrives and finds the room empty, except for the Spider Man costume.

    I Can Replace You Just Like That.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Echo approaches Dorian at the mansion. She's there to see David. Dorian orders Echo off her property and warns that David's not coming back. Echo taunts Dorian about losing her man and Viki's respect. As they argue, Dorian realizes Echo was the one who sent her the phony photos of David and Ionia and snaps, "You conniving bitch." Echo admits it and replies, "Payback's a bitch!" Dorian slaps Echo hard. They both grab hoses and spray each other. Later, David and Viki arrive and see the two hoses. "This isn't good," David says.

    I'm Sorry. I Didn't Know It Was You.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    Blair arrives at the mansion, as Dorian is ordering David out. After David leaves, Blair shows Dorian the photos in The Sun and asks, "You don't think these are real, do you?" Dorian rants about Ionia and the package she sent. Blair's stunned to hear about the gun and the dead body found on the property. Blair wonders if the dead guy is the one Sam's been talking about and asks, "Did the guy have a line on his face?" Dorian doesn't know and suggests maybe Sam shot him. "Remember who his parents are," she says. Blair's offended but becomes worried when Dorian suggests Sam's friend could be the shooter. Blair leaves to find Sam.

    Then We'll Be Even.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    Dorian aims a gun at David by the pool and rants about Ionia's package. "I'm on to you now," Dorian screams, thinking David and Ionia planned to live off her money after David killed her. David steps back and right into the dead body of Agent Kent. David thinks Dorian killed the man and dials 911.

    Brody and John arrive at the mansion and question David and Dorian. David states he found Dorian holding a gun. John knows the gun Dorian had wouldn't have been powerful enough to kill anyone. Dorian demands that John look into Ionia and David's murder plot against her. John urges them to work out their issues, wraps up the crime scene and leaves. Dorian orders David out.

    Vickers In Her Knickers.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    David's sleeping by the pool when Dorian whacks him with a copy of The Sun. "Vickers In Her Knickers," David reads the headline and vows he'd never cheat on Dorian. She can't ignore the photos. Dorian sees Ionia's bikini top stuffed down the back of his pants and kicks him out. The maid appears and hands Dorian a package addressed to David. She reads a note from Ionia, telling him to use the contents at his discretion. Dorian finds a gun inside.

    When David returns to the mansion, Dorian aims a gun at him.

    I Have A Sister. Her Name Is Viki.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    Viki runs into Dorian at the hospital and makes it clear she knows Dorian's the reason Clint almost died. Dorian makes excuses and reminds Viki Clint's guilty of many crimes. Viki should be happy that Dorian took care of business. Dorian did it for her. Viki was happy Dorian provided her with evidence of Charlie's affair but wouldn't have killed for it. Over talk of Echo, Dorian doesn't think there's anything she could do to her and Viki.

    Outside, Echo takes a call from Roxy. Ionia appears and assures Echo things are going as planned. Over by Dorian's pool, David finds Blair running away. Todd soon follows. Ionia appears in a bikini and kisses David. As Ionia undresses, Echo secretly takes photos of them together. David tries to cover her up and accuses her of setting him up. "Who's trying to ruin my life?" David demands. He gets Ionia dressed and off before Dorian arrives home. David finds her bikini top and hides it when Dorian appears. She asks for his forgiveness and says, "I never should've doubted you." Ionia secretly checks in with Echo who says, "Any minute now…" David gets a picture text. Dorian sees it. It's a photo of him and Ionia half naked by her pool.

    I Didn't Come Here To Drink.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    Out by the pool, David drops his towel, wanting to prove that Dorian's the only woman for him. Blair appears and covers her eyes. She needed somewhere to collect her thoughts. Blair talks about Jack's situation. David makes jokes and is asked to give them a moment. Once alone, Dorian urges Blair to talk to Todd about Jack. Later, David rejoins Dorian, who admits she believes he didn't have an affair with Ionia.

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