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    One Life To Live CAST - Victor Lord Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Lord Jr. Played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor St. John

    Birthday: 1971-09-03
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Sara St. John
    Real Name: Trevor St. John
    Web site:


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    I'm Todd Manning And I'm Home.

    Monday, August 01 2011

    At The Palace, everyone is stunned to see T.M., who says, "I'm Todd Manning, and I'm home." From behind a curtain, Rex aims a gun at Todd's family. A text from Shane stops Rex from shooting anyone. Starr approaches T.M., raises her hand to his face and whispers, "Dad." T.M. assures Starr he's real and warns that Todd isn't. Blair approaches next. T.M. doesn't know where or why but he was locked up. The idea of coming home to Blair, Starr and Jack kept him going for eight years. Todd blames T.M. for Sam's kidnapping and for knocking out Jack. T.M. didn't recognize Jack. "Starr… Shorty," T.M. says. "You believe me, right?" Jack doesn't. Starr doesn't know what to think. Todd blocks T.M. from approaching Tea. Blair asks why Tomas said Todd wasn't the real Todd Manning. John appears and tries to take T.M. away. He refuses, pulls a gun on Todd and warns, "That man is not going to live one more moment of my life." Todd taunts T.M. by calling him crazy. John finally talks T.M. down, who hands over the gun. John informs that Baker's in custody. Todd comments on what good friends T.M. and John are then demands T.M. be arrested. Todd's had enough and orders Tea, who's staring at T.M., to leave with him. Before they go, Todd assures Starr and Jack he's their father. Once Todd's gone, T.M. promises sooner or later, Starr will believe he's her father. He shows Blair their wedding photo and reminds her what she told Starr by Dorian's pool, how Blair had never been so happy. T.M. kisses Blair then says, "I dare you to ever forget me." He hands her their wedding photo then leaves with John. Blair holds Starr and Jack and breaks down in tears.

    At the Manning Estate, Nate admits that Rick blackmailed him into doing the porno because of what he did to Matthew. Nate rambles about Matthew letting him and his mom take the fall then tells Dani what happened. Matthew was fine when he left him. Nate takes the blame for ruining Matthew's life. Dani realizes now why Nate was so concerned for Matthew. She's crushed to hear Nate confided in Deanna. He didn't want to go to jail and did the movie to keep Rick quiet. He would never ask Dani to keep his secret but asks, "Are you going to tell his parents?" Dani doesn't know. Nate professes his love, but Dani orders him out. Later, Todd and Tea return. Todd assures Tea that he's Todd Manning, her husband and Dani's father, and doesn't know why the imposter is doing this to him. Todd seethes when Tea doesn't appear convinced and walks away.

    He's Not Todd Manning.

    Friday, July 29 2011

    At The Palace, Dani gasps, as everyone sees Nate drop his graduation gown onscreen in "Hold the Diploma." In the corner, Rick dances along to the porn music. Dani slaps Nate across the face. Dorian and David try to calm the crowd, as Mr. Patel screams about the content corrupting his unborn grandchild. Markko seethes at Dorian and David for ruining his career. They assure Markko these weren't the changes they made. Ford runs into Rama and spills his tray of wiener hors d'oeuvres. The toothpicks stick in Rama's balloon-baby-belly! Ford sees toothpaste seep out of it and wonders if Rama's all right. "I have more important things on my mind than your little wiener," Rama replies and runs off. She joins Vimal and his parents. Vimal sees the toothpaste leaking from her belly. The seal can't hold the water in any longer. The water explodes from her belly, all over Mr. Patel! Vimal tries to take the blame, but Rama admits she lied about being pregnant. Mr. Patel lashes out at Rama. Mrs. Patel thinks she did what she did because she really loves their son. Rama admits she lost her way but never stopped loving Vimal. He loves her too. They embrace. Mrs. Patel orders them to give her a grandchild soon and suggests if they need pointers they should ask 'that boy' from the film. Rick takes the stage and pitches his film to the crowd. David briefly gets sucked in, as Rick talks about being his number one fan. Dorian, David and Markko demand to know what happened to "Vicker Man." Rick claims he gave their movie to some guy. It'll probably be hitting the web any second now. Security takes Rick away. Dani rushes off. Todd stops Nate from following her. Jack yells for Todd to rough Nate up. Rex approaches Jack and says, "You have a hell of a big mouth." Holding the gun, Rex warns that Jack better be careful before someone shuts it for him. Jack apologizes for what happened with Shane and Gigi. It takes everything in Rex not to come unglued.

    Out in the lobby, Tomas tells John that Todd works for some very dangerous people. He has a job, one he's kept a secret. Tomas brings up Baker, who used to work for the CIA but went rogue. Todd's been answering to him for years. Tomas fears for Todd's family and admits, "I used to work for Baker too." He talks about missions and the people who paid the price for them. Just as Tomas is about ready to come clean, Dani, Tea, Starr and Baz appear with news of Nate's deception. Starr tries to calm Dani, saying there has to be a reason Nate did this. Baz takes Dani home, as Tomas and John rush to pull Todd off Nate. Despite Ford's warnings not to, Nate runs off to find Dani. Todd taunts John about not knowing what it's like to be a father. John takes a call from the cop who was knocked out at his place then tells Tomas they'll finish their business when he gets back. Jack joins Todd and whispers that Rex is there. He's stalking him and acting weird. Todd orders Jack to stay close to him. As Tomas and Todd make eye contact, Rex peers from behind a curtain. Rex aims the gun at Todd's family. Tomas calls Todd out, demanding he tell everyone the truth. Just as Tomas admits Todd isn't the real Todd Manning, T.M. appears and says, "I am." Everyone stares in shock.

    A Technical Difficulty.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    Todd finds John in his office at The Sun. John claims he's looking for clues as to who knocked Jack out then leaves. Jack appears and suggests John's out to get him. Jack wishes Gigi hadn't died. He blames himself. Todd warns Jack to move on and never look back.

    Blanca reports from The Palace, as Dorian and David arrive on the red carpet. Dorian's wearing 'Gammie' (as in head of "OLTL" wardrobe Susan Gammie) and becomes upset when Ionia arrives in the same gown. The women trade barbs then go their separate ways. Dorian and David find Markko and inform him they had to make some changes in the final cut. Rick joins Blanca, who doesn't know who he is. "You will very soon," Rick assures. Across the room, Ford had hoped he'd be at his own premiere by now, not waiting tables at one. Talk turns to Deanna leaving. Ford wonders how she got the twenty grand to pay the lawyer then alerts Nate to the 'porno guy'. Nate rushes over to Rick, with Ford following. Ford suspects Nate took part in Rick's film and warns him about doing porn. He'll never get any respect as an actor. Dani appears and asks, "What's going on?" Nate claims Ford's depressed about not be part of the film. Markko joins them and thanks Ford for his success. Ford was a good teacher. Markko takes a few more jabs at Ford then walks off. Vimal arrives with his parents, who wonder where Rama is. Just as he's about to tell them the truth, Rama appears with an evident baby-bump. The Patels rub her tummy then go for drinks. "Lucky for you," Rama tells Vimal. "Cristian Vega got me pregnant." She asked Cris to help her so Rama could help Vimal. He questions her motives but halts further conversation when Mrs. Patel reappears. Blanca questions the Mannings. Starr, Baz, Blair and Tomas join them. Blair wonders if Todd recognizes her earrings. He doesn't, but Tomas does. When John arrives, Blair excuses herself. "You have something to tell me about Todd Manning?" John questions Tomas. Dorian takes the stage and introduces the film. The lights dim. "Someday it's going to be you up there," Dani whispers to Nate. "Vicker Man" begins then stops. "We seem to be having a technical difficulty," Dorian apologizes. The film restarts but "Hold The Diploma" airs instead. Everyone gasps and watches as Nate drops his graduation gown onscreen.

    Open Wide.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Todd thinks back to T.M. calling him a fake. When Tea appears, Todd says, "There's something you need to know about me." Todd admits he got mixed up with some dangerous people. The most dangerous one kidnapped Sam, but he's dead now. He won't explain further but doesn't want to lose his family. Tea wonders why he keeps saying that. Todd can promise to always love her but can't promise he'll never hurt her again. Can Tea trust him? She unbuttons Todd shirt. They make love.

    Brody approaches Vimal in Todd's office at The Sun, wanting to know if he's going to keep his secret. Vimal rambles about not being able to get his parents tickets to the "Vicker Man" premiere and about Rama not being pregnant. "Hey," Vimal interjects. "John McBain." Brody turns around. John wonders what he's doing there. Brody makes excuses then leaves. John insists on waiting for Todd. After Vimal leaves, John snoops and bags Todd's comb. Out in the hallway, Vimal assures Brody his secret is safe with him. Later, Todd arrives. Vimal wrangles some "Vicker Man" tickets out of Todd, who then enters his office and demands to know what John's doing there. Back out in the hallway, Vimal runs into his mother, who can't wait to go to the premiere with him and Rama.

    Uncle Bobby.

    Tuesday, July 26 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Tomas relays to Todd what he told Tea and says, "She deserves the truth." Todd calls Tomas an idiot, warns him to keep his mouth shut and reminds, "The truth is a lot bigger than what happened the night of the shooting." Tea may not be the only one they need to worry about. Tomas brings up the visit from Todd's old acquaintance, Baker. Todd sides with Baker and urges Tomas to go back to Paris. Tomas is there to protect Todd, who thinks back to the confrontation with T.M. and says, "I have a lot more to lose than you do." Tea arrives home. Tomas admits he told Todd he tried to save his life. Todd and Tomas ask Tea to trust them. Just let this mess go. "Who was trying to kill you?" Tea asks. Todd has no idea and says being Todd Manning attracts a lot of enemies.

    CIA Operative.

    Monday, July 25 2011

    Outside the mansion, just as Agent Baker is about to tell Todd who T.M. really is, Dorian appears. Todd introduces Baker as the man hired to help find Sam. Baker hands Dorian his card with the strange logo on it. Suddenly, Baker gets word that T.M. is still alive and orders into his cell, "Get rid of him now." Baker claims he has a lead and leaves, despite Todd's protests. Dorian thanks Todd for stepping up and hiring Mr. Baker.

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