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    One Life To Live CAST - Victor Lord Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Lord Jr. Played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor St. John

    Birthday: 1971-09-03
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Sara St. John
    Real Name: Trevor St. John
    Web site:


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    A Martha Stewart Moment.

    Thursday, May 09 2013

    Victor walks into the coffeehouse and sees a man with the same tattoo as him. When the man pays for his coffee a gun is exposed on his side.

    I'm Moving In.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    Victor looks confused when Todd arrives at Tea's. Todd admits he feels like crap but wants to get along with Victor. They're brothers. He shares how Jack fell apart when Victor was gone. Todd can't reach Jack. That's why they need to bury their hatred. Victor watches as Todd appears disoriented. They finally shake on getting along for Jack. Victor looks confused after Todd leaves.

    Dorian watches her online resignation video at home. Her office belongings are delivered. In the living room, Blair gets a call then questions Jack about skipping school. She brings up Todd, and Jack goes to play videogames on his laptop. Victor arrives and joins Sam and Jack. Blair goes to answer the door to Todd, who relays his deal with Victor. She notices Todd doesn't look well and urges him to give Jack space. Todd looks in on them, makes eye contact with Victor then leaves. Victor gets Jack enthusiastic about school. Blair's glad he's back. Victor kisses Blair on the cheek then leaves.

    Victor knocks on Todd's door but doesn't answer when he calls out, "Who is it?" Inside, Todd takes another drink of the poisoned alcohol.

    I'm Not Some Petty Gangster.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    Dani arrives home. Tea is furious to hear Dani was at Shelter. Victor agrees with Tea and puts Dani through a sobriety test. Before Dani heads to her room Tea cries, "I love you." Victor holds Tea close. They head to bed. Later, Tea watches Victor sleep.

    The Real Ex-Housewives Of Llanview.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    At home, Tea's words about the baby ramble through Victor's head. He goes online and searches how to kill by poison and hides his findings when Tea brings Dani home. Dani argues with Tea about ignoring her lately then storms off. Tea wants to go after her but Victor grabs her arm, startling her when he prevents her from following. He then leaves to get some fresh air.

    Victor arrives at Todd's room, sees a maid cleaning it then leaves.

    Dani returns home and apologizes to Tea. After they get ready for a family dinner, Victor urges them to go without him. He needs a little time by himself. Once they leave, he checks the money in his wallet and leaves as well.

    Victor returns to Todd's room and puts something in his alcohol. He slips out when Todd returns. Todd pours a drink and downs it.

    A Pathetic Husband, Lover And Father.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    Victor and Tea get intimate at home. She sees the strange symbol tattooed on his arm and asks, "Who did this to you?" He warns her to stop pressing him. Victor wanders into the nursery. Tea tells him about the baby they had while he was gone. Their baby died. Todd delivered him but something was wrong. Tea tearfully relives how Todd switched their dead baby with one that wasn't theirs. Victor holds Tea close and promises Todd is part of their past and won't be part of their future. Once alone, Victor rips the head off of a stuffed giraffe, as a hidden camera tapes his actions.

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