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    One Life To Live CAST - Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks Played by Erika Slezak on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erika Slezak

    Birthday: 1946-08-05
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Davies
    Real Name: Erika Slezak
    Height: 5' 5"


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    R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    Jessica arrives in Vik's hospital room just as Clint tells Viki he would do anything to erase Mitch from Jessica's life. He covers and claims he'd do anything to make Jessica happy. Jessica's just happy that Mitch is dead and that Clint will be the only grandfather Ryder and Bree will ever know.

    I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    Monday, January 09 2012

    At Llanfair, with Clint lying unconscious by Viki's side, Megan appears. She puts her hand out. Viki's spirit rises, takes Megan's hand and ends up close to Heaven. Megan assures Viki Clint's with someone else at the moment and that Natalie and Jessica are safe. Suddenly, Viki becomes very weak and thinks about what Allison said. Megan reminds Viki it's okay to let go and recalls letting go of Jake. If Viki lets go, she and Megan can make up for all of the time they've lost. Megan opens a set of doors and asks, "Are you ready?"

    In a darkened room, Clint's spirit is stunned to see the real Stacy Morasco, who demands her heart back. She rants about Clint being a bad person to Shane and Bo. Stacy warns Clint needs to clean up the mess he's made of his life and points to a door, engulfed in flames. Clint refuses to believe Stacy when she claims Viki's dead and recalls what Allison said. He pushes Stacy away then rushes through a set of doors. He sees Viki about to walk through another door with Megan and calls out, "Viki, don't do it!" Viki tells Megan she's not ready then rushes into Clint's arms saying, "I can't let go." John and Natalie arrive at Llanfair and hover over Clint and Viki's bodies. Natalie cries when she can't find Viki's pulse. The EMTs arrive and announce that Viki's not breathing. Suddenly, Viki and Clint open their eyes and stare at each other.

    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Allison fires her gun at Llanfair and hits a vase. She jokes about it being expensive and warns, "This isn't the first time I've taken something precious from you." Allison reiterates what Mitch thinks, that she made sure his daughter, Jessica, grew up in luxury while Clint's daughter, Natalie, grew up in poverty. Clint and Viki wonder what Allison's getting at. Is what Allison told them about Jessica and Natalie not true? Allison claims Jessica and Natalie are both Clint's daughters. She rigged the DNA tests. Dr. Balsom assured Allison that Viki was having two babies with one daddy, Clint. She lied to Mitch all those years ago and reminds Clint how easy it is to make DNA switches at the Llanview Lab. When Clint doesn't believe Allison, she shoots Viki. Clint holds Viki and begs her to stay with him. Clint reaches for the phone and collapses as well.

    Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    Jessica speaks up at Llanfair and tells Mitch over the phone that he can have her in exchange for Natalie. Once they hang up, John promises Viki and Clint that he'll bring both their daughters home safe. John warns Jessica to listen to everything he says then leaves Viki and Clint praying for her safe return. Ford arrives and hears that Mitch has Natalie, and Jessica left to take Natalie's place. Ford rushes off. As Clint leaves John a warning message about Ford, they get word Allison has escaped. Allison appears and aims a gun at Viki and Clint. Viki orders Allison out and calls her Mitch's tool. Allison had a revelation. She doesn't work for Mitch or anyone else and admits to setting up the prison break. She trashes Mitch and brings up how he's holding Natalie, Slutty McSlut Slut. Allison talks in riddles about Jessica and Natalie, twins, with two different fathers and says, "It's practically impossible." Viki wonders what she's talking about. Allison plans to kill them. Shots are fired. Clint and Viki look at each other and profess their love.

    You're In This Together, Aren't You?

    Wednesday, January 04 2012

    At Llanfair, Natalie begs Mitch not to kill Clint, who's unconscious, and promises to do anything. Later, John arrives and finds Clint, who confirms that Mitch has Natalie. Viki appears and hears the news. Clint's nurse takes him away.

    In a church, Mitch screams, "Heed the Messenger." Natalie struggles, tied and gagged. He calls Viki, who puts the call on speakerphone. John demands to talk to Natalie. Mitch ungags Natalie, who manages to scream, "Church! We're in a church!" Mitch threatens to kill Natalie but agrees to give Viki her daughter back as soon as he gets his. Viki refuses to trade one daughter for another. Mitch gives Viki an hour and warns John no cops, no tricks. Mitch hangs up, ungags Natalie and starts reading a scripture. He vows to kill Natalie if her family doesn't obey him. He chastises Natalie for sleeping with Jessica's boyfriend then talks about calling in backup, if all else fails.

    Back at Llanfair, Clint reappears and hears about Mitch's ultimatum. Jessica overhears and orders John to deliver her to Mitch. Viki, Clint and John object. Jessica reminds them that Mitch will kill Natalie. She refuses to lose Natalie again and claims she'd risk her life for Jessica. After an hour has passed, Mitch calls and asks, "Do I get my daughter?"

    Pure Evil Is Going To Rock Llanview.

    Friday, December 30 2011

    At Llanfair, Viki and Clint prepare for the wedding. Clint talks about having the heart of a manic. Viki thinks it only proves a heart is a muscle. It's the goodness in Clint that gives him his 'heart'. Nora arrives. Matthew's out of town with David and Dorian. When Roxy and Gigi appear, Nora says, "You look beautiful for a dead woman." Later, John and Rex arrive. Delphina appears, as the officiate, and tells John she hopes the wedding is over before all hell breaks loose. John joins Natalie, and Rex stands with Shane, as Gigi appears in her wedding dress. The wedding begins, as Delphina talks about all Rex and Gigi have overcome. Rex and Gigi exchange personal vows and reflect on their past. In tears, Rex vows to treasure their family forever. Gigi shares his tears and thanks Rex for bringing her back to life, literally. She'll always love him and their family. They light the unity candle then Delphina asks if anyone has any reason to object. Roxy insists she skip that part, due to what happened at the last wedding. Rex and Gigi are pronounced husband and wife. The lights flicker again… Later, as everyone in Llanview counts down the New Year, the power goes out. John takes a call and leaves for the station. Alone, Natalie sees someone in the dark and screams.

    The Natalie Effect.

    Thursday, December 29 2011

    Viki joins Clint at Llanfair, who rants about Jack being a killer. Viki wonders if Clint expects her to give up on her nephew. Clint jokes about Viki dumping him after a day. She laughs and says, "You're stuck with me." They profess their love. Viki loves Jack too and knows he has to face the consequences of his actions. Gigi deserves justice. Shane appears with a surprise. Gigi follows slowly, not wanting to give Viki and Clint a heart attack. Viki rushes into Gigi's arms. Clint's stunned that he has Stacy's heart. Shane notes that Stacy hadn't been using it anyway. Rex arrives and starts to propose. Clint gives Rex his mother's ring. He gets down on one knee. Gigi accepts.

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