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    One Life To Live CAST - Dorian Lord Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dorian Lord Vickers Played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Strasser

    Birthday: 1945-05-07
    Birthplace: Bronx, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robin Strasser
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Time Is Of The Essence

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Adriana calls out to Rex, but Bruce grabs the phone and hangs up. Rex demands that Dorian fess up! Knowing that Rex is with Dorian, Bruce thinks Dorian's double-crossing him. The phone rings again. Dorian begs Rex to let her answer it, promises to tell him the truth if he does. It's Bruce. Dorian says she has the money, that she'll do exactly what he wants to get Adriana back. Dorian hangs up with Rex screaming in her ear for answers. When Rex threatens to call the police, Dorian says that Adriana has been kidnapped, by her stalker, but doesn't admit her involvement. Rex wants to call the cops, but Dorian says he can't, that the man will kill her! Rex doesn't trust Dorian, but they decide to put their differences aside to get Adriana back. Bruce tells Adriana if her mother doesn't come through with the money, she'll be the one to pay.


    Friday, August 25 2006

    Rex tells David if he helps him get the truth about Adriana from Dorian, Rex will give him his club, Ultra Violet. David agrees.

    Adriana tells Bruce that Rex will never believe his text message. Dorian is frantic, as she waits for a call from Bruce. Adriana still doesn't believe that Dorian paid Bruce to break up her and Rex. As Bruce tells Adriana how Dorian came about to hire him, she starts to believe him, wants to talk to Dorian.

    David goes to Dorian's, occupies her while Rex sneaks in the house. David informs Dorian about the plot that Rex is accusing her of being involved in, tells her she looks suspicious, says he'll help her get out of the situation with Adriana, but she denies it. Rex bursts in, calling Dorian a liar, demanding to know the name of the man she hired. Dorian yells for them to leave, and David goes. Her phone rings and Rex snatches it. Adriana says his name!

    Everyone's Searching For Answers

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Rex asks Natalie to pretend to be Adriana, to be her voice. He shows her the text message, not believing for one minute that she sent it. Rex has Natalie make a call to Adriana's credit card holder, but they can't pull it off. David shows up and Rex tells him of Adriana's disappearance, says he needs his help, tells him of his theory about Dorian. David says Dorian would never put Adriana in danger like that.


    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Bruce makes a call to Dorian, demanding she pay him 10 million bucks to get Adriana back! Dorian wants to talk to Adriana, but Bruce tells her no, to pay up! Bruce goes to Adriana, explaining he's keeping her hostage for money. Adriana wants to know what the butterfly meant. He tells her he had to make it look as though she was being stalked, that he was getting paid for it. When Adriana wonders why someone would pay to have her stalked, Bruce suggests she ask her mother! Adriana just can't accept that her mother would hurt her like this. Bruce tells her that Dorian never planned that he would hold Adriana for ransom. She still doesn't believe Bruce, says Rex will find her. Bruce sends Rex a text message from Adriana saying she hates him, to leave her alone, she never wants to see him again!

    All Eyes Are On Spencer

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Dorian is frantic to find her daughter, remembering back on Bruce's threat. Adriana asks Bruce if he was working for Rex. ...No,... he says, taunting her as she tries leaving. However, the door is locked! Bruce tells Adrianna that he has errands to run, locks her up and leaves her in some sort of shipping container. Rex and Roxy are at the station, going through the stalker's letters to Adriana, trying to figure out who the stalker really is. Roxy spots the name Vanessa in one letter. She has finally given Rex a clue!

    Adriana hates herself for not trusting Rex, remembering all he did to try to protect her, begs for him to find her. Rex tries putting together the connection between the stalker and the butterfly. Bruce calls Dorian, tells her he has Adriana, but that Dorian must pay him ransom in order to ensure Adriana's safety. Bruce returns to Adrianna, tells her that Rex has forgotten about her. Dorian calls Bo, but hangs up before he answers.

    Who Will Be Going To The Gala?

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    Rex finds Dorian in Bo's office. Rex tells Bo she's responsible for setting him up for stalking Adriana. Bo questions Dorian, but she sticks to her guns, claiming not to know where Adriana is. Dorian does her best to hide her involvement, but they don't believe her. In walks Clint, hearing the whole thing, questions Dorian himself! Clint defends Dorian to Rex and Bo, says she's a changed woman. However, he makes it clear that he would never be able to look Dorian in the face again if she had anything to do with her daughter's disappearance.

    Dorian leaves Clint at the police station, says she's going to the island to look for Adriana. Bo questions Clint's new outlook on Dorian.

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