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    One Life To Live CAST - Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks Played by Erika Slezak on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erika Slezak

    Birthday: 1946-08-05
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Davies
    Real Name: Erika Slezak
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    At Llanfair, Viki finishes up a call with Rex. They make plans to meet at the airport and fly to Texas together. After she hangs up, Clint accuses Viki of running away because of Kim. She denies it but claims if Kim appeared, Clint would turn his back on Viki in a heartbeat. They argue the point. Clint warns if Viki leaves she'll be throwing away everything they just got back. Viki refuses to be his consolation prize and asks if he'd be waiting around for Kim had she not sent the letter. Clint can't give her a straight answer and follows Viki out the door. His ankle monitor goes off. Clint kisses Viki and challenges her to tell him what he feels for her isn't real. "Tell it to the police," Viki replies and leaves. Later, Clint answers the door and is stunned to see Kim.

    In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Cutter tries persuading Gigi to leave town. She refuses and feels as though the diner is the key to getting her memory back. "What if I don't want you to get your memory back?" Cutter asks and admits he doesn't want her to leave him for Rex. Gigi feels something for Cutter and won't let how 'Stacy' used to feel for Rex get in the way of what she feels for Cutter. Gigi kisses Cutter, who agrees to stay. He leaves to get them a room across the street and worries how she'll feel when she realizes she's Gigi. Later, Viki and Rex arrive outside and reminisce about Gigi. Rex feels the diner is the right place to say goodbye to her. Viki heads to the motel to get Shane settled and urges Rex to head inside, where Gigi serves a customer at the counter.

    Exes Should Be Seen And Not Heard.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    At the diner, Viki rants to Noelle about Clint. "That's why I say exes should be seen and not heard," Noelle replies. Though they're sharing a home, Viki vows not to share anything else with Clint. She enjoyed the kiss, but Clint really wanted to kiss Kim. Viki follows Noelle into the kitchen. As Noelle takes out her pie, Viki explains how the kiss happened. Viki felt the sparks again until Clint brought up Kim. He made Viki feel second best to Kim. Though Noelle thinks Viki took Clint's words wrong, she suggests Viki show Clint that Kim's second best to her. Viki has a piece of pie and hears Noelle's going back to Paris, Texas for the annual pie contest. She wonders if Noelle wants company. Noelle suggests Viki join her. Talk turns to Gigi. Noelle called the Bon Jour Café earlier. The girl who answered sounded just like Gigi.

    Clint notices Nigel is upset at Llanfair. Nigel shows Clint his soap magazine. "Fraternity Row" has been cancelled. Clint warns Nigel not to believe everything he reads. In a week, the magazine will be printing a retraction. Nigel knows the news is from a good source. Clint thinks Viki will be devastated. Nigel suggests Clint could host a send-off party. He thinks it's a good idea, but Viki won't want him hosting it. Clint shares his kiss with Viki and how his feelings came rushing back. Viki misunderstand when he brought up Kim. Nigel wonders if Viki had reason to be upset. He urges Clint to make sure he doesn't have lingering feelings for Kim before pursuing Viki any further. Roxy rushes in and says to Clint, "I need a hero, and you're it." Even though Asa used to own the soap, Clint doesn't have the power to save it nor can he buy the rights back. Roxy calls for all fans to unite. The soap's been on for 43 years! Clint apologizes. He's a businessman, and there's not a nickel to be made. He can't save an institution whose time has come. Roxy storms out. Later, Viki returns and tells Clint she's leaving and going somewhere he can't follow her.

    Brandon And Brianna Cannot Be Brother And Sister!

    Tuesday, December 06 2011

    Viki catches Clint watching the soap opera "Fraternity Row" at Llanfair. He tries to cover but Viki shares his interest. They recall Megan starring in the soap and how Viki once played a nurse. While looking at Megan's awards, and reminiscing about her, Clint gets sentimental about Viki. When Viki can't guess what Clint's feeling, he kisses her. Viki admits a possible kiss has crossed her mind over the past few weeks. Clint's been feeling exactly like he did the first time he fell in love with Viki. Now that Kim's out of his life, he and Viki can stop ignoring their feelings. He reads Kim's goodbye letter. Viki's offended and accuses, "You kissed me because you can't have Kim." They argue. Clint wants to watch the soap together and start over. Viki stomps off.

    Johnny Finally Told You.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    In the living room at Llanfair, Clint happily tells Natalie about Matthew. Natalie rushes into Clint's arms. They have a lot to celebrate. Roxy appears and sees them interacting. After Clint leaves, Roxy gushes, "Johnny finally told you!" Roxy hears about Matthew and realizes John didn't tell Natalie about his feelings yet. Natalie demands to know what Roxy's keeping from her. Roxy doesn't feel it's her place to tell and says, "Trust me. You want Johnny to tell you that he loves you and he never stopped." Roxy rambles about how Rex wanted her to stay quiet and let Natalie be happy with Brody. Natalie forces Roxy to go over the night when John admitted he still loved her. It happened months ago. Natalie's upset. Roxy reminds her everything's good between her and John now. Right? "No," Natalie replies. "It's not good at all." Roxy defends John's silence. Natalie wishes he would've told her. She may have rethought Brody's proposal. She can't believe John just gave up on her and thinks he still hasn't forgiven her for lying to him about sleeping with Brody. How can they have a future if John can't talk to her? "He's a man of few words and a lot of McLovin'," Roxy replies. After Natalie leaves, Roxy plans to find Viki before 'this whole thing' blows up. In the kitchen, Viki wonders why Todd wants Tomas to be the one who killed Victor. Since he wants Blair back this would work in his favor. Todd can't help that Tomas killed Victor and left town. What is Viki accusing him of? Viki knows how Todd retaliates when he hurts. She takes a call from John then informs Todd he's wanted at the station for questioning. After he leaves, Viki growls with frustration. Clint appears and tells her about Matthew. Viki holds Clint as he cries. Clint and Viki almost kiss. Viki pulls back and rushes off to call Kevin and Joey with the news. Viki returns and confides her troubles over Todd. She doesn't want to think Todd was involved in Tomas' disappearance but tells Clint he's being questioned right now. Cheering Viki up, Clint makes a toast to all they have to be thankful for. Roxy sees them and turns away. She refuses to mess up another couple tonight.

    I'll Probably Never Walk Again.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    Still at Llanfair, Viki can't believe Natalie is insinuating that Todd could be involved in Tomas' disappearance. Natalie reminds Viki of the timing and the fact that Todd is jealous. She apologizes but wants Viki to be prepared, just in case. Natalie gets a call from John and reports he may have found the murder weapon. Later, when Todd returns, Viki questions where he tore off to. Todd brings up the gun. Viki knows but finds it hard to believe Tomas had it. Todd suggests Tomas killed Victor.

    Matthew's Back.

    Monday, November 28 2011

    In the living room at Llanfair, John wants to talk to Natalie about where they go from here. Tea calls. He ignores the call. Natalie suggests they simply raise Liam without any drama. John has something to add but takes a call from Blair. Tomas is missing. After John hangs up, Natalie insists John go take care of Blair. John promises to be back soon and says, "Just take care of our son." In the kitchen, Todd thinks about his last encounter with Tomas and throws a plate. Viki appears, hands Todd a dustpan and asks, "What's wrong?" Todd blames his mood on Tomas. Blair chose Tomas. As Viki is comforting Todd, Natalie appears. John had to leave because Tomas is missing. Todd isn't surprised, considering the line of work Tomas was in. Todd makes a quick exit. Viki assures Natalie Todd's mood has nothing to do with her. He loves Blair but feels as though he's missed his chance because Blair's with Tomas. Natalie finds it coincidental that Tomas is suddenly missing. Viki wonders if she thinks Todd had something to do with Tomas' disappearance.

    It's Peaceful Here.

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    At Llanfair, while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Viki and Shane talk about Gigi. Watching over them, Matthew wishes he could've helped Shane when he was bullied. Roxy and Nigel appear. Clint shows up next. Matthew expresses his thanks for how Clint tried to cover for him and wonders how Roxy's going to get out of slipping that Rex is still in Rio. Roxy manages to elude Shane's questions then admits to Nigel that Rex thought he saw Gigi. "I think Rex is going all ghost on us," Roxy says. From where Matthew is, he sees things quite differently. Viki interrupts John and Natalie, just as they're discussing what's happened. Clint and Viki coo over Liam. Jessica, Ford and the kids appear. Viki clears the room and leaves Natalie and Jessica alone. Matthew muses from afar that Aunt Viki should be hired as a negotiator. Natalie apologizes to Jessica for not believing her. Can she forgive her? Jessica admits Brody was a big reason why she didn't come forward sooner. They talk about Brody. Later, Jessica expresses to Ford how worried she is for Brody. They met at St. Ann's. He's all alone. Ford suggests she go visit him. In another room, Natalie admits to Viki that things are still up in the air with Jessica and John. Viki reminds her of everything they have to be grateful for. Clint joins Shane on the staircase and wonders what's bothering him. Shane knows Roxy lied to him about his dad. He thinks his dad is chasing his mom's ghost. Clint admits, "We Buchanans are stubborn." Matthew interjects from beyond, "You can say that again." Clint knows Shane and Rex are trying to find their way through their grief. Clint admits he's seen Shane's drawings and apologizes for not doing right by Shane and Rex. Viki listens as Clint promises to do better and be worthy of Rex, Shane and Gigi's heart. Matthew telepathically urges Shane to trust Clint. Nearby, Roxy joins John and Liam. How did Natalie react when John told her he loved her? John admits he didn't tell Natalie. Roxy orders John to go tell Natalie now! John snaps, "It's not that simple." Viki calls everyone for dinner. She welcomes Ford to the gathering, John to the family and thanks Nigel for risking his safety for Liam. Shane and Roxy are welcomed next. Viki misses Victor, Tina, Cord, her children who aren't there and wonders why Todd is late. After a remembrance for Gigi, everyone toasts to a Happy Thanksgiving. While Clint and Viki break the wishbone, John approaches Natalie. He has something to say.

    That Woman Is My Mom.

    Thursday, November 17 2011

    Clint stands over Liam's crib in his nursery, praying he'll get home safe. He sees Viki in the doorway holding a baby. "Liam?" Clint asks. It's Ryder. Clint holds his grandson, as he and Viki rehash what happened. Viki doesn't think Brody would hurt Liam. Clint isn't so sure. Downstairs, Roxy hands Nigel some aspirin and helps herself to a few as well. She's impressed with how Nigel went up against Brody and his secret Seal moves. Roxy knows Johnny will stop at nothing to bring Liam home. Changing the subject, Nigel brings up their past affair. Roxy remembers how they sizzled. She's always thought a lot of Nigel and always will, especially after what he did for Liam. Viki and Clint appear. Nigel tries to get up to make breakfast. Clint insists he lay down, calls him a member of the family and says, "We just let you carry a tray around to humor you." Over talk of Natalie, Roxy comforts Viki and says, "Between you and me, I think we made a good kid." Jessica and Ford arrive, get caught up then go upstairs to see Ryder. Roxy notices Jessica had on the same clothes from yesterday and tells Viki and Clint she was doing the walk of shame. Aubrey drops off Shane. Roxy flips out when she hears Aubrey let Rex go chasing after a ghost on his own. Later, Clint approaches Shane, who calls him Mr. Buchanan. Clint asks him to call him Grandpa or Clint. Viki watches as Clint and Shane share a civil conversation. Upstairs, holding Ryder, Jessica can't imagine what Natalie's going through.

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