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    One Life To Live CAST - Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks Played by Erika Slezak on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erika Slezak

    Birthday: 1946-08-05
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Davies
    Real Name: Erika Slezak
    Height: 5' 5"


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    I Have News And It's Not Good.

    Friday, October 07 2011

    Tina enters Viki's office at The Banner, wanting her to help find her dog. David Vickers is missed and has a huge Twitter following! Viki can't believe Tina would think she'd help her. Tina throws out the sister card and wonders why Viki holds Tina to different standards than Victor and Todd. Viki's not sure. Tina claims she didn't come home for Victor's money. She needed Viki and thought Viki needed her too. Tina shares how she and Cord nearly kissed. She has faith that something would've happened had Clint not interrupted. Tina wants to be her best, and Cord brings that out in her. She pleads with Viki to let her make things right between them too. If Viki gives her one more chance, Tina promises to never disappoint their family again. Viki agrees and they hug. However, Viki refuses to put David Vickers the dog on the front page of The Banner because she's not missing. Viki looks toward the door, as David Vickers barks. Tina scoops her up and places the dog in her carrier. David Vickers looks around inside and doesn't see Liam's paternity results.

    What Was It Doing In Tina's Dog Carrier?

    Monday, October 03 2011

    At the loft, Natalie reflects on the end of her and John. Viki reminds Natalie that she and John had more issues other than Liam's paternity. Could they ever trust each other again? The baby changed John. Natalie didn't want to ruin his excitement. John will never trust her again for lying to him. Viki knows how much Natalie still loves John and asks, "Would you be marrying Brody if he wasn't Liam's father?" Natalie shares her dream about John being Liam's father. Viki knows how hard this has been for Natalie. Over talk of Jessica, Natalie doesn’t know if she'll ever forgive her and Brody. Viki wonders if Brody makes Natalie happy. Natalie wants to do what's best for Liam. She'll always love John. That's a memory. What she and Brody have is real. Natalie wants to focus on that. Viki plans to talk to Jessica again. Natalie wants Jessica to know she's sorry for their argument. Later, Natalie looks at a photo of her, Brody and Liam and remembers finding out Liam was Brody's son.

    Jessica looks over Liam's paternity results at Llanfair, stunned that John's Liam's father. Brody appears on business. Todd escaped from jail. After Jessica allows Brody to search the mansion, she looks at the paternity test again. What was it doing in Tina's dog carrier? Brody returns and reports there's no sign of Todd. They briefly discuss Ryder then Brody starts to leave. Jessica stops him. They need to talk. Brody starts in on their situation and tells Jessica she needs to grow up and deal with him and Natalie. He rushes out. If the results are real, Jessica has to tell someone. Viki arrives and relays how sorry Natalie is. Viki never got the chance to talk to Victor before he died. Now it's too late. She doesn't want Jessica to lose that chance with Natalie. After Viki goes to check on Ryder, Jessica stares at the paternity results. Later, Viki returns, but Jessica's gone.

    Jessica knocks on Natalie's door, holding Liam's paternity results.

    It Looks Like She's Trying To Tell Us Something.

    Friday, September 30 2011

    In the living room at Llanfair, Tina rushes to hug Cord, who warns her away. He lashes out at Tina for her actions the last time she was in town. After Clint and Viki make a quick getaway, Cord and Tina rehash their past. Cord can't forget how she almost got Sarah killed. Tina makes excuses and blames her dog for trying to hook her up with Cain Rogan. When Tina brings up David Vickers the dog, Cord doesn't believe that she has a dog and thinks she's talking about the real David Vickers. Tina goes to get her dog and finds her missing. She doesn't notice Liam's paternity results in the dog carrier. Cord realizes Tina's serious and promises they'll find her dog. In the kitchen, Jessica holds a frozen bag of vegetables to her black eye. She thinks back to Natalie's harsh words. As Jessica throws the bag across the room, Viki and Clint appear. Viki's stunned to hear that Natalie and Jessica came to blows and that Natalie and Brody are engaged. Clint was going to tell Viki, who wants to confront Natalie. Jessica takes blame too. Viki's aghast that Jessica tried to strangle Natalie. Viki leaves to talk to Natalie. Clint explains that he gave Brody his blessing, hoping it would make things better between her and Natalie. Tina appears with the empty dog carrier. Jessica tersely assures Tina they haven't seen her dog. Tina drops the carrier and rushes off into Cord's comforting arms. Later, Jessica finds Liam's paternity results in the carrier, reads them and says, "Oh my God."

    Brody brings Natalie, wearing a neck brace, home to the loft. She admits her fight with Jessica started due to their engagement then escalated to blatant insults. Natalie feels bad about bringing up Mitch, but Jessica's words hurt. Some of the things she said were undeniable. Even marrying Brody, Natalie still feels like an outsider in her family. Brody wants to be with Natalie and Liam but doesn't want her to lose her family due to him. She worries about her family not supporting them. Brody admits Clint gave him his blessing in the name of peace. Natalie doesn't think they'll have it for very much longer. When Viki arrives, Brody takes the blame for causing the issues between Natalie and Jessica. After Brody is called away on work, Viki assures Natalie she loves and worries about her. Does she really want to marry Brody? Natalie's trying to find some happiness and worries she'll lose Viki, along with Clint and Jessica. Viki asks where John fits into all of this. Natalie admits he doesn't love her anymore.

    We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom.

    Thursday, September 29 2011

    Upstairs at the Manning Estate, Tina looks for David Vickers the dog, who's inside Tea's bedroom sniffing at Liam's paternity results. When he barks, Tina finds him and wonders what he has. The dog refuses to give her the paper. Tina rants about only getting Victor's ring from Irene and samples a bit of Tea's perfume. Tina loads the dog into a carrier with the paper. She hopes it wasn't important. Downstairs, Todd tells everyone how Irene threatened to kill them. As the bomb ticks outside, he assumes it was an empty threat. Starr admits she busted Todd out of jail. Blair snaps at Todd for getting Starr involved. Jack appears and wonders what Victor's murderer is doing in his father's house. Starr blames Jack for Todd landing in jail, due to his lies. When Todd brings up the invisible ink, Blair questions how Starr could just take Todd's word that there was really writing on the note. Tea warns that Starr's in big trouble and can't promise she won't go to jail. Starr stands up for Todd. She'd break him out again if she had to. As Jack steps outside, and calls the cops on Todd, Tina appears and faces her brother. Todd wonders what Tina's after. Why is she there? When he sees Tina with Victor's ring, he remembers planting the microchip in it. He tells everyone and struggles with Tina over the ring. Viki demands Tina hand it over. After she does, Todd thanks Starr and rushes off to find Irene. Tea suggests Tina and Viki leave before the cops show up. Tina wants to go home with Viki, who finally agrees to let her stay at Llanfair for one night. Out in the foyer, the dog cries. Jack lets her out of the carrier and outside to do her business. The dog sniffs out the bomb and barks. Jack doesn't have time for games and wonders what's taking the cops so long. Tina, carrying the dog carrier, and Viki appear and leave. Jack hears Todd left and snaps at Tea, Blair and Starr for letting him go. Back outside, the dog continues sniffing at the bomb.

    Clint is surprised to see Cord at Llanfair. They hug and talk about Clint's crimes and his heart attack. Cord brings up the troubles with Buchanan Enterprises and says, "We have to do something about Rex Balsom." Lately, Rex isn't cooperating with him and Kevin. The business is suffering. Cord wonders what's going on with Rex. Clint defends Rex and brings up his loss. Cord doesn't think Rex is cut out to run a business. As Cord bashes Rex, Clint snaps, "That's enough. Leave my son alone." Cord wonders when Clint's feelings toward Rex changed. As they argue over Rex, Bo appears and happily greets Cord. He picks up on the tension and wonders if they've seen Todd. They haven't. Viki's not home. She's at the reading of Victor's will. After Bo leaves on a tip, Cord apologizes for coming down on Rex. He can't help wonder why Rex wanted the company if he doesn't want to run it. Clint assures Cord they won't let the company go under. Cord understands what Rex is going through. He knows what it's like to lose the woman he loved. Suddenly, Viki and Tina appear.

    Heart Attacks Are For Old Guys.

    Wednesday, September 28 2011

    At the Manning estate, everyone's stunned Victor left everything to Irene. Tea looks at the papers, as Irene claims she knew nothing about the will. Viki hushes Tina, who thinks the will is a fake. Blair calls Irene a bitch. Irene handles the gun in her purse, warning Blair she'll be sorry. Tea can't find anything wrong with the will but plans to contest it. Viki warns Irene won't get away with this. The lawyer reminds everyone, as of tonight, everything belongs to Irene. Tina tries sucking up to Irene, who throws Tea and Dani out of the house. Irene asks Jack to stay and carry on the legacy by running The Sun. When Irene approaches Jack, Blair slaps her hard across the face. Tina brings Irene a cold-pack. She doesn't want to lose Irene just when she got her back. Viki scolds Tina, as Tea mumbles, "Unbelievable." Irene takes Tina's hand. Tina anticipates receiving something from the will. Irene hands Tina Victor Sr.'s ring. Blair taunts her nemesis about how rich she is now. The ring is only worth a couple hundred bucks in gold. Irene reflects on Victor's love for Tea and Dani and welcomes them to stay for one night. Viki refuses Irene's offer of friendship. Irene assures Jack she'll be in touch. He's so much like his father. After Irene leaves, Tea makes a call for an emergency motion to contest the will. She's promised one in an hour. After Destiny calls Dani, Tea urges her to go see her. Viki and Tina argue over past issues. From outside, Irene watches Dani rush off. She meets with a man. He hands something over and wonders if what she ordered isn't a little too extreme. Irene warned Todd and plans to show him how serious she was. She sets the bomb and places it in the bushes. Later, Todd arrives. Everyone's shocked to see him. He was worried but is glad they are all okay. The bomb ticks nearby.

    Sample My Wiener.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    With her back to Viki, Irene holds a gun at Llanfair. Clint's nurse briefly interrupts as Irene says, "I've been waiting a longtime for this." Viki takes a call about Victor's will. Irene aims the gun at her from behind. When Viki hangs up, Irene walks past her. She plans to attend the reading.

    At the Manning Estate, Tea privately tells Blair that Victor had his will re-done before she returned to Llanview. They never discussed its contents, but Tea assumes Victor left everything to his family. The lawyer represents the bank and doesn't know what's in the will. He's there to make sure it's properly executed. Tea and Blair make some calls but can't get a hold of Starr. Blair wonders if the estate now belongs to Todd. Tea debates on Victor's behalf. Viki arrives and assures them she tried to stop Irene from following her. Irene goes to Jack and says, "How about a kiss for your grandmother." Tea threatens Irene with a restraining order. Irene tries to hand Dani and Jack some candy and refuses to leave. The lawyer begins reading the will, "I Thomas Todd Manning…" He explains when the will was composed, that was the name used. He continues on until a dog runs in and pees on Blair's foot. Viki recognizes the dog. Tina rushes in, calls out to David Vickers then asks, "Am I too late?" They chastise Tina for her timing. She's stunned to see Irene. Tina hands David Vickers to Viki then faints. When Tina comes to, she demands answers in regards to Irene's presence. Everyone chimes in on Irene's crimes and how Todd had a twin. Viki suggests they delay the reading of the will. Tina won't hear of it and takes some jabs at Blair. The lawyer resumes… Victor's will leaves everything to Irene, who smiles, pleased.

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