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    One Life To Live CAST - Dorian Lord Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dorian Lord Vickers Played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Strasser

    Birthday: 1945-05-07
    Birthplace: Bronx, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robin Strasser
    Height: 5' 4"


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    A Technical Difficulty.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    Blanca reports from The Palace, as Dorian and David arrive on the red carpet. Dorian's wearing 'Gammie' (as in head of "OLTL" wardrobe Susan Gammie) and becomes upset when Ionia arrives in the same gown. The women trade barbs then go their separate ways. Dorian and David find Markko and inform him they had to make some changes in the final cut. Rick joins Blanca, who doesn't know who he is. "You will very soon," Rick assures. Across the room, Ford had hoped he'd be at his own premiere by now, not waiting tables at one. Talk turns to Deanna leaving. Ford wonders how she got the twenty grand to pay the lawyer then alerts Nate to the 'porno guy'. Nate rushes over to Rick, with Ford following. Ford suspects Nate took part in Rick's film and warns him about doing porn. He'll never get any respect as an actor. Dani appears and asks, "What's going on?" Nate claims Ford's depressed about not be part of the film. Markko joins them and thanks Ford for his success. Ford was a good teacher. Markko takes a few more jabs at Ford then walks off. Vimal arrives with his parents, who wonder where Rama is. Just as he's about to tell them the truth, Rama appears with an evident baby-bump. The Patels rub her tummy then go for drinks. "Lucky for you," Rama tells Vimal. "Cristian Vega got me pregnant." She asked Cris to help her so Rama could help Vimal. He questions her motives but halts further conversation when Mrs. Patel reappears. Blanca questions the Mannings. Starr, Baz, Blair and Tomas join them. Blair wonders if Todd recognizes her earrings. He doesn't, but Tomas does. When John arrives, Blair excuses herself. "You have something to tell me about Todd Manning?" John questions Tomas. Dorian takes the stage and introduces the film. The lights dim. "Someday it's going to be you up there," Dani whispers to Nate. "Vicker Man" begins then stops. "We seem to be having a technical difficulty," Dorian apologizes. The film restarts but "Hold The Diploma" airs instead. Everyone gasps and watches as Nate drops his graduation gown onscreen.

    Open Wide.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    At the mansion, Dorian can't decide what dress to wear to the premiere. David appears. Talk turns to Echo and Rex's quest to get her released. Dorian doesn't think Clint would help Rex. After David leaves, Clint calls and warns if Dorian doesn't drop the charges against Echo, he'll have her charged with attempted murder. Blair answers the door to Tomas, who's there to come clean. Blair listens as Tomas explains being a former CIA agent. He cares about Blair and wonders where they stand. Dorian catches Blair kissing Tomas, who agrees to go to the premiere with Blair. After Blair leaves for the salon, Dorian tells Tomas she hopes he can end Blair's Todd Manning cycle.

    David returns home to hear that Dorian had to drop the charges against Echo. They decide to concentrate on their premiere and refuse to let anyone ruin it.

    CIA Operative.

    Monday, July 25 2011

    Outside the mansion, just as Agent Baker is about to tell Todd who T.M. really is, Dorian appears. Todd introduces Baker as the man hired to help find Sam. Baker hands Dorian his card with the strange logo on it. Suddenly, Baker gets word that T.M. is still alive and orders into his cell, "Get rid of him now." Baker claims he has a lead and leaves, despite Todd's protests. Dorian thanks Todd for stepping up and hiring Mr. Baker.

    Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are.

    Friday, July 22 2011

    At the diner, Dorian refuses to drop the charges against Echo. Rex warns Dorian will have a cell next to Echo's if she pursues this. Rex threatens to expose Dorian for almost killing Clint. He blames Dorian for Clint needing Gigi's heart and refuses to allow her to take Echo away from Shane. Blair, Jack and Sam appear. Dorian thanks Sam for saving her. "Must be nice to have something to celebrate," Rex snaps and privately warns Dorian to drop the charges before the premiere tomorrow or she won't enjoy it.

    When Dorian arrives home, she sees Todd talking to Baker.

    Premiere Tickets To Vicker Man.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    Dorian walks into Kelly's bedroom and sees Joey and Kelly in bed. She rushes out. They make themselves decent and call Dorian back in. Dorian briefly informs them of what Echo did and shows them the write-up of Echo and Sam in The Sun. When Dorian hears Joey filed for divorce, she suggests he marry Kelly then quickly hands them tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Kelly turns her down. Zane has a production that night.

    Bo and David talk about Echo kidnapping Dorian at the diner. David's pissed that Echo tied Dorian up in a motel room and states, "That's my job." Talk turns to the gum wrapper Nora found. David offers to help investigate. Bo suggests he stick to acting, which leads David to hand over tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Bo declines. He and Nora want to spend as much time as they can with Matthew. Dorian appears and brings up Echo. Bo refuses to talk business. Rex appears and asks Bo to help him get Echo out of jail. David wonders who Bo's going to side with, his fake son or his real one. Bo promises to look over the case but refuses to pick sides. Later, Rex warns Dorian, "You're going to drop the charges."

    The Whole Town Is On Amber Alert.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    John finds the Minute Man Motel room empty but can tell that hasn't been the case for long. Next-door, Sam helps free Dorian, as Echo continues running her mouth. Sam sprays her with more spider webs. As Dorian laughs and takes a picture of Sam standing next to Echo, John appears, relieved to see Sam. John questions Sam about his friend. Sam admits that Spider Man is out fighting crime. He's the man with the line on his face. A cop releases Echo from the webs and arrests her. John leaves with Sam.

    Joey joins Kelly in her bedroom at the mansion. They briefly discuss Clint then talk turns to their relationship. Joey gives Kelly a clown to replace the exact one she gave him for Christmas. Kelly remembers how Aubrey broke Joey's and can't believe he found another one. "Some things are just meant to be," Joey says. They share some sandwiches and wine. Joey realizes visiting hours at the hospital are almost over. Kelly asks him to stay. They kiss and start taking their clothes off. Downstairs, David and Dorian arrive home and begin tearing their clothes off. "Someone should be making love in this house," Dorian says.

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