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    One Life To Live CAST - Nora Hanen Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nora Hanen Buchanan Played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B. Smith

    Birthday: 1957-05-25
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B. Smith
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    What're You Going To Do, Shoot Me?

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    Brody runs into John at the courthouse. John relays that Marty's been ordered to St Ann's for evaluation. Brody commends John for helping Marty. He doesn't know what he'd have done had Marty tried to take his baby! John thinks Brody would've handled it the same way he did. After Brody leaves, Nora appears. John catches Nora up on what happened with Marty. Nora tells John Inez is in custody and explains what Clint did. Nora's worried Bo's going to do something stupid.

    Bo enters the Buchanan stables with his gun aimed at Clint, who asks, "What're you going to do, shoot me?" That depends on how Clint answers. Bo lets Clint know Inez told him everything and asks if Clint forced Inez to help ruin his marriage? "You're damn right I did," Clint admits and rants about how Bo ruined his marriage to Nora. Clint vowed the day Bo remarried Nora to pay him back! Bo lashes out at Clint for using Inez and Matthew. Clint thinks Matthew deserved to know what a bunch of cheating hypocrites his parents are. "Did Nora deserve to almost get raped?" Bo demands. Clint denies knowing anything about it. Bo kicks him to the ground and asks what kind of a Buchanan is he to do what he did! Clint claims he's only doing what their Pa would've wanted him to do. Bo disowns Clint, who challenges Bo to pull the trigger. "Please don't!" Nora begs from the doorway, standing next to John. Nora talks Bo down by saying, "We'll beat him together." John agrees to stay quiet about what happened then leaves. Bo vows to get to the bottom of Clint's involvement in Nora's kidnapping and possibly Eddie's murder. Clint isn't worried one bit! Bo takes Nora's hand and leaves.

    Lover Not Brother.

    Tuesday, January 18 2011

    Still in the courtroom, Bo can't believe Inez made him think they had sex. Inez also confesses she drugged him. Nora is aghast, as Inez explains how she and Bo kissed because he thought she was Nora. "We never slept together," Inez admits. "Bo loves you too much." Bo thinks Inez is telling the truth, as does Nora. She holds Bo close, looks at Inez then says, "Arrest her, Bo." Inez promises she didn't kill Eddie or have him kidnap Nora. After Inez admits she was attracted to Bo, Nora asks who made her drug him then. "Clint is the one who wanted me to sleep with you, Bo!" Inez blurts out. She lays out all of the favors Clint did for her just so Inez would have to pay him back. Bo and Nora are stunned to hear how much Clint still resents them. Inez warned Clint that Nora would never believe Bo had cheated on her. "He said Nora wouldn't be a problem," Inez says. "He got Eddie to kidnap you and send those texts." Bo and Nora agree Clint's been acting strange. Inez asks if they believe her. "You're under arrest," Bo replies. Nora kisses Bo and begs him not to do anything he'll regret. Bo leaves. Before Inez is taken away, Nora berates her for not coming to her and Bo. Nora hopes Bo and Clint can settle this without someone else getting hurt!

    I'm Sorry, Mom. I Tried.

    Monday, January 17 2011

    Still on the stand in court, Nate cries, "I made it up to save her! I'm sorry, Mom. I tried." The judge urges Nate to take the proceedings very seriously then calls a recess. Dani rushes to Nate. She knew he was innocent! Nate lashes out at Tea for making him confess. Tea refuses to send an innocent person to jail. Todd looks at Inez and asks Tea, "Planning on taking on a new client?" Bo and Nora approach Inez for answers. The judge returns and orders Nate to his cell until they have more evidence. Before Nate's taken away, Inez assures him she didn't kill Eddie and is happy Nate didn't either. Nate apologizes to Tea for lying and to Todd for stealing the jewelry. Though Todd thinks it was a stupid move on Nate's part, it wasn't the dumbest one he's ever heard of. Nora would love to put Inez behind bars but brings up her airtight alibiā€¦ Inez was sleeping with Bo when Eddie was murdered. Nora wonders how the gun got in Inez's apartment. Bo knows he was drugged. "Nothing happened!" Inez admits. "We never had sex!"

    Where's The Little McBundle?

    Friday, January 14 2011

    With Inez on the stand in court, Tea accuses her of killing Eddie and letting Nate take the fall. As Tea badgers Inez, the judge calls court to order. Nate looks at Dani then screams, "I confessed!" However, Tea intends to prove Inez killed Eddie. Bo stands up. The judge threatens to hold Tea in contempt until Nora urges the judge to let Tea continue. Suddenly, Todd arrives and says Inez had nothing to do with the murder, but Nate's guilty as sin! Tea requests that Todd be detained to a cell. Todd admits Nate's print was found on his cufflink box. "You set me up," Todd says to Nate, who admits it! Bo backs up Todd's claim. Dani looks to Nate for answers, as he's called to the stand. Nate explains how he came up with a plan to get rid of Eddie. He snuck into Dani's parents' bedroom, took a bunch of their jewelry then left. He figured he'd plant it in Eddie's room to make it look as though Eddie had robbed them. Then Eddie would go to jail. Tea asks what happened next. "I killed Eddie," Nate replies. Though Nate gives a story as to how he killed Eddie, Tea forces him to finally admit he didn't! Nate found Eddie already dead. The cufflink must have fallen out when he dropped the bag. Nate grabbed the bag, ran then returned the things he took from the Mannings. Nate regrets almost framing Todd instead of Eddie. Tea wonders why he confessed to murder. Tea brings up the gun found at Inez's and assumes it led Nate to believe his mother killed Eddie. Nate admits Tea's right. He confessed to cover for his mother.

    To Pay You Back...

    Thursday, January 13 2011

    Nora arrives at Buchanan Enterprises and asks for a moment alone with Clint. Matthew leaves Clint's office but listens outside the door, as Nora asks why Clint told Bo to lie about sleeping with Inez. Clint claims he was trying to protect her. After all, Bo went to bed with Inez to pay her back for Sam. Nora's thankful that at least Matthew told her the truth! Clint becomes nervous but is relieved to hear that Matthew didn't rat him out as the source of 'the rumor' surrounding Bo and Inez. He wonders if Nora plans to divorce Bo. "Would that make you happy?" Nora asks. Clint doesn't thrive on Nora's unhappiness and says, "I never want to see you suffer." Later, Clint asks Matthew why he didn't tell Nora the truth. Matthew credits Clint as being the only one who's treated him like an adult as of late.

    Inez approaches Tea at the courthouse. She begs her to save Nate. "That's up to you, Inez," Tea replies. Tea asks if she'd be willing to testify and paints a bleak picture of Nate's future. Inez leaves to go check on Nate. When Nora arrives, Tea admits she thinks Nate's covering for Inez. Nora warns Inez couldn't have killed Eddie. She was too busy sleeping with Bo! Tea sympathizes and thinks there's still a chance Inez did it. Nora's hands are tied. Unless something drastic happens today, Nate's going to be sentenced.

    Nate is brought into the courtroom. Tea pleads with him to tell the truth. Court is called to order. Bo enters. Tea calls Inez to the stand and asks why she's letting Nate take the fall for a murder she committed.

    You And Viki And Your Little Santa Suit!

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Over in the courtroom, Todd figures out Tea thinks Nate's protecting Inez. He doesn't want another daughter to watch a boyfriend go to prison and says, "Make sure Inez goes down." Tea's there to defend Nate not to prosecute his mother. Across the room, Dani explains to Inez how Tea tried to take the heat off of Nate. After Inez asks for a moment alone with Nate, she tells her son, "We need to talk later." Todd and Tea continue talking about their suspicions. Dani approaches and asks, "What suspicions?" Nora talks to her assistant, who asks if she has something against Nate. Nora's only looking out for the commonwealth. The judge calls court back to order and grants Tea's motion to drop the charges against Nate, who stares at Inez and says, "Wait!" Nate confesses to killing Eddie. Dani and Inez protest, but Nate gives an official confession. The judge reinstates the charges against Nate. "Why would you plead guilty to something you didn't do?" Dani cries. Tea privately promises Dani she'll do whatever it takes to save Nate. As Nate is taken away, Bo appears and asks what happened. Inez rushes off after Nate while Nora fills Bo in. Bo wants to talk about them, but Nora walks away.

    The Real Murderer Is My Husband Todd Manning.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    In the courtroom, Tea claims Nate didn't kill Eddie, Todd did. "Tea?" Todd asks, as he enters to room, "What the hell are you doing?" Tea gives Todd a look and says, "I have proof." Tea brings out Todd's cuff-link, the match to the one found at the murder scene. Dani protests, but Tea whispers for her to just sit tight. Todd claims he was framed by Marty. Tea can't deny it and asks the judge why Marty isn't being looked into. They have no proof to hold her client, Nate. Nora and the judge want Tea to get to the point. She's only trying to prove others had just as much motive to kill Eddie as Nate did. While the judge takes a recess, Todd questions Tea's motives. Tea thinks Nate is trying to protect someone. Nora tries to call Bo with an update on the case but refuses to leave a voice message for him with his assistant. Inez arrives and is allowed to hug Nate. Tea eyes them suspiciously.

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