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    One Life To Live CAST - Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks Played by Erika Slezak on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erika Slezak

    Birthday: 1946-08-05
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Davies
    Real Name: Erika Slezak
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Don't Think, Just Drink.

    Tuesday, May 21 2013

    At Llanfair, Viki tells Clint she can't marry him now, not with all the family problems surrounding them. Clint's disappointed but understands. He spots a list of people Viki was told to fire in order to cut costs. Viki can't bring herself to let go of people who have been with them for years. Clint knows Viki won't accept his money and urges her to accept a bridge loan from Buchanan Enterprises. Viki reluctantly agrees. When Todd arrives, Viki gives him advice on how to handle Jack. Later, Clint and Viki argue over Todd and Jack. Viki demands Clint show some effort, but he has his hands full trying to turn Matthew into a standup guy.

    That's Why God Gave Me Nigel.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    At Llanfair, Clint gives Viki tickets to Paris and wants to get married tonight. She doesn't want a quickie wedding, but Clint wonders what they're waiting for and claims he has everything all set. Viki brings up not having a witness. "That's why God gave me Nigel," Clint replies. Viki agrees to marry him tonight. Jack appears and worries about how Todd and Victor are always trying to kill each other. He fears the bad traits are in his DNA. Viki reassures Jack that both men love him and are trying to work out their problems.

    Warts And Green Faces And All.

    Wednesday, May 15 2013

    Viki tries to calm Todd at the hospital and wonders what pushed Victor over the edge. A nurse appears with release papers, and Todd signs himself out.

    Bo wanders the crime scene at Todd's suite. He doesn't think they'll find Victor's prints and believes Todd is a liar. Todd and Viki appear, but Bo won't allow them in. Todd demands Bo find Victor. Bo reminds Todd how he tried to kill Victor before. Did he do it again and simply stage otherwise? Todd suggests Bo check his scotch bottle and relays what Victor said about poisoning its contents.

    Jeffrey runs into Destiny and Drew at the coffeehouse. She offers to give him his space, but Jeffrey insists they stay. Viki and Clint appear, talking about the Pellegrino account. Clint suddenly worries about the risk, but Viki wants to take a chance on investing. They briefly say hi to Jeffrey and Destiny. Jeffrey convinces Destiny to go home with him in order for Matthew to spend some time with Drew.

    The Less You Know The Better.

    Monday, May 13 2013

    Todd and Viki sit outside the coffeehouse and talk about his truce with Victor. Viki wonders if it's for real. Todd knows his kids are screwed up, and if making peace with Victor helps he's all for it, though he'll never forgive Victor. Viki leaves, and David appears. Todd's happy to hear Jack was thrilled with the gaming system.

    A Martha Stewart Moment.

    Thursday, May 09 2013

    Dorian arrives at The Banner with an attempt to make peace, claiming she understands Viki was only doing her job. Viki reluctantly shakes Dorian's hand but knows she's up to something. In Clint's office, he gets a call from Frank urging him to get onboard with the Pellegrino account. It's going to explode. Todd walks in, appears disoriented and sits down. Viki joins them and hears about the investment opportunity. "This could be exactly what you need to save The Banner," Clint says. Todd and Viki bond over their love of the publishing world.

    I'm Moving In.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    A hidden camera records Clint and Viki at Llanfair. She admits The Banner is doing well but past debt is swallowing up any progress they've made. Viki knows she needs to make the transition from print to digital. Clint suggests she start by cutting staff.

    Clint returns to Llanfair, as Viki gets word The Banner could close in six months. Clint wants to help financially. Jeffrey calls Viki and refuses to desert her. Viki vows to find a way out of this mess.

    A Pathetic Husband, Lover And Father.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    Jeffrey enters Viki's office and informs her that the senate ethics' committee is launching an investigation against Dorian. Jeffrey thinks their story made it happen. Viki wants to make sure Dorian isn't being used as collateral damage. He wonders if Viki really wants to save The Banner. "Don't you get smart with me," she warns. Clint appears, and they all watch Dorian's interview. The reporter reads the quote Dorian said to Viki - about the American public being idiots. Viki almost feels sorry for Dorian. Clint and Jeffrey celebrate.

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