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    One Life To Live CAST - Nora Hanen Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nora Hanen Buchanan Played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B. Smith

    Birthday: 1957-05-25
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B. Smith
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    In The Hands Of The Court

    Thursday, December 07 2006

    After the judge dismisses the jury, everyone watches on as they leave the courtroom… The judge calls order, says he's received some disturbing information about the defendant. He asks Spencer to rise, reads the charges against him, says that although he previously ruled that Spencer was fit to stand trial, he's now thinking about changing his mind! Blair makes an outburst, saying that Marty got to Spencer! Evangeline objects, as Spencer yells in a rage that he's not crazy! The judge calls Dr. Marty Saybrooke to the stand to testify about the incident she witnessed with Spencer in his cell.

    Blair stands up, asks Marty how much Spencer is paying her for lying for him! The judge slams his gavel, demands silence! Marty is instructed to recant what she witnessed in Spencer's cell. After she does, the judge asks if she thinks Spencer is capable to stand trial. Marty says that Spencer is mentally incapable of his actions. The judge allows Marty to step down… He states that Spencer is mentally unable to understand the charges against him… The judge declares a mistrial! Spencer is instructed to be transposted to a mental institution until further notice.

    Careless Whispers

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Nora goes to Marty, tells her how sorry she is about Patrick. They talk about everything going on in their lives, and Nora says that Marty will find love again. Before Nora leaves, she warns Marty to be careful around Spencer.

    When the judge comes in and dismisses the jury, Evangeline states that this could mean trouble…

    A Shocking Twist!

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Nora and Evangeline express to Michael how happy they are that John is alive. Just as they all wonder how Spencer is dealing with Hugh's death, Spencer and his lawyer enter the courtroom. The judge enters, and Spencer's lawyer calls him to the stand! Suddenly, Spencer's lawyer shocks the court as he asks Spencer why he killed Thomas McBain! Spencer responds that he didn't kill Thomas McBain, but his lawyer continues asking why he murdered a cop.

    He lawyer acts as though he's prosecuting Spencer, putting the courtroom in chaos. Asa is brought up, and Spencer's lawyer calls his mother a liar! Spencer leaps from the stand and lunges at his own attorney! Spencer's lawyer is sited for contempt of court. Held back by two officers, Spencer starts to cry, looks to Blair and says, "Mom, why did you lie to me?" When the judge asks Spencer's lawyer what's going on, he announces that Spencer is not fit to stand trial! Todd jumps up, screaming that this is a ploy! Spencer calls Todd David, tells him he's sorry. The judge calls order to the court, then calls a recess, tells Spencer's lawyer to find a doctor to examine Spencer Truman!

    The judge calls the court back to order, and Spencer is brought back in. He sits there, acting irrationally. When the judge asks if Spencer's lawyer can prove that he's not fit to stand trial, his lawyer calls Marty Saybrooke to the stand!

    You'll Never Believe It

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Evangeline starts to prepare David for his questioning, telling him how important it is that he tells that truth! Spencer's lawyer goes to Evangeline, says she better be ready. He looks to David, says he looks forward to David's testimony.

    The Prosecution Speaks!

    Friday, November 17 2006

    The judge asks Spencer how he pleads, and Spencer says, "Not guilty." Evangeline stands, gives her opening argument to the jury, saying she'll prove that Spencer Truman murdered Officer Thomas McBain. Paige and Bo arrive in the courtroom as Evangeline explains the chain of events leading up to the death of Thomas McBain. After the defense pleads his case, the judge goes to his chambers.

    Stay Away!

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Nora tells Evangeline that she's confident she'll put Spencer away. Evangeline wishes John was there… The judge calls the court to order, reads off Spencer's charges.

    Memories Of You...

    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Nora and Bo go to see Paige. They tell her that all the charges have been dropped regarding her involvement in Thomas McBain's death, that they found out that Spencer was the one responsible for what happened, that Spencer was the one who killed Thomas McBain on the operating table.

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