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    One Life To Live CAST - Victor Lord Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Lord Jr. Played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor St. John

    Birthday: 1971-09-03
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Sara St. John
    Real Name: Trevor St. John
    Web site:


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    Please, Don't Leave Me.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    Tea arrives at the Manning Estate, sees Victor shot on the floor and screams. He's alive. Tea calls 911. She cries for Victor to open his eyes and stay with her. Victor does as asked and manages a smile. Tea begs him to tell her who did this to him. He starts convulsing and spitting up blood. Sirens echo in the night, as Tea begs Victor not to leave her. "I love you," Victor whispers then closes his eyes.

    The EMTs arrive at the Manning Estate and announce that Victor's dead. John and Brody appear. They cover Victor's body. John questions Tea, who relays finding Victor shot. John's sorry. Tea doesn't think he is. John hated Victor, and Victor hated him. John takes a towel from Tea, with Victor's blood on it, and has it bagged. John wants to call Dani or Tomas. Tea doesn't know how she's going to tell Dani. Outside, Brody finds a keychain labeled J.M. He brings it inside to show John. Tea confirms it's Jack's. John thinks the shooter may have used the keys to enter the house. Tea knows Jack wouldn't do this and relays Blair's message. John's aware of Todd having a gun and has an APB out on him. Word comes that Jack's at the ER with a bump on his head and his assailant unknown. John heads out, leaving Brody staring down at Victor's body.

    Dani arrives at the Manning Estate. A cop tries to stop her from entering. Dani rushes in, sees the body bag and asks, "Who is that?"

    Ridding The World Of Victor.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Victor assures Jack that Todd's throwing around empty threats. Jack knows all too well that sometimes people end up dead, even when they're not supposed to. Victor knows he's talking about Gigi and begs Jack to put all of this behind him. Jack talks of the scholarship fund. Todd gives him the go-ahead, hoping it'll show Rex that the war is over. Blair arrives with a warning for Victor and begs him to go to a hotel. Victor refuses to run away. John may have saved Victor the last time he was shot, but Blair asks, "What happens if no one's there to save you this time?" Blair drags Jack away, begging Victor to at least call Shaun. He promises to. Later, just as Victor is calling Shaun, he turns around and says, "Oh my God. What the hell are you doing here?" Someone shoots Victor in cold-blood.

    Gunning For Victor.

    Monday, August 29 2011

    At The Sun, Tea wonders if Victor really wants to go to war with Todd. Victor vows to take Todd down first. He laughs when Tea suggests Victor get to know Todd. Irene calls and demands to see him. She promises to help Victor if he helps her. "You're not going to go over there, are you?" Tea asks. Later, Todd arrives and startles Tea, who admits Victor went to see Irene. Todd assumes Irene is going to send Victor after him. Tea doesn't think Irene's done with Todd. Doesn't he wonder why she really kept him captive all those years? Todd would rather use the time to get his family back. Later, Tea finds Todd suddenly gone.

    Victor arrives at the station. John wonders what he's doing there. Irene notes that a son comes when called. Victor was always her favorite. John gives them a moment. Brody appears and tells John Shane's hell-bent on making Jack and his father pay. He looks at Victor and says, "Maybe there's a way we can make that happen." John assures Brody the next time Victor screws up, they'll be there. "What if that's not soon enough?" Brody whispers to himself. Nearby, Irene demands Victor get her out of there. She can't help him behind bars and reminds Victor how Todd's taking over his life. Victor was nothing before Irene, who claims she'll be the only one left who'll love him. Victor takes Irene in a hug then quickly starts strangling her! John breaks it up and orders Victor to leave. Victor looks at Brody then says he owes John something. John gets a call from the Feds, who're there to pick up Irene. After John drags her away, Victor warns Brody he's going to tell John the truth the next chance he gets. Brody places his hand on his gun as Victor walks away.

    Later, Brody gathers Liam at Llanfair, talks about threatening Victor and says, "I can't let him tell John the truth. I can't lose you."

    Jack finds Victor at the Manning Estate and warns Todd has a gun. Victor refuses to leave and promises Jack no one's going to get killed.

    Making The Mannings Pay.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Todd barges into The Sun and orders Victor out of his office. The secretary appears and offers to call security. Victor refuses and dismisses her. Todd fires her! Todd gives Victor one more warning and places his hand on the gun. Todd's life or not, Victor won't give up his legacy. It's as much Victor's as it is Todd's. Todd holds up the nameplate that reads Todd Manning. Victor doesn't care about the name. He owns everything and asks his brother for ID to prove he's Todd. Todd gives Victor one more chance to leave.

    Back at The Sun, Todd starts counting, as Victor talks about the kids accepting him. "If you want to get rid of me you're going to have to kill me," Victor says. Todd pulls out a gun then quickly hides it when Bo, Tea and Blair appear. Bo warns Todd until he proves he's Todd Manning in court, he needs to clear out. Later, Victor warns Tea he won't give up his life.

    James answers his door to Starr, who's upset over Dorian's departure. She thinks back to how Dorian's always been there for her then vents about not realizing Victor wasn't her father. Starr remembers being the first person to believe Victor was her father with a new face. She hopes they can all move on but doesn't know if her Uncle Victor will ever be able to.

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