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    One Life To Live CAST - RJ Gannon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on RJ Gannon Played by Timothy D. Stickney on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Timothy D. Stickney

    Birthday: 1965-01-31
    Birthplace: Wichita Falls, TX
    Marital Status: Married to Laura L. Priestly
    Real Name: Timothy D. Stickney
    Height: 6' 2"


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    "I'm Moving On..."

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    At the hospital, RJ goes to Nash, "I understand you were a witness to the accident." Although RJ wants Nash to side with him and blame Antonio, Nash says, "Don't make Antonio lose Jamie too." When Nash claims Antonio has already gone through so much, RJ questions whether Nash is part of Antonio's problems. Not waiting for an answer, RJ goes to find a doctor.

    In Jamie's room, Antonio tells Jessica, "I know about Nash." Just when Jessica thinks Antonio knows about her affair, he says, "It's not your fault." Before he can elaborate, Paige asks for them to join RJ and her in the hallway to hear Jamie's test results, "Jamie will make a full recovery." Paige goes on to explain that little by little, they'll be weaning Jamie off the tubes and meds, "It's likely she won't remember the accident or what happened the hour before." After Paige and RJ leave, when Nash goes to Antonio and Jess with his relief for Antonio, Antonio says to Nash, "I know what you're doing behind my back and I want it to stop!" Antonio accuses Nash of pressuring Jessica into picking Bree over Jamie. When Jessica defends Nash, Antonio stops her and blames Nash as being the reason why Jamie ran out in front of a car. Before things get out of hand, Jessica asks Nash to leave and he does. Antonio then shocks her by saying they're going to get a restraining order against Nash from coming near Jess other than to pick up Bree!

    Later Paige gives Antonio the news that Jamie has been responding well and will be able to go home tomorrow. Antonio hugs Jessica and says, "She's going to make it… we all are." After Antonio joins RJ in Jamie's room, Jessica goes to make a call. As she rounds the corner, Nash abruptly reaches out from the shadows and pulls her in a kiss! Although Jessica says she can't tell Antonio now, she promises to tell him about Nash after they bring Jamie home. Nash and Jess say their I love you's then she goes back into Jamie's room - with Nash watching on…

    A Painful Tactic

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    When Jamie arrives at the hospital, Michael assures Cris that he'll do everything he can to help her. Just then, Antonio and Jessica rush in, and Cris has to hold Antonio back as Jamie is wheeled away. Through tears, Antonio yells, "I want my daughter!" When Carlotta and RJ arrive, RJ is furious that Jamie was alone and lunges for Antonio, "If my granddaughter doesn't walk out of here, it is on your head!" With Nash looking on, Jessica interjects, "If you want to blame someone, blame me." Just as Nash tries to stop Jessica from taking the blame, Paige and Michael come out and Antonio asks, "How's my daughter?" Although Michael and Paige say that Jamie is stable, and is going to pull through, they want to keep her in the hospital for observation. Relieved, Antonio waits patiently to see his daughter. When Nash goes to Jessica and says he'd like to stay, Cris pushes him away and says, "Leave!" However, Nash refuses. Although Jessica offers to leave too, for Antonio's benefit, Antonio takes her in his arms, "I can't do this without you!" Suddenly, Antonio apologizes to Jessica for the way he handled things then they both blame themselves for Jamie's accident. With Nash listening on, he hears Jessica say to Antonio, "Jamie's all that matters now."

    Jessica Has A Meltdown!

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    Although Antonio wants to go after her, Viki tells him to let Jessica go. Viki tries to explain to Natalie that Jessica needs time and space, "When Jessie's ready to tell us what's going on, she will." The judge approaches Antonio and he begs her for a second chance at another hearing. However, the judge says that she'll be reviewing the case to make sure Jessica doesn't need another psychological evaluation before deciding if she'll grant the adoption again. Antonio then goes to Cris and demands to know why there's been so much tension between Jessica and him, "I'm beginning to think that you know more about my wife and Nash than I do!" After Jamie interrupts and asks if Jessica still wants to be her mommy, Antonio says, "Jessica loves you very much, but she wasn't feeling well today." As Viki, Clint, Natalie and Dorian leave, RJ approaches and takes Jamie in his arms. After Antonio makes sure Carlotta can take Jamie for the night, he goes back to Cris who admits, "Mom, thinks Jessica's change of heart has something to do with Nash."

    There's No Turning Back!

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    In the courtroom, RJ talks to Dorian about his displeasure of Jessica adopting Jamie. When Dorian defends Jessica and the Buchanan's, RJ accuses, "You didn't come over here for me. You're here because you have your hooks in Clint Buchanan." Dorian snaps at RJ and says, "It would be nice if my dear friend could be happy for me!" RJ agrees if she's happy, he's happy, but warns Dorian it won't be an easy task getting the Buchanan's to accept her. Just then, Antonio and Jessica arrive and RJ kindly tells Jessica that Kari would understand, "You better take care of her little girl." When Clint arrives, he's shocked to see Dorian there, but isn't upset. Viki strolls in shortly after and snubs off Dorian's, "Congratulations."

    A Word Of Caution

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Nora and RJ share a drink at the Palace while talking about the past. As RJ takes her hand and gives Nora a kiss on the cheek, neither realize that Lindsay is watching from afar. After Lindsay approaches, she accuses Nora of taking her man! "I liked you better in a coma, Nora!" RJ warns Lindsay that she better straighten up! After Nora leaves, RJ tells Lindsay that their relationship isn't working, then leaves, too.


    Monday, August 21 2006

    Marcie and Michael bring Nora to the Gala with Lindsey and RJ close behind. RJ stops to compliment Nora, ticking Lindsay off, making everyone feel uncomfortable as she takes stabs at Nora. RJ defends Nora, sending Lindsay sailing into Michael McBain's arms, her mouth on his! Marcie flips out when Lindsay says she did it to make a point. RJ then does the same with Nora to force Lindsay to see how ridiculous she's being! Lindsay leaves and RJ follows. Marcie soon follows suit with Michael on her heels.

    Role-Playing, Here She Comes!

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Lindsay witnesses Nora and RJ having an awkward moment in the park. Lindsay is furious and doesn't hide it, accusing Nora of always trying to steal her men. Lindsay insists on taking Nora home, leaving RJ in the park.

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