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    One Life To Live CAST - Dorian Lord Vickers - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dorian Lord Vickers Played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Strasser

    Birthday: 1945-05-07
    Birthplace: Bronx, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robin Strasser
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Monday, December 11 2006

    The doctor comes in, tells Blair that she's pregnant!

    When Blair and Dorian arrive back at the penthouse, Blair looks up the last time she and Todd slept together. Although Blair thinks the baby is Todd's, Dorian says they need to find out for sure!

    Hands Off!

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Dorian tells Blair that she needs to take care of herself instead of worrying about Todd! Blair defends Todd, says she's worried he's going to go after Spencer. When Blair tries to leave, Dorian refuses to let her go, says her health is more important than Todd! Blair expresses that she's scared, that she just wants her family back.

    At the hospital, Adriana stands outside a storage room door while Rex is inside looking through some files for information on Tommy. She sees Michael, goes to him, says how sorry she is about Spencer's trial. Suddenly, Dorian comes up behind Michael, tells Adriana that Blair is very sick, that she needs her whole family.

    After Adriana returns from seeing Blair, Rex comes out of the room, trying to conceal his findings down his pants! However, Dorian notices, comments that he better watch out, pointing to his pants, that he may get a paper cut! Adriana gives Dorian a dirty look, then leaves with Rex.

    In the examining room, a nurse asks Blair if there's any chance that she could be pregnant. Blair thinks back to making love with Todd, says that maybe there is a chance… When Dorian comes back in, Blair says, "I may not have a brain tumor after all… I think I'm pregnant…I'm having Todd's baby." However, Dorian reminds Blair of one little problem… "How can you be so sure that the baby you're carrying isn't Spencer's?"

    In The Hands Of The Court

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    Todd surprises Blair with his calmness. When Dorian shows up, Todd asks if she'll take Blair to the neurologist, and she agrees. Blair tells Todd not to do anything stupid! Todd stares at Spencer…

    Careless Whispers

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Dorian goes to the mansion where she finds Clint and Bo talking about Spencer. Clint states that if all goes well, Spencer Truman will be found guilty today! Vicki shows up, and Dorian makes a quick exit - not before she privately expresses to Clint that she's doing everything she can to make things up to Adriana, that she's really trying to change. Clint says he almost believes her. When Clint rejoins Vicki and Bo, Vicki expresses how much she wants Spencer to pay for all the harm he's done.

    Adriana gets a call from someone who wants to invest in her company! Although Adriana is excited, she wonders how the caller found out about her new company… Dorian stands behind her with a smile adorning her face! When Dorian approaches her, Adriana says she doesn't have time for her, that Rex is on the phone about the Truman case! Rex joins them, says that the jury is coming back into the courtroom. Dorian leaves…

    When the judge comes in and dismisses the jury, Evangeline states that this could mean trouble…

    A Long Road To Recovery

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Dorian meets with the banker. He tells her that because of the way she had set up the account, Adriana will ever see any of this money. Just as Dorian explains why she 'took control of her daughter's money,' Adriana walks in, asks, What!" Adriana asks the banker what's going on, but he chooses to leave the women alone so Dorian can explain. Dorian offers to write Adriana a check, but Adriana refuses to take her money and leaves… Dorian gets an idea on how to put her life back together.

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