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    One Life To Live CAST - Victor Lord Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Lord Jr. Played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor St. John

    Birthday: 1971-09-03
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Sara St. John
    Real Name: Trevor St. John
    Web site:


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    I'm Sorry. I Didn't Know It Was You.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    At Llanfair, Todd and Viki debate who broke the frame containing the photo of Todd's old face. The patio doors were open. Viki got a weird feeling and felt as though someone was watching her. David appears with his luggage. He initially blames Todd for Dorian throwing him out then backtracks and blames Viki. She could've convinced Dorian he wasn't having an affair. Todd brings up Jack's birthday party tomorrow and leaves. David wants to unpack, but Viki doesn't think it's a good idea. He jokes about Viki wanting him again then rambles about the corpse found at Dorian's. Viki refuses to help David, as long as he's cheating on Dorian. Through dramatic tears, David convinces Viki he's not cheating. She finally agrees to help him.

    T.M. stands outside of Todd's office door at The Sun, as Jack tries to figure out who's behind Origami Cogs. Vimal prevents T.M. from entering Todd's office. T.M. claims he's the trash collector named Nickolas Kent. T.M. plays the seniority card, which results in an apology from Vimal. Later, while Jack goes out for food, T.M. enters the office and goes to the computer. T.M. remembers working at The Sun and vows to find out why 'Mr. Manning' took his identity. He hears the doorknob turn, grabs scissors then rushes over to the door. When Jack enters, T.M. attacks him. T.M. remembers having a son named Jack, rushes to him and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." Jack begins to come to and whispers, "Dad." T.M. hides when he hears Todd arguing with Vimal outside. Todd appears and goes to Jack, who says, "I think someone attacked me." Jack didn't see who did it and explains how the door was locked when he returned. When Todd helps Jack to the desk, Jack notices someone messed with the computer. Todd calls security, tells Jack about the break-in at Viki's then says, "I know who's doing this." The same people behind Origami Cogs. T.M. sneaks out when their backs are turned and passes Vimal in the hallway.

    Then We'll Be Even.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    At The Sun, Jack pesters Todd to tell him what he knows about John. Jack wants to be like Todd and begs his father to trust him. Todd hands Jack a file, containing Liam's paternity results. He mentors Jack on the game of revenge and blackmail. They agree to stay quiet until they need a get out of jail free card. Todd orders Jack to look into the company who one upped him, Origami Cogs.

    On the patio at Llanfair, T.M. hides as Viki calls out, "I know someone's here. Who are you?" T.M. wants to trust Viki and starts to reveal himself, but Bree appears with news that Natalie and Jessica are fighting. Viki leaves with Bree. T.M. takes a call from Agent Baker, who asks after Agent Kent. T.M. admits he killed him. He tells Baker about all the people he's seen in Llanview and says that the man here isn't Todd Manning, he is. Baker implies that Todd Manning isn't a fake but isn't successful in luring T.M. to meet him in order for him to explain. Baker warns T.M. not to confront anyone in Llanview. Out front, Jessica admits Natalie and Brody being together hurts. However, she refuses to shed anymore tears over them. The sisters continue to argue, which leads Natalie to state, "We're in a relationship. Brody's the father of my child." When Natalie makes a comment about liking Jessica better as Tess, Jessica slugs her. Viki appears and scolds Jessica. Once she hears Bree overheard the fighting, Jessica rushes off. Viki reminds Natalie that Jessica doesn't mean the cruel things she says. Natalie's done with it and vows to be a family with Brody and Liam no matter what Jessica thinks. Later, as T.M. is about to enter Llanfair to talk to Viki, Todd appears and asks if she smashed the photo of him. T.M. listens as Viki replies, "You're my brother. I'll always love you."

    Vickers In Her Knickers.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    Todd arrives at The Sun and catches Jack online, looking at an article on Gigi. He reminds Jack if he confesses now, McBain will nail them both and says, "I'm the only one you can trust." The computer beeps. Todd looks at the screen then goes into a rage. A company stole a deal right out from under him. He orders Jack to find out who owns Origami Cogs. Vimal rushes in and warns Todd that John's after him. After Todd excuses Jack, Vimal urges Todd to save himself the trouble and tell John his secret. Jack overhears and confronts Todd. What's he keeping from John?

    I Have A Sister. Her Name Is Viki.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    Outside, Echo takes a call from Roxy. Ionia appears and assures Echo things are going as planned. Over by Dorian's pool, David finds Blair running away. Todd soon follows. Ionia appears in a bikini and kisses David. As Ionia undresses, Echo secretly takes photos of them together. David tries to cover her up and accuses her of setting him up. "Who's trying to ruin my life?" David demands. He gets Ionia dressed and off before Dorian arrives home. David finds her bikini top and hides it when Dorian appears. She asks for his forgiveness and says, "I never should've doubted you." Ionia secretly checks in with Echo who says, "Any minute now…" David gets a picture text. Dorian sees it. It's a photo of him and Ionia half naked by her pool.

    Jack stands before Shane at the carriage house. Rex appears and flips out. Jack understands their upset with him, in regards to what happened to Gigi, and says, "I'm sorry." Rex wonders if that's Jack's way of confessing. Jack wants to explain and begins to do so, but Todd appears and stops him. "No, Dad," Jack says. "I want to tell them." Rex orders Todd to let Jack talk. Todd apologizes for Rex's loss and tries to drag Jack away. Rex stops them. Shane's stunned when Rex accepts Jack and Todd's apologies. He knows John would've never let Jack off if he were guilty. It's done, nothing can bring Gigi back. All she wanted was to end the issues between their kids. "What do you say we end it now?" Rex asks and extends his hand. Todd shakes it. After Todd and Jack leave, Rex admits he sucked up to Todd because it puts him exactly where Rex wants him. Todd and Jack will never see them coming.

    Tomas takes a call at Capricorn and assures the caller that neither Baz nor Blair will interfere. Blair enters, ranting to Todd on the phone. Tomas wants to help. Blair brings up all of Tomas' lies. How can she trust him to help with anything? Tomas kisses her passionately. He wants to open up to Blair and vows to try. She agrees to take things day by day. Later, Todd and Jack arrive. Todd privately warns Jack not to tell Blair that he was about to confess and reminds Jack of the prison time he could've served.

    Are You Pregnant?

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Todd sprays Jack with a hose by the pool. Jack's supposed to be working at The Sun. Jack tells Todd Gigi's dead. He reads from an article in the newspaper and snaps, "They're all going to think I'm guilty no matter what." Blair appears and wonders what's going on. Todd trashes the story in The Banner, as well as John's statement, and insists Jack's innocent. After Todd orders Jack to go get ready for work, Blair demands that Todd admit he's covering up Jack's involvement in Gigi's death. Todd admits he did what he had to. As they argue, Todd hears his car start and realizes Jack took it.

    I Didn't Come Here To Drink.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    Vimal approaches John at Rodi's and says, "I didn't come here to drink. I have something of the utmost importance I have to tell you." Vimal brings up something Todd mentioned. John isn't interested. Vimal rambles about what he's lost due to lies and vows to tell the truth. Todd arrives. John gets word that screams have been reported coming from Ford's room. After he takes off, Todd stops Vimal from leaving too. Vimal refuses to be pressured. He's been pressured by Clint, who is much more powerful than Todd. Todd brings up Vimal's parents and offers him a job at The Sun making seven figures. Doesn't Vimal want to make his parents proud? Maybe he could even win his wife back. "What if I said no?" Vimal asks. "Bad things happen to people who make me angry," Todd replies and threatens to have his tongue cut out.

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