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    One Life To Live CAST - Nora Hanen Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nora Hanen Buchanan Played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B. Smith

    Birthday: 1957-05-25
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B. Smith
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    A Fight To Stay Alive!

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Inside Cris's studio, Cris, Nora, Talia and Evangeline are passed out cold. As Lindsey approaches the door - and sees the duct tape sealing it off - she's hit over the head! Inside, a groggy Cris manages to grab his cell phone and dial 911 then passes out once again…

    When Bo and his men reach Cris's, Bo goes to Lindsey and says, "She's alive!" As they break into the studio, they see that everyone is alive - barely - and they scramble to get everyone out! Once everyone is out of the studio, Bo works frantically to revive Evangeline. Finally, Bo manages to bring Evangeline to!

    Jessica Has Liver Cancer!

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    When Evangeline arrives back at Cris's, she's surprised to hear Cris hasn't called the police yet. However, Cris is so devastated that this is happening just as he's gotten his painting back in order. Suddenly, Nora and Talia arrive and find a letter from the hate group reading, "Degenerate art will be destroyed…" Although they say that Cris called them there, Cris says, "I never called you."

    Back inside the studio, Evangeline is standing next to the fan and appears sleepy. As Talia tries to leave, they realize they are locked in! As Cris heads for the window, Evangeline, Nora, Talia and finally Cris all pass out!

    "I Have People..."

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    Clint arrives at Asa's and tells Asa, Renee and Nora that Jamie is going to be fine. Later when Nora announces that she'll be moving out of the mansion soon, everyone says how much they'll miss her and Matthew. Suddenly, Renee gets a call from The Palace saying that her bartender thinks a high-class hooker was in the bar, "But now she's not, so he thinks she's upstairs in a room." As Renee rushes out, Natalie comes in and asks to speak to Asa - alone.

    "I'm Moving On..."

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Seated with Nora and Marty, the three women talk about the irritations of their lonely love lives. While Viki and Nora are open to finding the right man, Marty doesn't think she wants to find anyone after Patrick. Just then, Miles appears at her side and says, "Marty, you look beautiful tonight." After Miles leaves, Nora and Viki playfully pick on Marty about Miles then try to convince her that she won't be betraying Patrick's memory if she started dating again. Little do they know, Miles is listening on from a table very close by. After Nora makes an observation and states, "The last good sex we had were with dead guys," the women laugh and make a toast!

    Can't Help But Wonder...

    Friday, April 20 2007

    In Bo's office, he tells Nora their lead in the case didn't pan out. Through sorrow, Nora remembers all she has lost and says, "Get these people!" Over talk of the case, Bo says he's going to try a new approach…

    When Antonio arrives at the station, Talia says, "Vincent and Shaun are on their way in." Although Talia suggests that Jessica be a part of 'this' too, Antonio says, "No!" Talia realizes something is wrong, "No matter what, Jessica needs to be here as one of the victims." Just then, Vincent, Shaun and his grandfather arrive and they all go in to talk to Bo. Bo claims they're going to put the people involved in the hate group in prison, "But we're going to need your help." Bo explains, "Even though the mayor doesn't want this publicized as a hate crime, I think we should all rally together and tell the public the facts!" Although they feel like bait, everyone agrees that it's worth it to catch the group!

    In Angels Square, before the press conference, Matthew surprises Bo and Nora with an appearance and a request, "I want to stand up there too!" Although hesitate, Nora agrees, "I'd be proud to have you standing beside me."

    Through a press conference, Bo looks into the camera and warns the hate group, "We will not back away from this fight! We are Llanview! We will not take this lying down!" After Cris arrives late, he runs into Nash and is surprised that he hasn't left town!

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