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    One Life To Live CAST - Victor Lord Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Lord Jr. Played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor St. John

    Birthday: 1971-09-03
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Marital Status: Married to Sara St. John
    Real Name: Trevor St. John
    Web site:


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    Sue Me For Trying To Enlighten You.

    Tuesday, June 21 2011

    At the station, Tea warns Jack he could be charged with murder. John appears and goes over what happened to Gigi and how Jack bullied Shane. He talks about the evidence they're bound to find from the basement and suggests Jack tell John his side of the story. Tea asks that John release Todd and quit questioning Jack. John continues to stall, hoping the forensics report comes in. When it doesn't, John lets Todd and Jack go but warns he'll be seeing Jack soon. Todd orders Jack to stay quiet and urges Tea to take care of everything.

    Gigi Is Gone.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    At the station, Todd forces Jack to tell him how he planned to trap Shane. "I thought it was Shane," Jack says. Todd wonders how Gigi ended up in the hospital. Jack doesn't know and didn't plan on anyone getting hurt. Todd grabs Jack. Tea appears and learns everything Shane accused Jack of was true. Todd warns Jack with prison time and worries John will be all over this. Tea calls Roxy and gets word about Gigi's condition. She warns if Gigi dies, Jack could be charged as an adult for murder.

    Stay Here And Help Me Fight.

    Wednesday, June 15 2011

    Todd continues to taunt John in his office. John tries to remain calm. The only thing he's interested in is what Marty had to say to Todd. John gets word from a 911 report on Gigi and takes off. Tea and Jack appear. When Tea hears John took off due to something involving Gigi, she explains Shane's claims against Jack and how Roxy got a call about Gigi being in trouble. Todd asks for a moment alone with Jack and forces him to admit he set Shane up.

    The Silent Killer.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    From the station, Jack calls Brad. He's visiting his father in jail, which gives him the perfect alibi. John drags Todd into his office and asks about Marty. Tea appears and demands John let Todd go. Todd thinks back to Marty's confession about Liam and claims he has something to tell John. Jack appears and tells McPain his dad would never have anything to do with Marty. Tea's called to the courthouse and takes Jack with her. Todd wants the charges dropped and full immunity in exchange for what he has to say. John finds Todd laughable. Todd taunts John about losing his kid to Brody. As John reaches down and places a hand on his gun, Todd challenges John to kill him. If John does, he'll never know what Todd had to say.

    Who Is ComicGurl15?

    Wednesday, June 08 2011

    At the station, Tea demands to know what happened between Todd and Marty. Todd thinks about Marty's confession then admits, "It's about that kid Liam." Brody appears and asks, "What about Liam?" Todd claims to be talking about how Liam is back with Natalie. Tea's just happy Liam's back with his parents. "Except he's not," Todd says, smiling at Brody. "What about John McBain?" Brody recalls how John thought he was Liam's father. Tea wonders why Todd cares how John feels. He hates John. Todd doesn’t feel anyone deserves to have their kid taken away from them. Brody understands, having had Ryder taken from him. He doesn't know what he'd do if he came face to face with the person who tried to take Liam from him. Todd stays quiet about Liam's paternity.

    Back at the station, Tea wonders what Todd was about to tell her before Brody appeared. John arrives and orders Todd to a cell, maybe then he'll be more inclined to talk. "Maybe not," Todd replies.

    The Vimalator.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    John finds Todd at the airport and asks, "Where's Marty?" John found no record of the recent flight. Though he doesn’t think Todd could bury a flight plan, the CIA could. He can see Todd's lying and demands to know what Marty told him before leaving. Todd thinks back to Marty's admission about Liam. John brings up how Liam was found with Tomas in his pool house. "If you let it go," Todd challenges. "I'll make it worth your while." John takes out handcuffs. Todd claims he tried to catch Marty after seeing her flee from his pool house. Todd blames John for Marty going crazy. T.M. listens as John reminds Todd of how he raped Marty. What if Marty goes after Todd's kid next time? "There's something I need to tell you," Todd interrupts. "I really like your hair." After John arrests Todd, and takes him away, T.M. says to himself, "What the hell is going on? If that guy's Todd Manning then who the hell am I?"

    Aubrey follows Joey into the station. He wants to file kidnapping charges against Ford. Aubrey begs him not to and insists Ford wouldn't take off with the baby. Suddenly, a cop gets word of Ford's whereabouts. Later, John brings Todd in, who calls Tea to report his arrest. John gets word that nothing's been found about the recent flight. It's as if the plane doesn't exist. Tea arrives. Todd isn't worried about John's so-called evidence, claiming he helped Marty escape.

    We Don't Serve Bullies.

    Monday, June 06 2011

    In the private airport, Marty tells Todd she has to tell John that Liam is his son. Todd thinks Marty's crazy and informs that the plane is there, ready to take her to Patrick. A man appears and asks if Marty's ready. Todd asks for a minute and listens as Marty admits that she switched the paternity results. Her confession is on a tape, one she lost. "You've lost it all right," Todd replies. Marty shows Todd the paternity results. She's done so many bad things and has to try to make up for them in order to be able to face Patrick. Marty thinks about what she did to Dr. Buhari and says the woman who Patrick knew is long gone. Todd takes the blame for messing Marty up. Granted, she's a nut job and a menace to society, but Todd claims she deserves to be with the love of her life. The man reappears. Marty needs to leave now or never. She agrees to leave after Todd promises to tell Cole they'll be back for him and to tell John the truth. After Marty's taken away, T.M. appears outside the airport.

    I Have Proof. Patrick Thornhart Is Alive.

    Friday, June 03 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Tomas suggests they offer to reunite Marty with Patrick in exchange for Liam and the disk. Todd's impressed. It's the perfect lie. "It's not a lie. I have proof. Thornhart is alive." Tomas hands Todd a file. "All the proof you need is right in there." Todd worries John will believe Marty's claims against them when they turn her in to the cops. He suggests they send her underground with Patrick.

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