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    One Life To Live CAST - Nora Hanen Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nora Hanen Buchanan Played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B. Smith

    Birthday: 1957-05-25
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B. Smith
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    What Was I Thinking?

    Monday, October 23 2006

    Nora meets Evangeline at Rodies, asks her if she would take over Spencer Truman's case. Nora says she's not strong enough, physically, to handle the case right now, tells her to do it for John. Evangeline tries to talk Nora out of it, but on the other hand Evangeline doesn't want Spencer to go free. Just then, Spencer's lawyer shows up, takes a seat. Evangeline asks if it bothers him that he's defending a monster. Spencer's lawyer comments that Evangeline sounds like a prosecutor. He taunts Nora about her health a bit, then leaves, warning Nora that he won't play nice or grant her sympathy for her health. Evangeline stands up, calls Spencer's lawyer a scum, tells him to watch out because Nora will eat him and Spencer's case for dinner!

    Just as Spencer's lawyer says that Spencer Truman is going to walk, Michael comes in, says that that'll never happen, not if he has anything to do with it, that his family will get justice! Spencer's lawyer leaves and Nora tells Evangeline to think about what she said. Nora goes… Michael tells Evangeline to please take on Nora's case.

    It's The Truth

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    In the courthouse, everyone is in awe when Spencer announces he's Asa's son. Natalie stands up, tells him to go to hell, Clint says it's a lie and Bo wants proof! Spencer tells Bo, Clint and Kevin that Asa had an affair with his mother. Blair stands up, calls Spencer sick, another calls him a monster… Bo suggests that Spencer take a DNA test, and Spencer says "Bring it on!" Michael screams that Spencer better get what's coming to him for killing his father. Bo warns Spencer that he's going to spend his life behind bars.

    The judge comes back in, states that Spencer's parentage has no bearing on the case, that it will presume. The judge asks both parties to proceed with the case. As Nora states the evidence to the judge, she starts to stutter, feels shaky. The judge asks if she's okay, and Nora claims to be fine and manages to plead the state's case against Spencer. Spencer's attorney stands, moves to have the case dismissed on insufficient evidence. The judge makes his decision, says that Spencer will go to trial on all charges!

    When Bo goes to leave, David stops him, says that since Spencer is a Buchanan, then so is he!

    He Will Pay...

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    Evangeline arrives at Nora's office to find the woman exasperated. She doesn't think that she'll be able to get Spencer. She has no help with the case, because everything she needs was in Hugh's head. Evangeline tells her it's a waste of her energy to be worrying. Nora asks a surprised Evangeline to work with her and Evangeline tells Nora that she's interested in the case, that she'd love to help her. Evangeline gives Nora a pep talk, tells her she'll handle the case just fine. Nora leaves…

    The judge comes in, asks for Spencer Truman to rise. However, Spencer just sits there. When told again to rise, he finally does, apologies that he didn't stand right away because his name isn't really Spencer Truman. Spencer turns to the crowd, says that everyone should know that his name is not Spencer Truman, that his biological father is Asa Buchanan! He looks to Bo, Clint and Kevin and says with a smirk, "I guess that makes me one of you Buchanan boys, doesn't it!"

    Farewell My Friend

    Friday, October 06 2006

    Bo and Matthew go to the funeral home. Nora arrives, Kelly, too. The priest tells Michael that the hearse has arrived, but Marcie asks him to wait, says that Natalie is still not there. Just then Natalie comes in with Vicki, Jessie and Roxy as everyone watches her walk to the front. Everyone stands as John's casket is being carried up the aisle. Tears, sorrow, fills the room… Natalie sits with her face forward, a lone tear sliding down her cheek. Dorian and David walk in just as the service begins. Bo delivers the eulogy, says that John McBain was a hero. The priest blesses John before Michael thanks everyone for coming to support his family. The casket is carried away, back out of the church… Everyone follows. David stops Michael and Eve, says he's so sorry, that John gave him a second chance. Eve storms out.

    At the cemetery, everyone is seated as the casket is brought to the gravesite. The flag is removed from the casket, folded, then presented to John's mother, who in turn places it on Natalie's lap. Eve kneels to the casket, sings to her son. Evangeline takes over, sings "Oh, Danny Boy," as John's body is lowered into the ground. Everyone says their last good-byes… Natalie is left alone, looking down into the grave… She starts to walk away from the grave, but suddenly stops, turns back around, sees a shadow, calls out to John…

    A Shoulder To Cry On

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    Nora goes to see Hugh, tells Paige that she told Spencer about Hugh. Nora says that Spencer actually reacted like a father. Suddenly, Spencer shows up at Hugh's door, demanding to see him. Paige tries to hold him out, tells him to go to hell and stay away from her son. However, they have to let Spencer in.

    Spencer goes to Hugh's bedside, tells him that he needs Hugh to live, that he wants Hugh to know the reasons he's done the things he's done. Suddenly all the machines go off! Once they get him stabilized, Paige blames Spencer for upsetting Hugh. Spencer is cuffed and forced to go back to jail.

    Emotions Are At A High

    Friday, September 29 2006

    Paige makes Hugh aware that she's there with him, tells him to try to relax. The man tries moving, but can't talk, and Paige thinks the pain medications aren't working. Just as she plans to administer more meds, a nurse comes in to stop her. Nora comforts Paige, but says that Spencer has a right to know what happened to Hugh. Paige decides she wants to call Hugh's adoptive parents.

    After Paige leaves to make the call, the doctor comes out. Nora asks her about the night that Thomas McBain died on the operating table, the same night Paige found herself in the middle of it all. The doctor says that Paige was an excellent resident, that she could have performed that surgery drunk or otherwise. Nora gets the idea that Spencer is still holding back details about that night, that maybe Paige wasn't to blame for Thomas McBain's death.

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