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    One Life To Live CAST - Nora Hanen Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nora Hanen Buchanan Played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B. Smith

    Birthday: 1957-05-25
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B. Smith
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Todd Takes A Stand!

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    In the courtroom, Miles states his plea, “I’m absolutely not guilty.” As the lawyers are arguing back and forth, Todd speaks up, “Hey Laurence, what the heck happened to my kid, you son-of-a…” However, a judge shouts, “Order in the court!” Once Blair quiets Todd, Nora states her bail recommendation – no bail – as Miles’ lawyer objects! Before the judge makes her ruling, Cole stands up and says, “Miles should have never came to Llanview and should be behind bars for life!” In the end, Miles is granted bail at $500,000! Although Miles tells Natalie it was hard to hear all the nastiness spewed at him, all he ever wanted was to help Marty.

    Across the room, John tells Cole he’s working hard to get Marty out of jail. Before Blair and Todd leave, Starr tells them she forgave Cole then insists on telling Cole goodbye before leaving.

    In Marty’s cell, her therapist again tries to lodge Marty’s memory by making her restate what she remembers. Although Marty still thinks she killed Spencer, but says that John doesn’t, her therapist says, “Maybe Lt. McBain sees something you don’t.” In frustration, Marty wishes for a normal life and wishes she would have never moved back to Llanview! After her therapist leaves, Marty can’t take the fight any longer and tells Nora she’s going to plead guilty. Once Nora leaves, Marty gets one more visitor – Miles!

    A Recap of Life in Llanview!

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    As Nora tries to calm Marty, she reminds her how much John believes in her. When Marty asks how much time she’s facing, Nora says, “Up to ten years in prison.” Through tears, Marty thinks of Cole as her hopes continue to fade. Again, Nora tells Marty, “Don’t give up.” Just then, John arrives with Cole and Starr…

    In the courtroom, after John tells Nora that Miles didn’t confess, Miles takes a seat as Natalie sits behind him in support! Just as the judge is ready to move forward with her statement, Todd comes zooming into the courtroom, in a wheelchair, with a big smile and says, “Hey, Miles! If this court doesn’t put you away, I will!” After the judge calls for order in the court, Star, Cole and Blair arrive in time as the judge asks Miles, “How do you plea?”

    Ride the wave

    Monday, July 30 2007

    At the apartment, Nora walks in on Matthew tearing up photos of Tate Harmon. She produces a waste pail and tells him she understands. "It's a bummer when we find out our heroes are human," she says. Cole interrupts and asks if they're all relieved. "We're working on it," Nora grins. She tells him that his mother's in protective custody but that they can't keep Marty in jail, because she doesn't remember anything. Nora promises to get her the best attorney in the state. Matthew tells Cole that he spoke with Starr on his behalf last night. He thinks she'll come around. Cole says he isn't sure if Starr will ever forgive him.

    I Remember!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    At Asa’s, Matthew and Nora help Cole try to settle in. Just then, Cole gets a call from Starr who says, “I guess we should talk.” Although Starr tells Cole they found Todd, she warns, “I would steer clear of him just to be safe. But he wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for you… Thanks.”

    Todd Comes Home!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    When Cole goes to visit Marty in jail, Marty nervously asks Cole if he’s getting along okay until Cole slams his hands against the bars with fury for Miles – and for what he’s done to his mother! Although Marty promises she’ll hire the best attorney, and asks that Cole go about his life as though he normally would, Cole warns that if Miles is set free he doesn’t know what he’ll do! After Marty makes Cole promise not to do anything stupid, Nora shows up and assures them she'll get to the bottom of Marty’s case – but refuses to be the prosecutor should Marty go to trial - then asks, “Is there anything else I can do for either one of you?” Through tears, Marty asks Nora to take care of Cole. Although Cole wants to stay with John, Marty insists he stay with Nora giving Cole no choice but to leave with Nora.

    Jessica Has a Setback!

    Monday, July 09 2007

    At the diner, Matthew tells Nora, “I feel bad for Tate Harmon.” Matthew explains how hard it must be for Tate knowing what an awful man his father is.

    Thanks, But No Thanks...

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At Asa’s, Clint tells Nora about Dorian going to Viki’s – and about David staying there! After explaining the whole situation, Clint says, “I gathered my stuff and walked out of there! God only knows what’s going on over at Llanfair.” Just as Nora reminds Clint, “I told you getting involved with Dorian would be a big mistake,” Dorian walks in! After bickering a bit with Dorian, Nora tries to leave. However, Clint asks her to stay and says to Dorian, “I’d like you to go!” Not giving up that easy, Dorian replies, “Aren’t you curious as to what I found when I arrived at Viki’s?” Dorian explains how David was in a towel kissing Viki and says, “It was all staged to upset me.” With Nora laughing in the background, Clint continues drilling Dorian. While Dorian admits she went to Viki because she was jealous, she was even more hurt to know the pain she caused Clint by doing so. Suddenly, Nora laughs, “If Viki marries David, she’ll be Viki Vickers!” After Clint joins in her laughter, he tells Dorian, “We need some time apart.”

    Opposite Side Of The Bars?

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    When Bo and Matthew go to the Gallery, with Nora close behind, Matthew says, “I remembered today is Jen’s birthday…” Wanting to be with his family, Matthew, Nora, Lindsey and Bo share some cupcakes to remember Jen. While Lindsey and Matthew go to get some soda, Nora tells Bo she's going to visit Kirk in jail. However, before Bo can further voice his objection, Marcie and Michael arrive to drop off Tommy. After everyone leaves, Lindsey takes comfort in Tommy and talks to him about her dear Jen. Later, when Lindsey can’t get Tommy to stop crying, Bo arrives back and offers to lend a hand.

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